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Búsqueda de una pyme para participar en un proyecto Eurostars sobre diseño contra fatiga de componentes de automoción y aviación mediante tecnología de fabricación aditiva


Búsqueda de socios
Dos universidades suiza y noruega, en cooperación con pymes de los sectores de aviación y automoción, están preparando un proyecto Eurostars en el campo de fabricación aditiva. El objetivo es abastecer a socios industriales con un marco experimental y numérico avanzado para diseño de fatiga e ingeniería de componentes mecánicos de metal mediante tecnología de fabricación aditiva. Las universidades buscan una pyme con capacidad de I+D interesada en participar en el proyecto y desarrollar conjuntamente este marco. El proyecto tendrá una duración de 30 meses.


Looking for a SME to complete a Eurostar project on the Design against Fatigue of Aviation and Automotive Components produced by additive manufacturing technology.
Swiss and Norwegian universities together with SME partners in aviation and automotive sectors are preparing a Eurostar project in the additive manufacturing field. The aim is to provide industrial partners with an advanced experimental and numerical framework for fatigue design and engineering of metallic mechanical parts with additive manufacturing technology. Partner sought is a R-Y-D performing SME under the Eurostar definition interested in the co-development of the above described framework.
The objective of the project is to develop a new generation of additively manufactured mechanical components for aeroengine and automotive applications through a novel open-source design and engineering platform that integrates an interactive design for fatigue software environment. The development of these mechanical components will be boosted by the formulation of a novel approach based on Finite Element (FE) and Strain Energy Density (SED) design and supported by a challenging and intensive experimental work.

The expertise of the consortium, consisting of a Swiss university, a Norwegian University, a SME Partner in Aviation sector and a SME Partner in Automotive Sector, already includes:
· Fatigue testing machines
· Additive manufacturing machines
· Finite Element expertise and software
· Scanning electron microscope
· Tomography machine

The consortium is seeking a SME Partner with a legal form of an SME (R-Y-D performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines).

The partner should be interested in the development of an additively manufactured mechanical part with high functional performance by using a material alloy (titanium, vanadium, chromium), high technological content, custom-made and low series.

The project duration will be 30 months.

The project will be conducted in two stages.
· Intensive experimental work
· Development of an open-source design and engineering platform supported by FE software for fatigue design and quality assessment of additively manufactured mechanical components

The partner sought to complete this research consortium should come from Eurostars member country different from Switzerland.
Advantages and Innovations:
Benefit and Advantages:
- the proposed framework will be implemented into an open-source user-friendly numerical tools in combination with commercial FE codes
- it will facilitate the customized production of strong lightweight products and it allows designs that were not possible with previous manufacturing techniques
- the know-how acquired within this project, the developed methodologies and new technologies will be gradually integrated into both the aerospace/aviation and automotive sector in order to develop a first series of commercial products

A similar platform that is capable to perform fatigue design of additively manufactured components does not currently exist.
The novelty of this platform is to create and study a rigorous link between microstructural features of additively manufactured materials near notched locations and an efficient numerical finite element based tool capable of accurately assessing fatigue strength and quality of complex components weakened by geometrical discontinuities of all kinds.
The project will offer an innovative and flexible platform, compatible with a commercial FE software.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The consortium is already formed and needs an industrial partner that complies with the requirements of an R-Y-D-performing SME. See: ) to complete the project consortium. The SME sought should be interested in the development of additively manufactured mechanical parts with high functional performance by using a material alloy (titanium, vanadium, chromium), high technological content, custom-made and low series. The tasks to be performed by the partner sought are: - Coordination of the project - Participation to the additive manufacturing platform definition and implementation - Market exploitation - Distribution of the additive manufacturing platform - EU Market Business Analysis
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