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Eurostars 2018. Empresa coreana busca socios para desarrollar un sistema inteligente de seguridad contra incendios sin punto ciego basado en un sensor de seguridad de campo sonoro para la detección temprana de incendios


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme coreana especializada en TIC/IoT está preparando una propuesta para la convocatoria de marzo de 2018 del programa Eurostars 2. El objetivo es desarrollar un dispositivo automático e innovador de detección de incendios basado en un sensor de campo sonoro. El campo sonoro es el nombre técnico que designa la dispersión de energía sonora dentro de unos límites determinados. La empresa busca una pyme intensiva en I+D, preferiblemente con experiencia en diseño de servicios de TIC/IoT, para vender dispositivos inalámbricos en el mercado de hogares inteligentes. El plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 20 de febrero de 2018.


[Eurostars2 2018] A Korean company is looking for Consortium partners to develop innovative smart fire security system using international patent base
A Korean SME specializing in ICT/IoT service development is preparing for Eurostars 2 in 2018 and onward. A renowned Korea Institute patented globally on sound field sensor algorithm, which will be the key technology for smart fire detection in the field. A Korean consortium composed of a R-Y-D performing SME, technology developing organization and certificating organization is looking for a European consortium in one country to match each of three Korean consortium members.
Currently, there are thermal, flame and IR technology for fire detection. The fire detection methods work independently and each has unique character and merit. Not much integration of these methods or convergence has been tried yet.

Project goal of the SME is the development of the smart fire security system and global commercialization in EU. The smart fire security system is composed of smart CCTV, gateway and security control system, and the smart CCTV is composed of an IP camera with a sound field security sensor. Sound field security sensor is a new sensor that detects and classifies security events such as fire and intrusion even in blind spot based on the sound transfer function variation using a speaker and microphone set in security spaces such as home, office, shop, and warehouse.

The fire detection device employs a sound field fire detection algorithm invented in Korea and registered as an international patent. This technology enables faster detection time, wider fire detection coverage, higher detection rate and lower false alarm rate in the laboratory level. There is very high probability of the technology to be converged and multiplicated for the open architecture sensor services of which concepts and implementation are hold in R-Y-D Performing SME in Korea. This company has the largest market share of the IoT business in Korea and is fully capable of service development.

The current Korean consortium, closely cooperating with each other and well-organized, is seriously looking for the new participants to match the relevant Korean participants. The Korean R-Y-D Performing SME would coordinate the consorthium as long as the consortium members agree, applying its IoT hub/gateway/platform and sensor technologies for the commercial field.

The European consortium coordinator should be led by R-Y-D Performing SME who can make synergy in technology implementation and pre-commercial in project and have the strong intent for as business after the Eurostar 2 project. (Besides being a member of Eurostars 2, Korea has bilateral funding programmes with eight European Countries such as Germany, Spain, France, UK and Israel.)

The candidate organizations have to meet NPC requirement of each affiliated country in terms of fund recipient as well as to be well-balanced with existing participants in R-Y-R and cooperation. There will the selection process about the candidates after being self-recommended. The project period will be 3 years and followed by 2 years for commercial collobaration.

The deadline of the EoI for the March call will be accepted until February 20, 2018 and EoI for the September call will be accepted only until August 20, 2018.
Advantages and Innovations:

The main advantage of the device in design is earlier detection of a fire faster than those of the existing detection methods such as thermal, flame and infrared sensors.

In addition, the omnipresent nature of the sound field eliminates undetectable points in a fire protection target. The production cost of the device is lower than the existing ones because the sound field-based sensor for fire detection will be implemented by cheaper audio components similar to audible speakers and microphones in smart phones and AI speakers.

The result product of R-Y-D will be composed of sound detection sensors, network gateway, cloud and app/web. The upcoming technologies like AI and block chains would be adopted to meet special market requests for pre-commercial products.

Though this is the first time for the company to participate in Eurostars2, the current coordinator of the company possesses a good understanding of the culture and work environment of the companies from EU.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
IPR Status:
Patents granted

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
· Specific area of activity of EU Partner The company is looking for a R-Y-D performing SME to sell wireless devices at smart home market through own R-Y-D capability, preferably with an experience in the design of ICT/IoT service scenario and its implementation for EU market. · Task to be performed by EU Partner - Consensus on project, technology and collaboration Besides the innovative detection algorithm and sensor structure, the partner will contribute to the related successful factors for project in the Consortium as a member. - Developing prototype and validation The R-Y-D activities will be coordinated by the Korean company in a laboratory environment. - Market test The performance of the developed system under realistic conditions and demonstration in realistic examples in different end-users´ premises will be conducted. The partner will share the priority and process with the Korean company. - Exploitation strategy The partner will identify the most suitable customer segment which will benefit from the results of project. Also, the partner will design a clear business model for generating revenue from the product including a sales channel to reach as many customers as possible both in Europe and Korea. The activities will be backed up by suitable price and service package. - Project Management The partner will lead the overall project control and adjustment in the European region and will coordinate each step with the Korean company.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:



Framwork Programme:
Anticipated Project Budget:
1.9 M-Y-euro; (estimated total cost)
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call: