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Búsqueda de una compañía farmacéutica para presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria Horizon 2020 - SFS-46-2017 sobre salud animal


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa italiana coordina un consorcio para presentar una propuesta al programa Horizonte 2020 y busca una compañía farmacéutica especializada en salud animal. El objetivo es estudiar y desarrollar biosistemas naturales para la seguridad y sostenibilidad de la producción alimentaria y animales de granja, reduciendo los agentes químicos y antibióticos y la emisión de factores protectores para la conservación y mejora de la salud humana. El plazo para presentar expresiones de interés se extiende hasta finales de enero de 2017. El proyecto será presentado a la convocatoria SFS-46-2017.


Pharma company for a project Horizon 2020 - SFS-46-2017 - targeting animal health
An Italian company, representing a consortium built to submit a project proposal under Horizon 2020, is looking for a pharma company active in the sector of animal health, to join a project for the development of bio-systems in food production, to be tested in an animal farm. The project will be submitted under the call SFS-46-2017.
Future high quality food productions and their competitiveness in the EU and global market depend on their
ability to assure safety from a hygienic and healthy point of view, at low prices. The implementation of
processes foreseeing biological systems of control and increased prevention is a promising strategy for this
goal. The project foreseen aims at studying and developing natural bio-systems for the security and sustainability of
food production and farm animals, in order to reduce chemical and antibiotic agents and the emission of
protective factors for the preservation and the improvement of human health. Unlike systems foreseeing the
use of traditional food additives, bio-systems in food production would improve food quality by reducing
antibiotic consumption and chemical additions, gaining in human and animal health. The preventive and nontherapeutic
approach in the control of pathogen agents by the use of selective bio-systems respecting
microbial diversity would allow food system operators to produce quickly and with the same machinery
new alternative products, with minor costs.
It has been demonstrated the validity of biological systems using selective methodologies in the treatment
of one or more specific pathogen micro-organisms (respecting biodiversity of a natural microbiota, typical of
a specific natural production), also in the forms of antibiotic resistance. Unlike the traditional ways of farm
animals, using broad spectrum antibiotics (sodium nitrate and nitrite) and chemical additives with no
selective processes, the preventive approach would allow the optimization of the process of formulations
with biocontrol systems as well as new "preventive" solutions, in which it is possible to verify the protective
efficacy to specific pathogen micro-organism.
A control of protective efficacy should be put in place during productive processes through a specific
challenge test, specific for each pathogen agents, known or discovered. The main goal of the project is
developing the continuous production of food products with a high degree of hygienic-healthy safety, able
to satisfy the requests of high quality, with the improvement of continuous preventive systems and the
introduction of new biological mechanisms, with the control of key parameter in the products. This will
improve the quality of project approach, in particular for the production of active principle (preventive
solution) in the sector of farm animals. The project will focus on the poultry farming sector, but results about
protection, preventive phase, control and monitoring on its efficacy and its performance will be transferred
also to continuous processes with different dimensions of production and to other sectors. This is why the consortium is looking for pharma companies already dealing with products aimed at animal health to be involved in the project proposal and contribute to target animal health: manage and monitor the medicine delivery to animals in the poultry farms (final target of the project). Expressions of interest are welcome until the end of January 2017.
Advantages and Innovations:
The development of bio-systems in food production could be a safer method to be applied to animal farms in general and will be tested in animal farms through pilot centers: one in Italy, the second in Europe, and the third in China.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The company is looking for pharmaceutical companies dealing with animal healthcare, interested in becoming a partner for the delivery of novel medicines to animals in animal farms in the test centres that will be involved (Italy/Europe/China).
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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