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Erasmus+, KA1: Búsqueda de escuelas y centros de formación profesional


Búsqueda de socios
Un organismo empresarial italiano está desarrollando un proyecto de movilidad KA1 (Erasmus+) para estudiantes. El objetivo es ofrecer a los estudiantes períodos formativos en empresas (aprendizaje basado en el trabajo - WBL). El organismo tiene 6 años de experiencia en proyectos internacionales en escuelas técnicas y busca compañías e instalaciones (escuelas y centros de formación profesional) que ofrezcan alojamiento y formación. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 2 de febrero de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 15 de enero. El proyecto tendrá una duración de 18 a 24 meses y el período de movilidad de los estudiantes se extenderá durante 3 meses.


Erasmus+, KA1: looking for schools and vocational training centers
Italian business organization is developing a project under Erasmus+, KA1 mobility project for VET learners and staff.The project is focused on development of in-company training periods for students (work-based learning - WBL).
The organization has 6 years experience in international projects on all technical industrial schools. The organization is looking for companies and reception facilities (schools/vocational training centers) to help with accommodation and training.
The main objective of the proposal concerns the possibility of in-company training periods for students (work-based learning - WBL).
These experiences have recently been made compulsory for all students in the Italian schools (Law 107/2015), recognising world-wide the educational value in terms of learning outcomes that they are able to generate (knowledge, skills and competence).
It is clear the added value of the experiences carried out by students, which take part of worked based learning period in their businesses. In this regard it is also necessary to provide students with the opportunity to develop learning experiences at international level, in order to prepare them for adult life (that is: as EU citizens and as workers, entrepreneurs, professionals) with an open mind to global changes and the evolving social contexts.
It is about creating the conditions to route these young people acquire knowledge, skills and soft skills, such as: positive thinking, communication skills, problem solving, collaboration, ability to accept and learn from criticism, self-confidence, adaptability, flexibility, ability to manage stress, and work ethic. The above mentioned Italian national Law (Law107/2015) involves the design and construction of work-based learning experiences abroad. The possibility of creating such experiences, however, requires non-trivial organizational, relational and economic support.
Moreover the projects aims at allowing all deserving students to overcome any economic obstacles to these experiences through economic support (scholarships).
Finally the proposal aims at assuring to all participating students the design and realization of training programs together with the pedagogical, linguistic and intercultural training, that are all necessary to realize the mobility of students (overcoming the risk of running in improvised experiences).
The project will have a duration of 18-24 months (approval is awaited for july-august 2017 and will start within September 2017). Students mobility will have a duration of 3 weeks.
60-80 students of the fourth year of technical, industrial and economic institutes will be involved (3rd level of the European Qualifications Framework - EQF).

Expected results in line with the EU priorities:
· Improve the quality of education by strengthening transational cooperation in order to making the mobility of students available to all those students aimed at learning in another EU Country (= Inclusion through facing economical difficulties)
· Introduce students in business logic, favoring the knowledge of activities linked to the internationalisation of enterprises (export offices, commercial offices, branches abroad) integrating the experience abroad in the curricular activities (= Quality improvement of learning and studying period in school and in work-based activities)
· Implement didactic innovation (=Capacity building of Schools curricular, methodological and organizational capability).

The project consortium involves 5 Italian technical and vocational school in Lombardy, public authorities and other partners representing the enterprises´ sphere (business association, chamber of commerce).
The consortium is looking for schools/universities/vocational training centers in order to help with the reception, accommodation and training of students.

Erasmus+, KA1 - mobility project for VET learners and staff
Deadline for EOIs: 15 January 2017
Deadline for call: 02 February 2017

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The consortium is looking for companies and other reception facilities (schools/universities/vocational training centers) to: · Collaborate in the reception of students (suggesting accomodation and providing any media logistics) · Make available places for hosting students (internship or visits of education and learning week) · Collaborate in training students (also in other structures, for instance, local schools, corporate training centers) Target countries are mainly Spain, UK, EIRE, Poland, Austria Germany, Romania and France. The consortium is open to EOI from other countries.This list is not exhaustive and is to be defined on the basis of the availability of the partners.
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B-EU "Building pathways for EUropean inclusion and awareness"