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Eureka. Búsqueda de socio para desarrollar una nueva baldosa de cerámica


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa turca del sector de cerámica cuya principal misión es estar en la vanguardia de estilos de vida modernos, saludables, de alta calidad y sostenibles busca un socio experto en I+D con el fin de participar en un proyecto Eureka. La empresa fundó un centro de innovación en 2011 para el diseño, desarrollo y fabricación de nuevas materias primas, procesos y tecnologías para baldosas y sanitarios. Se busca un socio con experiencia en caracterización de materias primas y aditivos (tamaño de partículas, comportamiento térmico y análisis de fase) y caracterización de baldosas crudas y cocidas. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es abril de 2017.


Eureka: Partner sought on the development of a novel ceramic tile.
A Turkish prominent company in ceramic sector is looking for an R-Y-D partner to apply for EUREKA due by April 2017.
The company that was founded in 1942 is a prominent Turkish industrial group with 41 companies, 12,450 employees and a combined net turnover of TL 7,4 billion in 2014. The company´s core sectors are building products, healthcare and consumer products. Additionally, the company is active in finance, information technology, welding technology, mining, and property development and facility management.
The company´s mission is to be a pioneer of modern lifestyles that are healthy, high quality and sustainable. The company encourages each itself to surpass established standards and raise consumer benchmarks of product and service quality. Through sponsorship and responsible corporate practices, it also promotes social and economic development that nurtures cultural and scientific activity, protects the environment and preserves scarce natural resources.

The company carries out its production activities in 15 plants in 4 countries. The production plant of the company utilizes environment-friendly technologies, ranking among the top ceramic manufacturing plants in the world in terms of capacity, technology and quality. The annual production capacity of the company is 5 million units of ceramic sanitary ware, 37,5 million m2 of tiles, 3 million units of faucet, 350 thousand units of bath tub and shower tray and 340 thousand modules of bathroom furniture.
The company has an innovation centre which was founded in 2011 which is a creative hub for the design, development and production of new raw materials, processes and technologies for bathroom products and tiles. In addition to promoting the development of an innovation-oriented corporate culture, it aims to open new horizons for customers and stakeholders and contribute to industry´s competitive strength through wide-reaching inter-disciplinary collaboration. As a space for learning, the centre promotes open communication, the sharing of knowledge, experience, and creative ideas, as well as teamwork. It also provides opportunities and infrastructure for young talents to develop innovative projects and university researchers to test and implement their theoretical work. The centre prioritizes market and technology-focused innovation efforts and carries out research, design, development and production activities in new bathroom and tile materials, processes and technologies.
Tiles are always considered to be the decoration elements only in kitchen, bathroom and entranceways due to its functional benefits. Having tiles within the living room and bedrooms is not considered something as usual. The main barrier of tiles not being applied in the other areas of house are mostly due to them being cold-a physical coldness when stepped on them. When we look at market shares in global flooring market, it is clearly seen that the main competitors of floor tile are textile, laminate flooring and vinyl materials. Although ceramic tiles´ superior technical characteristics and higher durability than the other flooring materials, there is two main drawbacks of ceramic tiles have to be solved; cold touch and weight. The main objective of this project is offering the tiles giving warm feel and getting lighter to the market.

The deadline for partner search is April 2017and they are planning to apply for the proposal under the program of EUREKA. Therefore, the deadline of receiving the expression of interest(EOI) will be by the beginning as soon as possible.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Research for SME which expertise on the characterization of conventional ceramic tile. 1) Characterization of raw materials and additive materials: Particle size, thermal behavior, phase analysis 2) Characterization of unfired and fired tile bodies: Thermal behavior, phase analysis and image analysis studies with scanning electron microscope
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Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500
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United Kingdom