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EUREKA/Eurostars: Empresa española busca un socio especializado en agricultura de precisión


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme española especializada en desarrollo de TIC busca socios con experiencia en agricultura de precisión, sistemas aéreos o terrestres no tripulados (UFS/UFV o UGS/UGV) y/o sensores de agricultura con el fin de participar en un proyecto Eureka/Eurostars. El objetivo es crear una plataforma informática metacooperativa digital y social que ofrezca servicios con valor añadido a cooperativas y productores de aceite de oliva. La fecha límite de la primera convocatoria es en marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza antes de enero de 2017.


EUREKA/Eurostars: A spanish company is looking for a partner specialized in Precision Agriculture
A Spanish SME focused on ICT development, is seeking for partners with relevant expertise in Precision Agriculture, Unmanned Aerial or Ground Systems (UFS/UFV or UGS/UGV) and/or agriculture sensors to collaborate in a Eureka/ Eurostar´s. The project objective is to build a digital and social meta-cooperative, an innovative ICT platform to provide extended value-added services to existing cooperatives and olive oil farmers.
According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) reports, if markets want to cater to the 9 billion inhabitants predicted to be living on Earth before 2050, production must grow by 70% (without any significant increase in land-use, being productive land always a scarce resource). To achieve this goal, dramatic breakthroughs in agriculture management are needed.

The project takes this agriculture production growth priority to a specific segment of the global markets, studying the particular case of olive oil Ecosystem. This ecosystem has a tremendous social, labour, economical and even health impact in Mediterranean societies and it is facing (currently -Y- historically) a number of relevant challenges amongst which we should highlight the following:
1. Lack of efficiency, both on the supply and demand sides.
2. Lack of integration along olive oil supply value chain.

The project Meta-Cooperative will be built around an innovative ICT platform that pursues the improvement of the productivity, profitability and producer integration/collaboration and the rise of the economic -Y- living standards of the Mediterranean olive oil communities and ecosystems. The strategic objectives pursued by platform are the following:
1. Provide an ICT solution that allows producers -Y- other olive oil value chain stakeholders to record and manage key data about traceability, sustainability and excellence of those products they deliver
2. Provide an ICT solution with precision-agriculture components that allows producers to plan -Y- manage routine tasks associated with olive growing and harvesting introducing best-practices and environment-friendly praxis.
3. Build a cloud-based social platform accessible anytime-­-anywhere from web or mobile devices. This platform should enable farmers and other actors to interact, share and boost collaborative economy best practices -Y- procedures.

The project initial target market comprises all olive oil sector player within the Mediterranean; Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey. This comprises almost 2.000.000 olive oil farmers, gathered around approximately 4.000 cooperatives.

The partner should provide accurate and actionable information to improve agricultural productive processes obtained through artificial intelligence / vision imagery.

Partner would also participate in other "general" Work Packages: User Requirement Definition (URD), Testing -Y- Implementation (T-Y-I) and Diffusion -Y- Dissemination (D-Y-D).

The call deadline is March 2017 and September 2017. EOI deadline is June 2017, but the company will prefer to submit on the first call, March 2017 so EOIs coming before January 2017 will be evaluated for the first call.
Advantages and Innovations:

The project will become the first comprehensive Digital Meta-Cooperative.
All olive oil live-cycle players/stakeholders (producers, oil pressers, bottling and storing agents, transporters, distributors (bulk and retail), public administrations, universities, research centres and eventually even consumers) would interact and add-value to the community, transforming a sector to enhance all agents the use of technology to share, collaborate and become more professional.

This solution should:
1. Grant to low professionalised / not wealthy olive oil small holdings easier access of current capital-intensive top-notch technologies for through a Digital, Social and Meta-Cooperative business model that allows economies of scale and data / asset sharing.
2. Improve production efficiency and land yield not only in quantity but also in quality
3. Create a cohesive and inclusive Social Platform within a disperse not very sophisticated ecosystem to provide rural areas with higher working and living standards
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
No IPR at the moment.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Partner should be a company specialized in Precision Agriculture with proven expertise -Y- knowhow in Unmanned Aerial systems (UFS/UFV)) and/or Unmanned Ground Systems/robots (UGS/UGV) and/or Agriculture Sensors. · Company with extensive experience in aerial imagery gathering -Y- processing · Hardware fitted to access different kinds of data: visual, multispectral, etc. · 2D -Y- 3D ground data processing · Proven experience in applied data analytics (preferably applied to Agriculture with specific algorithms). Envisaged partner should lead an specific Work Package dedicated to provide accurate and actionable information to improve agricultural productive processes obtained through artificial intelligence / vision imagery. Partner would also participate in other "general" Work Packages: User Requirement Definition (URD), Testing -Y- Implementation (T-Y-I) and Diffusion -Y- Dissemination (D-Y-D).
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Evaluation Scheme:
Single-stage submission scheme
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