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Eurostars: Búsqueda de socios para desarrollar biomateriales de la próxima generación y prevenir infecciones en el sector sanitario


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme británica está preparando una propuesta dentro del programa Eurostars con el fin de desarrollar materiales poliméricos que destruyan bacterias. Esto se consigue gracias a la fotoiniciación de un nuevo biopolímero que reduce la probabilidad de bloqueo de catéteres urinarios, disminuyendo así las tasas de infección en el paciente. La empresa busca pymes de base tecnológica y organismos de investigación especializados en modelado de biopolímeros y pruebas de microbiología para cooperar en la investigación. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 15 de septiembre de 2016 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 5 de agosto. El proyecto tendrá una duración de dos años.


Eurostars: partners sought to develop the next generation biomaterials for the prevention of infections within the healthcare sector
A UK SME is developing a Eurostars bid to develop polymer materials that disrupt or/and destroy bacteria. This is achieved through the photo initiation of a novel biopolymer to reduce the likelihood of a blockage in urinary catheters and so reduce the rates of infection in the patient.

This UK SME is looking for technology based SME´s and research organisations specialised in modelling biopolymers and microbiology testing via research cooperation agreement.
A SME specialising in the development of next generation biomaterials for the prevention of infections within the healthcare sector seeks collaborative partners. The SME has extensive experience in the development of photo-initiated polymers and microbiology and have carried out several R-Y-D projects leading to early stage commercialisation interest. Their platform technology has a wide range of potential applications and they are working with household name strategic partners in the United Kingdom and other countries.

There is an urgent clinical need for solutions to the problem of infections caused by the formation of biofilms (bacteria films) in or on medical devices. These infections are becoming more antibiotic resistance and alternative treatments are needed to reduce healthcare induced infections.

The SME´s technology platform is concerned with the application of photo-initiated polymer materials integrated into urinary catheters to minimize the formation of biofilms and reduce or eliminate the probability of infections induced by the use of standard catheters. The application of photo-initiated polymers for application to catheters thus has the potential to improve the quality of patient care and reduce the significant cost of corrective treatments due to infections or blockages on or in the catheter. Urinary catheters are the number one cause of infections in healthcare. This typically costs healthcare providers on average £2,000-3,000 per patient/per year in corrective care and treatment (£125M/per year in the UK alone).

Revenues in the US and European urological device sector were $4.7 billion in 2013, whilst the global urological catheters market is forecast to exceed $3.0 Billion by 2017.

There is a market need for catheters incorporating some form of antimicrobial property to offer both an improvement in patient care and the reduction in cost of patient care by the elimination or minimisation of infection and blockages caused by biofilm formation on the catheter surface. Alternate markets for this antimicrobial platform technology include the global instrumentation market which is forecast to surpass US$56 billion by the year 2017, driven by an ageing population, rising incidence of age-related conditions and improved surgical procedures.

Proof of principal of the technology has been proven and the development of the technology from TRL3 to TRL6 is required to further develop the commercial proposition and establish a prototype to strengthen market interest and begin to establish a route to market.

The project objectives will be focus on extending the lifetime of the photo-initiated polymer materials and improving the efficacy of the antimicrobial material to extend the time-period a blockage free urinary catheter can be maintained such that long-term patient use is possible.

Most studies have indicated that optimal biofilm and blockage prevention is most effectively achieved by interaction and prevention at the surface of the catheter. The SMEs technology platform achieves this by novel surface treatment of the polymer surface for photo-initiated activation so minimising biofilm formation and reducing the likelihood of blockage or infection once inserted into the patient´s bladder.

The company is searching for EU SME´s or research organisations preferably in Scandinavia or the Netherlands with expertise in molecular modelling, testing of polymers, testing drug release systems as the coordinator lacks such expertise and these are one of the few requirements of this projects

Call Deadline- 15 Sept 2016
EoI Deadline- 05 Aug 2016
Project Duration - 2 Years
Advantages and Innovations:
The characteristics of the final product and material will be

· A photo initiated polymer that becomes antimicrobial when activated by light
· Increase lifetime of the baseline antimicrobial host polymers and antimicrobial specific to species
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Interested partners should be able to perform at least one of the following task:

- Molecular modelling
- Development of photo initiated materials
- Microbiological testing
- Building and running urinary bladder test systems
- Biofilm production testing
IPR Status:
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
UK patents have been submitted. Further patentability around SME technology is expected

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The organisation/s should have experience in molecular modelling, testing of polymers, testing drug release systems, microbiological testing of biofilms and a capability to develop an artificial bladder system for antimicrobial material testing. The SME is also interested in collaborative partners with a knowledge of catheters to establish clear requirements for material and production scenarios.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:


Evaluation Scheme:
International innovative project led by R-Y-D-performing SMEs
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Coordinator Required:
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Project Duration:
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