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Eurostars. Búsqueda de empresa alemana con experiencia en servicios basados en la nube, suministro de contenidos, transmisión de vídeo o producción en directo (360º)


Búsqueda de socios
Una universidad alemana y pyme suiza están preparando una propuesta para la próxima convocatoria de Eurostars. El objetivo es aplicar la realidad virtual en la retransmisión de eventos deportivos en directo para impulsar un marketing más orientado al cliente. La empresa busca una pyme alemana con experiencia en servicios basados en la nube, suministro de contenidos, transmisión de vídeo o producción en directo (360º). La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 14 de septiembre de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 18 de agosto.


EUROSTARS proposal: German SME sought with expertise in cloud-based services/content provision/video broadcasting or live (360°) production
A German university/Swiss SME are preparing a Eurostars proposal for the next cut-off. They aim at the virtual replacement of advertisements in (live) sports broadcasting. Our two focuses are: 1.) the extension of the ongoing project "ManiCode" towards 360° productions, and 2.) the development of a reliable, cloud-based feature tracking of advertisment areas. We seek a German SME with expertise in cloud-based services, content provision, video broadcasting, or (360°) live production.
Augmented Reality (AR) enables many promising new applications. Virtual Advertising - adding virtual elements to real scenes - is one of the most promising. Especially in live sports broadcasting, VR applications would allow for a more customer-oriented marketing through substitution and segmentation of advertisement budgets. However, due to very high demands in that field regarding system stability, set-up time and visual quality, it is important to modify the current recording setups as little as possible. This applies to the workflow, production and physical requirements such as space and power consumption.

The Swiss SME as a service provider for virtual advertising has developed a minimally-intrusive computer-vision-based system which can seamlessly augment world feed signals just based on the unmodified world feed and the underlying raw camera signals. Thus, no sensors like gyroscopes or accelerometers need to be attached to the cameras and no preparation to the scene such as calibration markers or chroma keying is needed. By this, it is possible to move the physical system to any location where the above-mentioned video signals are available.

In this project, we reduce the complexity during the production even more by physically relocating the Swiss SME´s system into a compute cloud. As further advantage, this allows for further scalability and reduction of costs making virtual advertising more interesting for smaller events. In the scope of the project, we will develop a prototype pipeline which after the end of the project can quickly be transformed towards a product. There are 2 key aspects in this pipeline which are tackled in this project: Cloud and 360° video production.

Cloud-centric AR for conventional Live TV Productions
Similar to the regular contribution/distribution pipeline for video streaming, video signals from live events will be encoded. In contrast to regular streaming, additional camera signals which are necessary for the Swiss SME´s video analysis will be encoded with a special computer-vision-focused encoder which does not optimize visual quality but automatic visual analysability. The Swiss SME´s software will be extended to be usable with cloud video production software and remote operating capabilities will be implemented such that a team of operators and a regular videoproduction crew can produce a video together while physically being located in different places. The cloud-produced material is coded for distribution, e.g. to social platforms or streaming boxes. We will use technologies such as ManiCode to save bandwidth during the distribution of these individualized feeds.

Cloud-centric AR for 360° Live TV Productions
Cloud Production, Augmented Reality, and 360° video production have the potential for enabling novel services and ways for monetization, e.g. virtual presence at sports events enhanced by localized virtual advertisements. However, due to their recording and viewing setup, 360° cameras are not suited for traditional ways of production (e.g. overlays, slow motion or cuts). The Swiss SME´s cloud production setup can easily be adjusted towards high resolution 360° video. The main challenges towards a realistically-looking impression are seamless rendering of AR elements with advanced illumination replication such as half shadows or light effects: Due to their unlimited field of views, 360° videos are beneficial for analysing the scene illumination. For a truly high fidelity experience, in addition we will research and improve the state-of-the-art in coding 360° video material such that image artefacts are reduced.

Partner´s profile:
We look for a German SME with expertise in cloud-based services, content provision, video broadcasting, or (360°) live production.

Funding scheme:
Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R-Y-D-performing SMEs.
Deadlines: Call deadline: 14.9.2017, EOI Deadline: 18.8.2017

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
We look for a German SME with expertise in cloud-based services, content provision, video broadcasting, or (360°) live production. The project partner should be interested in a joint research and development activity and have an interest to commercialise project results. Of interest is experience and/or infrastructure for cloud-based services for media processing, content provision (e.g. online video-on-demand services), video broadcasting or distribution (e.g. over IP), conventional or 360° live video production, or any other knowledge which can be useful for our designated aims.
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