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Eurostars. Búsqueda de un coordinador (pyme) con experiencia en desarrollo de juguetes electrónicos y pymes especializadas en integración de unidades de medida inercial (IMU) y desarrollo de software a medida


Búsqueda de socios
Una universidad suiza está preparando una propuesta con el fin de desarrollar un kit de herramientas con juguetes de realidad aumentada para analizar, monitorizar y mejorar las habilidades motoras y cognitivas de los niños. La universidad busca una pyme en la UE implicada en actividades de I+D en el sector de juguetes que coordine el proyecto. La empresa buscada se encargará de identificar nuevas aplicaciones en el área de salud. También busca pymes para la integración de una unidad de medida inercial (IMU) en los juguetes y desarrollar software a medida.


Eurostars: SME coordinator with expertise in electronic toys development and SMEs with expertise in inertial motion unit (IMU) integration and ad hoc software development sought.
A Swiss university is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim is to develop a toolkit with augmented toys to assess, monitor and promote the motoric and cognitive abilities in children. For this research cooperation a R-Y-D performing SME project coordinator already involved in the EU toy market, interested in opening new applications in the health area and SMEs for the integration of a inertial motion unit (IMU) in the toy and ad-hoc software development are sought for research cooperation.
The objective of the project is to complete an existent toolkit prototype that comprehends a set of toys to collect, store and share data about fine motricity. Basically an IMU sensor will be integrated in each toy in order to sustain paediatricians and health professionals to understand better the motility of children aged 0-7 and to monitor the progress. The IMU sensor needs to be adapted to the special application.
The intention is to power the toolkit in order to use it also for improving motility in an entertaining way. The toolkit will be able to assess, monitor, and improve treatment thanks to a direct communication between toys and clinicians, between specific algorithm and software.
The toys will be used by paediatricians and therapists, in close collaboration with families and educators (or teachers), in line with the health concept of complexity, where transdisciplinary approaches are more efficient.
Later, the toolkit could be adapted and improved for other applications and others population segments (i.e. dementia, neurological disorders).
The first phase of the project will develop a specific pen with special attributes in wood/plastic.
The Swiss university has already gained expertise in a similar project, with a more specific target. Their expertise already includes:
- Statistical data analysis.
- Bio-signal processing -Y- pattern recognition.
- Machine learning.
- Occupational-therapy observation.
- Transdisciplinary projects.
- Enterprise and web-based development platforms

The Swiss consortium is seeking a SME coordinator with the legal form of an SME (R-Y-D performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines) with experience in the EU toy markets and wh is able to exploit the toolkit commercially. The SME must have experiences or high interests in the social and health areas.
The partner or the partners require experience in electronic toy development with:
- Knowledge of the European market area.
- Experience in developing medical devices and certification.
- Experience in developing/integrating IMU sensors.
- Experience in toy design.
- Software engineering methodologies and technologies.

The project duration will be 30 months. The project will be conducted in two stages.
- Improvement of the specific toolkit prototype (special pen)
- Pilot study implementation

Together with the toy prototype, an ICT platform will be developed to collect and analyze data and to share the collected data remotely.

The Swiss university is looking for R-Y-D performing SMEs already involved in the EU toy market, interested in opening new applications in the health area.
They are also looking for an R-Y-D performing SME that produces IMU (Inertial Motion Unit) that is interested in adapting their device to the specific needs of the project and an SME interested in developing an ad-hoc software.

The partners for a research cooperation agreement should come from Eurostars member countries.
Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R-Y-D-performing SMEs.

The EUROSTARS call deadline is 1 March 2018.

The deadline for expressions of interests is 12 December 2017.
Advantages and Innovations:
Benefit and Advantages:
- The development of this innovative toolkit will be exploited by pediatricians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to collect important information about motility. Furthermore, this innovative toolkit will help any users to check and to improve their own motricity.
- The exploitation of existing expertise.
- The acquired know-how in the complex research area will allow the participants to develop a new system for possible future applications in other areas.

- A similar toolkit does currently not exist.
- The information collected could improve the treatment and the recognition of defined disorders and diseases.
- The project will offer an innovative and flexible platform, compatible with smartphones.
- A strong multidisciplinary approach.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The specific area of activity of the partner: Partners from the toy industry and IMU producers. To create an eligible consortium the partner should be an R-Y-D-performing SME according to Eurostars guidelines ( ). The tasks to be performed by the partners sought from toy industries are mainly on the development of a business model and distribution of the tool kit. The tasks to be performed by the partners sought from sensor industries (Inertial Motion Unit) are mainly on the development of the specific IMU for the project.
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