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Eureka. Búsqueda de socio especializado en análisis de grandes archivos de datos para control de brotes de plagas forestales


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme española especializada en ayudar a empresas informáticas a diseñar y gestionar sus actividades de I+D busca socios con el fin de participar en un proyecto Eureka-Eurostars. El objetivo es ofrecer una solución al problema de brotes de plagas forestales creando un sistema de monitorización de datos basado en la colaboración de ciudadanos e investigadores. La empresa busca una pyme especializada en aplicaciones móviles y análisis de grandes archivos de datos con el fin de cooperar en materia de investigación. El plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 30 de junio de 2017.


EUREKA partner for big data analysis in forest pests outbreaks control
A Spanish SME is specialised in helping ICT companies to design and manage their R-Y-D activities is looking for partners for a Eureka-Eurostars project. The project proposes a solution to future forest pests outbreaks by creating a data and monitoring system based on the collaboration of private citizen and researchers. They are looking for research cooperation agreement, the partner should be an SME specialised in mobile application and big data analysis.
A Spanish SME founded in 2013 helps ICT companies to design, plan and manage their Research -Y- Development -Y- innovation (R-Y-D-Y-i) activities. The company is also a direct R-Y-D agent, developing its own small or medium size innovation projects in selected domains related to Social Challenges such as "Citizen Science", "Science with and for Society", and "Inclusive -Y- Innovative Societies".

As FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations) has repeatedly warned in its reports on forest ecosystems management, both native and introduced pests pose one of the greatest threats to this planet forests.
The proposed project is an answer to this issue

The Spanish company´s Project tries to be a citizen science innovative project for fighting forest pests and diseases in Europe, and it aims to establish a network of citizens who act as volunteers doing field work necessary for the study of pests, diseases and invasive species that affect our forests. From their mobile devices and through a specific app, citizens report data on forest issues. So, tasks traditionally carried out by universities or public administrations, are now shared by citizens. Training contents in the platform will enable the volunteers to perform these tasks efficiently.

This citizen science platform allows researchers to analyse collected data and to use these data in their research. The Project will allow efficient and agile environmental data collection, being this gathering free or supervised by scientific teams.
Platform is structured in three modules that are briefly explained below:

Free Information Notification module (FIN), where volunteers will report pertinent info about pest/diseases found during their field visits. This info is spontaneously provided by volunteers and once stored in Forest112 data base could trigger alert generation and definition managed by scientific teams.

Supervised Data Capture Module (SDC), researchers will lead the data collection, mainly in two ways.
o General alerts directed to wide target groups
o Field data collection for traditional "scientific field studies"

Tracking -Y- Evaluation Module (TRE). Once executed data collection campaigns, the platform module will help scientists team to monitor and evaluate volunteers performance, giving corresponding feedbacks and reports. Among other functionalities, this module will evaluate indicators reported by volunteers, scoring the accuracy of those data and establishing confidence levels for each volunteer.
Forest112 will also apply encryption and security actions to platform databases to ensure absolute privacy of participants, and there will be no personal data stored in the system.

BigData Analysis (BDA). This platform component will provide research users with a robust BigData analytic tool that can process huge volume of data and can help identify behaviour patterns -Y- correlations between variables that usually are not revealed in more conventional analytic processes.
This platform component is considered essential when processing such heterogeneous types of data as those Forest112 will be dealing with -Y- will act as an open door to new analytic perspectives for research teams.

Eurostart-2 calls are open all year long - no submission deadline. But there are 2 evaluation dates March and September 2017. The dead line for the EOIs will be June 30th.

The expected budget will be 500.000 -Y-euro;; but could be higher depending on clinical trials. The duration of the project will be one year but also will depend on the clinical trials.

They are looking for partners for research cooperation agreement. The partner should be an SME specialised in mobile application and big data analysis.
Advantages and Innovations:
Current project means a step further in citizen science/collective awareness initiatives as volunteers efforts are heavily reinforced by other stakeholders already acting in forest pest prevention scenario

A comprehensive documentary study has been conducted by the Spanish company including scientific literature, market publications, databases, patents and software searches.
This research work has not identified any ICT tool comparable in nature and scope with envisaged tool and has firmly demonstrated that the project concept is coherently aligned with market trends and FAO/European societal strategies and common policies.
In fact, project team believes that this new platform will imply a significant technological/organizational breakthrough as a citizen science fully operating instance.
Main project advantages -Y- innovations are (among others) the following:
-build -Y- implement an ICT tool that can efficiently articulate -Y- boost a wide -Y- heterogeneous community of users
-build a close relationship between volunteers -Y- those stakeholders already taking care of forests pest -Y- disease control
-become a meeting point/data sharing point for all those stakeholders focused on forest pest/disease fight -Y- management in a given area
-add huge volumes of new data (IoT-related or not) to current forest pest-Y- diseases analysis
-provide research -Y- management stakeholders not only with new data but also with a robust BigData analytic tool
-help volunteers to learn new skills -Y- provide work opportunities for them
-define and refine specific methodologies for crowdsourced pest plagues management involving all stakeholders in a given area

Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
IPR Status:
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
National patent granted. It also has been extended to several countries.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The Spanish company is looking for a SME as partner with key knowledge in: Extensive and relevant experience in big data analysis. Significant experience in some of these technological areas: Open Stack, Phyton, Linux, MongoDB, Hadoop, MapReduce. Experience in mobile applications. Envisaged partner should lead a specific Work Package dedicated to build "big data analysis" module of forest 112 platform. Partner would also participate in other "general" work packages: User Requirement Definition (URD), Testing -Y- Implementation (T-Y-I) and Diffusion -Y- Dissemination (D-Y-D).
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:



Evaluation Scheme:
The Network projects are open all year long - no submission deadline. There are 2 evaluation dates March and September 2017. One stage submittion.
Anticipated Project Budget:
500.000 - 1.000.000
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration: