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ERASMUS+: Plataforma comunitaria de formación digital personalizada


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa griega especializada en desarrollo de software está interesada en mejorar, probar y lanzar una plataforma digital multifunción para formación online e intercambio de conocimiento. La empresa busca urgentemente una empresa mediana-grande o un instituto de investigación, preferiblemente con experiencia previa en proyectos de formación permanente, para un proyecto del programa ERASMUS+ (acción clave 2): Cooperación para la innovación e intercambio de buenas prácticas - asociaciones estratégicas en el campo de educación, formación y juventud.


Call for strategic partner to join ERASMUS+ proposal related to specialized digital training community platform
Greek software development company, wishes to enhance, test and launch a multipurpose digital platform for online training and knowledge sharing. The company is urgently looking for a medium-large company or large research institute, preferably with previous experience in lifelong learning projects, to apply for the EU programme: ERASMUS+: Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth.
Taking full advantage of the modern information era is a challenge but also a huge opportunity, especially for companies, and particularly related to ensuring up-to-date and efficient skills training for new as well as existing employees.
The goal of the proposed online platform is to develop methods, tools and pilot applications (within a digital educational community providing online courses) for the improvement of learning processes within the daily flow of corporate activities, using collective instruments / schemes that boost entrepreneurship and at the same time help the smooth integration of companies into the digital age.
The aim of the project is to strengthen and support:-
- a corporate culture of collaboration
- the creation of social educational structures that will help employees to face a new corporate reality
- social cohesion, by supporting employees that live in remote areas
- entrepreneurship, including digital and social media tools as a means of diversification of economic activities to assist in addressing the financial crisis
The company urgently seeks strategic partners in order to join its application for the EU programme: ERASMUS+: Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth. The deadline of the call is 31 March 2015.
The company is looking for medium-large company or research institute with experience in lifelong learning activities. The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is 24 March 2015.
Advantages and Innovations:
The company has developed an interactive educational instrument (Learning Innovative System - L.I.SYS.) for Vocational Educational Training (VET) applications, with the following properties:-
- highly-innovative and multi-purpose online platform
- adaptable for both academic and corporate uses
- flexible digital tool which has a variety of uses, ranging from online training courses to exchange / sharing of knowledge within a wide community
- easily-accessible and stable tool with great potential for increasing human resource efficiency and thus company profitability.
This project aims to contribute to the creation of knowledge and innovative best practices for highly-targeted groups such as (but not exclusively) first-time or new employees, or employees in remote areas. It leads to the creation of tools that help identify, systematize and certify a range of abilities and skills that develop employees through their daily tasks within a corporate routine.
In addition, the certification of these skills provides participants with all those elements which are necessary for the development of social entrepreneurship, such as:-
- participation in training programs
- employment initiatives (e.g. Integrated Intervention Programs)
- development of educational community activities
- measures aimed at reducing time needed for training processes and also in reducing training costs
- employment opportunities within the context of digital advances and growth
- development of entrepreneurship through exchange and knowledge sharing with similar companies in corresponding sectors across Europe.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The proposal will be submitted under the following EU programme: ERASMUS+: Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships in the field of Education, Training and Youth.
The scope of the project lies within the field of Vocational Educational Training (VET) and aims to cover the following areas:-
- activities that strengthen the co-operation between organisations with a view to establishing exchanges of practices;
- activities that promote the development, testing and/or implementation of innovative practices in the field of education, training and youth;
- activities that facilitate the recognition and validation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning;
- activities of cooperation between regional authorities to promote the development of education, training and youth systems and their integration in actions of local and regional development.
Previous experience in implementing similar (EU) lifelong learning programmes is highly desired since the Greek company seeks a partner with the necessary background and infrastructure already in place in order to be able to implement project tasks smoothly and rapidly. Existing knowledge and experience of ECAS procedures preferred.
IPR Status:

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Target partner expertise sought: medium-large company or research institute with previous participation in (EU) lifelong learning programmes. Specific area of activity: implementation of lifelong learning activities. Tasks to be performed will include:- - creation and development of educational material to be integrated into the new educational instrument - study visits to similar facilities abroad in order to learn good practices, which will be mapped and become familiar through workshops and seminars in order to transfer expertise and adopt tools to enhance competitiveness - networking at local and transnational level in order to enhance openness (this could include participation in clusters) - participation in training seminars - organisation of events for promotion of tool and dissemination of results. The Greek company is also open to suggestions for additional relevant tasks, depending on the specific experience and expertise of the potential partner. It welcomes proposals from organisations in the EU (except Spain). However, it is particularly interested in Northern and Western Europe.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:



Evaluation Scheme:
Applicants must use the forms specific for each Action. All applications received by the National Agencies or by the Executive Agency undergo an evaluation procedure.
Anticipated Project Budget:
300.000 - 450.000 euros
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
Learning Innovative System (L.I.SYS.)