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Convocatorias Eureka y bilaterales. Empresa fintech argentina busca un socio tecnológico y estratégico en Alemania, España o Israel para desarrollar un sistema de venta directa


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme argentina de tecnologías financieras (fintech) con productos consolidados en el sector financiero está interesada en ampliar sus operaciones en el sector de venta directa con el desarrollo de un sistema que potencie las ventas puerta a puerta y las transacciones microfinancieras. El objetivo del proyecto es desarrollar una aplicación web progresiva (PWA). La empresa busca una pyme con capacidades de desarrollo y presencia en el mercado para establecer un acuerdo de I+D en el marco de las convocatorias Eureka entre Argentina-España o Argentina-Israel, con fechas límite el 18 y 12 de diciembre respectivamente, o en la convocatoria bilateral Argentina-Alemania, con fecha límite el 18 de octubre. El objetivo es comenzar el proyecto durante los primeros meses del próximo año.


Eureka and bilateral calls: An Argentine fintech company is looking for a technology and strategic partner from Germany, Spain or Israel to develop a direct selling system.
An Argentine fintech SME, with well-established products in the financial sector, seeks to expand its operations in the direct selling segment through the development of a system to empower door-to-door sales and microfinance transactions. The project aims to develop a progressive web app (PWA). An SME with development capabilities and market presence is sought for an R-Y-D agreement in the framework of Argentina-Spain or Argentina-Israel Eureka calls or Argentina-Germany bilateral call.
The Argentine fintech company has clients in the direct selling sector in several Mercosur countries, which use their payment gateway and other complementary solutions for their daily operations. This sector generally, does not have banking services, and lacks financial institutions to support them, so the proposed system is expected to have a positive social impact in the community.
In Europe and Mercosur the market for direct selling is doing well and revenues are on the rise. The global revenue from direct selling is estimated at 167.5 billion euros.
These customers need to manage micro transactions through Omni channel experience and a dashboard to enhance micro lending and sales in micro instalments, in a multi-level sellers environment, where all level sellers earn commissions.
The high latency and limited bandwidth characteristic of some areas is a constraint that must be addressed to achieve a viable solution.
End users who perform direct selling operations, need to manage stock and make direct offers through social networks and e-marketplaces. They need at least the following functionalities: personalized catalog, custom promotions and offers, product and brand tracking, social media marketing, accounting and stock reconciliations, payment splits between several consumers, crownfunding, loans management, and reports and analytics.
The solution aims to meet the social and financial services needs of a growing sector of society involved in the direct sale of products and services, thus becoming a tool for technological innovation that seeks to strengthen and achieve greater inclusion of this sector.
On the one hand, sellers will see a remarkable improvement in their sales and marketing processes since the application will connect directly to social networks and will have personalized catalogs, offers and promotions.
End customers will be able to access banking services, unattainable until now, custom designed for their usual operations, such as loans, split payments, crowdfunding and microcredits.
The core technology, Progressive Web App (PWA), has been chosen as a support for the solution, since it combines the best of the web and native applications and will allow to develop a responsive application that can work offline, with the minimum requirements.

The company is looking for a technology partner to develop that solution, tailor-made, to Mercosur and European markets.
The search is aimed at an SME in the ICT sector, based in Spain, Germany or Israel with the ability to carry out developments with cutting-edge technologies in the fintech sector and with presence in the European market that can also contribute its knowledge of the local market.
The company is interested in applying to Eureka calls between Argentina and Spain or Argentina and Israel with submission deadlines of October 18 and December 12 respectively, or under the bilateral call Argentina-Germany until October 18 to obtain financing.
The start of the project is planned for the first months of next year.
Advantages and Innovations:
The proposed PWA works on the innovation axis in terms of the following items:
· Innovation, financial inclusion, (non-traditional financial services) generates new service proposals against real demand.
· Allows access to new uses on traditional products that until now were only operated by companies
· Enables the inclusion of vulnerable segments (low income), with lack knowledge of financial tools.
· Generates a win win processes of financial inclusion / money laundering
· The innovation in the proposed services allows an improvement in operating costs for the individual.
The Argentine company has authorization from the Central Bank of Argentina to manage payments and has entered into agreements with the main interbank network to act as a hub in the low-volume business, SMEs, NGOs, Colleges and Consortiums.
Also, they have clients in the direct selling sector, in several Latin American countries, so this product would allow them to consolidate their position in the region together with a partner that can support them to expand their technological capabilities and open up to new markets. The European partner, would benefit from having an Argentine partner that already has a presence in the target market.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The search is aimed at an ICT company, with strong development capabilities and preferable in the fintech sector, which has experience in consumer sales processes and consumer loans or financial micro transactions. Management of applications in social networks with focus on user experience, and that eventually has products oriented to the mass market, such as e-wallets that can be integrated and customized according to the needs of the project.
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Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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Two stage submission
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