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CULT-COOP-08-2016: Búsqueda de socios para el desarrollo de un museo virtual para especímenes de patologías


Búsqueda de socios
Un equipo de investigación de una universidad griega busca socios con el fin de presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria CULT-COOP-08-2016 (single stage). El objetivo es desarrollar un museo virtual para especímenes de patologías y un atlas interactivo de patología. La universidad busca pymes y socios de IDT con el fin de completar el consorcio. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 4 de febrero de 2016 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 1 de febrero.


CULT-COOP-08-2016: Looking for partners for the creation of a virtual museum for pathology specimens
A Greek research team of a large university is looking for partners to submit a proposal for CULT-COOP-08-2016 (single stage). The aim of the project is to develop a virtual museum for pathology specimens and an interactive pathology atlas. The team is seeking SMEs and RTD players to complement a competitive consortium.
As ICT technologies become more and more adopted in all aspects of everyday life, from data management for health to transportation, the need to preserve and disseminate our cultural heritage becomes apparent. Currently, the use of ICT is having a direct and dramatic impact in all aspects of modern life and there is a unique opportunity to reassign a digital role to our cultural resources, in order to exploit them at their maximum, under a possible new view, plus preserve and reuse them. Through this passage in the digital era, users will be further engaged and will be possible to interact in a reciprocal way with what until now was only possible to study from a distance.

The scope of the project is to develop a digital IT platform that will include a virtual museum of pathology specimens and an interactive Pathology Atlas that will provide an augmented reality experience to the users. The digital and physical world will be brought together with side-by-side creative storytelling, educational workshops and validation of the results in real life environments.

The resulting platform will be based on a strong background of physical specimens. All specimens will be collected, documented, classified and mapped accordingly, categorized via semantics and their digital profiles will be created through 3D replicas, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing with high imaging analysis technology. Certification and precision issues will be also addressed and the resulting models will be presented as an integrated experience for the vieweres, rather than as a simple digital representation through the engagement of 3D holographic environments, digital libraries and haptic feedback technology.

The Virtual Museum of pathology specimens will be based on a unique physical collection owned by one of the most famous schools of Medicine in Greece. The exact collection has an immense historical and educational value including more than 2.500 pathology specimens (surgical, forensic, perinatal etc.) and covers an extended period of time starting from the Middle Ages until nowadays. That makes it extremely valuable not only as an educational resource for the use of medical and health science students, surgeons and healthcare professionals, but also as a museum collection for the wider public.

The team is seeking SMEs and RTD players to complement a competitive consortium.

Proposal Deadline: 04 February 2016
Deadline for Partner Requests: 01/02/2015

Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The Greek research team is seeking the following partners to complement the project consortium. Organisation type vs. Expertise: - SME - design and implementation of project collaboration portals (platforms) -SME - design and implementation of virtual museums -RTD - professional experience in the technology of Holograms , data management and analysis using solutions like Microsoft HoloLens -RTD - high definition digital tomography, for the documentation of specimens collection -SME - design and implementation of search engine applications for webcast and podcasts. (SME) -University including a medical history school - historical documentation of the specimens.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
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Evaluation Scheme:
Research -Y- Innovation Actions single stage Deadline: 04-02-2016 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
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Project Duration: