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Escuela técnica italiana de enseñanza secundaria superior busca empresas de Alemania, Reino Unido e Irlanda para establecer un acuerdo de investigación y participar en un proyecto Erasmus+


Búsqueda de socios
Una escuela técnica italiana de educación secundaria superior está interesada en establecer un acuerdo de investigación con pymes procedentes de Alemania, Reino Unido e Irlanda pertenecientes a los sectores de telecomunicaciones, informática, electrónica, ingeniería eléctrica, automatización, mecánica o química con el fin de acoger estudiantes en un programa de prácticas. La escuela, situada en una de las provincias más competitivas de Lombardía, participa en el proyecto de movilidad para educación y formación vocacional en Europa dentro de la acción movilidad para el aprendizaje Erasmus. Las prácticas se realizarán en los siguientes períodos: entre el 26 de mayo y el 15 de junio de 2019 para estudiantes de primer curso y entre mayo y junio de 2020 para estudiantes de segundo curso. El plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 1 de abril de 2019.


Italian technical upper secondary school is looking for companies under a research cooperation agreement in Germany, UK and Ireland within an ERASMUS+ project
Italian technical upper secondary school is looking for German, UK and Irish SME under a research cooperation agreement in telecommunications, computer sciences, electronics, electrical engineering, automation, mechanics or chemistry sector to host students for an internship programme.
The school, located in one of the most competitive Lombardy provinces, has been granted the project mobilty for vocational education and training in Europe within Erasmus learning mobility for individuals.
Italian upper technical secondary school in Northern Italy is running the project Mobilty for VET (Vocational Education and Training) in Europe (Mo.VE).
The project is granted within the Erasmus + KA1 LEARNING MOBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS Programme - Mobility project for VET learners.
The project will be developed in partnership with German, UK and Irish learning agencies, with the support of an Italian municipality, the local Lombardy manufacturing Association and an Education foundation with the aim of spreading the impact of the project.
Please note that the project exclusively focuses on the cities of Berlin, Portsmouth and Cork.

The Italian technical school is located in Lombardy, within a province characterized by a longstanding industrial tradition, in which small and medium-sized businesses have flourished. The secondary school has always been committed to develop international relationships in close collaboration with the institutions and companies on a regional and European level.

"Mo.VE" objectives are:
· improving the training success of all students, and in particular of those who are most deserving and most disadvantaged
· strengthening the employability of VET learners and to facilitate their transition to the local and European labour market.
· boosting the use of EU transparency and recognition tools for skills and qualifications (Europass Mobility and ECVET)
· fostering European citizenship and enhancing intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to the European Community
· promoting common European values

The two-year project concerns the mobility of 45 students per year, of the fourth class (17-18 years old students) in all of the institute´s specializations (Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechanics, Chemistry) for internships in companies in the cities of Berlin, Cork and Portsmouth, for three weeks. The students will be accompanied by 2 teachers who will alternate every week. The students will continue their internships in Italian companies similar to those of their mobility experience.

Students are required to improve: technical/professional competences; linguistic and relational competences; digital skills. At the end of their mobility, students will be certified with Europass Mobility and ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) to ensure transnational acknowledgment of skills and qualifications in labour market.

All students have been trained in work-safety courses. All students can speak English and are currently taking English and German lessons organized by the school and taught by mother-tongue teachers.

The ideal partners are small and medium-sized companies in the cities of Berlin (Germany), Cork (Ireland) and Portsmouth (UK) willing to host three Italian students, even one per companies, for a 3 weeks internship in the following sectors:
· Telecommunications: installation/configuration of voice/data optical fibre networks
· Computer Science: development of smart-phone applications
· Electronics: test /maintenance of programmable boards for data acquisition and control of motors (if possible for orientation of photovoltaic panels)
· Electrical Engineering: Installation, measurement, test, certification or maintenance of photovoltaic plants
· Automation: Installation control components/equipment in industrial manufacturing systems using PLC
· Mechanics: technical drawing of simple manipulators moved by pneumatic forces
· Chemistry: environmental monitoring

In the attachment there are more specifications about the sectoral and geographic requirements for the internship.

The internships of students in companies must be held in the following periods:
1st year students: from 26/05/19 to 15/06/19
2nd year students: May-June 2020

Deadline for EOIs - 1st April 2019

Type of partnership: research cooperation agreement

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The partner is looking for small and medium-sized enterprises in the cities of Berlin (Germany), Cork (Ireland) and Portsmouth (UK) to host at least 3 Italian students for a 3 weeks internship. Companies will have to host at least one students. A 2 hours visit for the teacher must be granted. For more details see the table attached. The sectors of the internship will be: Telecommunications, Computer sciences, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechanics or Chemistry. The internship is intended for training and educational purposes only. The internship is unpaid and all the expenses shall be covered by the school and granted by the Erasmus+ Programme. Students are covered by the necessary insurances. The company is expected to foster understanding of the culture and mentality of the host country, assign to participants tasks and responsibilities to match their knowledge, skills and competences and training objectives as set out in the Learning Agreement and ensure that appropriate equipment and support is available. Enterprises will have to identify a tutor or mentor to monitor the participant´s training progress and provide practical support if required including a clear contact point for trainees that face difficulties. Finally the companies will have to check the appropriate insurance coverage provided by the school for each participant in coherence with programme´s rules. The accommodation of the students is provided by an external agency and two teachers from the school will always be present in town in the case of problems and will be available to help companies in filling out all the documentation.
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Mo.Ve - project Mobilty for VET (Vocational Education and Training) in Europe