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GALILEO-3-2017: Aplicaciones EGNSS profesionales. Seguimiento náutico asistido por drones para sostenibilidad ambiental


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa italiana especializada desde 1979 en observación de la Tierra está preparando una propuesta para el tema "Aplicaciones EGNSS profesionales" en seguimiento náutico asistido por drones para sostenibilidad ambiental. El objetivo del proyecto es apoyar y monitorizar áreas marítimas protegidas. La empresa busca industrias, preferiblemente pymes, y centros de I+D, que ofrezcan asistencia en drones, telecomunicaciones y fuentes de alimentación autónomas. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 1 de marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 10 de febrero. El proyecto comenzará en julio de 2017.


GALILEO-3-2017: EGNSS professional applications: Drone-Assisted Nautical Tracking for Environmental Sustainability
An Italian company, active since 1979 in the Earth Observation sector, is preparing a proposal for the Horizon 2020 topic "GALILEO-3-2017: EGNSS professional applications" focusing on Drone-Assisted Nautical Tracking for Environmental Sustainability. The project aims at supporting the monitoring of marine protected areas. The company is looking for industries (preferably SMEs) and/or research centres supporting the team in drones, telecommunication and autonomous power supplies.
The proposing company has strong experience in system integration, image analysis and real time processing of heterogeneous data (AIS, data from on-board sensors, metocean data).

The proposal responds to the need of continuously monitoring Marine Protected Areas and other areas forbidden to public access with reliable yet economical and easy-to-use surveillance means.
To fulfil this need we will develop a system based on a two-level surveillance: the first level is continuous and low-resolution, the second one is detailed and activated only when needed.
It makes use of precise time and position data provided by EGNSS to locate, dissuade and contrast intruders.
The second-level surveillance will make use of image analysis algorithms to identify (or at least classify) the intruder.
In case of emergency the system will be used to help rescue operations. The infrastructure is open to crowdsourcing contributions from citizens to support environmental protection. The infrastructure is also open to Earth Observation imagery that can help in the identification of vessels in the area of interest.

The expected result is an increased surveillance capability and a subsequent positive effect on respect of marine regulations. The system is also expected to provide support in case of emergency situations by observing and helping vessels in distress.

The expected end-users are the organisations that manage Marine Protected Areas. Complementary end-users are maritime authorities that can benefit from Real Time Information provided by the web geospatial portal that will be the system´s front-end.

The project will comprise a design part and an implementation part, carried out at the partners´ premises.
Then an experimental phase will start, in which we will install the demonstrator in the target environment (one or several Marine Protected Areas). The demonstrator will be used to validate the concept in real operations.
The selected target users will actively contribute to validation.

The design and implementation work will be carried out by the technical partners. A partner expert in exploitation and business planning will support the team in the definition of a commercial roadmap for the system.
The coordinating partner will supervise and manage all the activities ensuring the timely completion of tasks and the proper communications between the partners and the EC.

We are looking for 3 partners:

- An Industry (preferably SME) in Europe
Expertise: integration of drone systems and complex payloads
Role: development of drones with innovative payloads and auto-charging capability.

- An Industry (preferably SME) in Europe
Expertise: Marine Telecommunications and Wide Area Networks
Role: design and implementation of TLC systems for data transfer between fixed stations and unmanned vehicles at sea.

- A Research Centre or SME in Europe
Expertise: Stand-alone power supply development
Roles: development of uninterrputed and independent power station (wind and solar).

- In the consortium there is already strong expertise in system integration, AIS data handling, GNSS signal processing and Earth Obsercation data analysis.

The Work Programme is Horizon 2020 Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies - Space
Work Programme 2016-2017

The topic is GALILEO-3-2017: EGNSS professional applications.

Expressions of interested should be received within 10th February 2017.

The Call deadline is 1st March 2017.

The expected project start is in July 2017.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Type: Industry (preferably SME) Area of activity: Drone manufacturer/integrator Field of expertise: integration of done systems and payloads Tasks: to carry out installation and experimentation of innovative payloads. To develop and integrate drones with self-sheltering and self-charging capabilities. Type: Industry (preferably SME) Area of Activity: Telecommunications Field of expertise: Marine Telecommunications equipments and systems. Implementation of Wide Area Networks Tasks: to design and implement data transfer from/to fixed stations and mobile means at sea. Type: Research Centre or SME Area of Activity: Renewable energy Field of expertise: Stand-alone power supply development Tasks: to ensure uninterrputed functioning of remote systems by means of solar and wind generation.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
United Kingdom


Evaluation Scheme:
Type of Action: Innovation action
Anticipated Project Budget:
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Project title and Acronym:
DANTÈS - Drone-Assisted Nautical Tracking for Environmental Sustainability