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H2020 BES-03-2015: I+D/producción piloto de una nueva embarcación ligera multifunción opcionalmente pilotada para vigilancia de fronteras marítimas


Búsqueda de socios
Un consorcio de empresas, investigadores y socios industriales griegos va a presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria BES-03-2015 y busca nuevos socios (universidades, entidades y pymes) con el fin de desarrollar una embarcación multifunción de vigilancia con un equipo sobre cubierta de vigilancia VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing, de despegue y aterrizaje verticales), con el rango adecuado de operación. Esta nueva embarcación, con perfil operativo de bajo coste, contribuirá a la estandarización de la construcción y operación. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 27 de agosto de 2015 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 27 de mayo.


H2020 BES-03-2015 partner search: R&D/pilot production of a light optionally-piloted multi-purpose vessel for maritime border surveillance
A consortium of Greek companies, research and industrial partners will submit a proposal to BES-03-2015 call. They seek additional partners (universities, entities, SMEs) in order to develop a multi-purpose surveillance vessel carrying on deck a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft & surveillance equipment with adequate operating range. The innovative craft through its cost effective operational profiles, will contribute to standardisation in construction & operation.
A Greek consulting company for maritime security together with a Greek team of ICT security experts and major research and industrial partners (soon to be finalized) will design, submit and implement the project RECOMVESS. In the initial phase, all RECOMVESS consortium partners wish to seek and connect with potential cooperating co-partners who would be interested in this project, and invite all interested entities, universities (school of naval architects & engineers), researchers and industry partners to join the corresponding H2020 call (as to complete the consortium) to co-develop light surveillance platforms for reduced operational cost and increased capability of surveillance in high seas, improving communication particularly in critical multi-national joint operations where different systems co-operate in one operational scenario (to be tested in a real operational scenario, such a Frontex-led joint operation).

The result and the deliverable of this R & D is to produce a pilot vessel with low cost fuel requirements capable of sea border surveillance and S & R (Search & Rescue) activities. Dedicated radar will be developed as well as state of the art tracking instruments. The vessel itself will set the standards of innovative construction. Attention is paid to the compliancy of all rules and regulations pertaining to interoperability between Border States, EU legislation, safety and insurance. The vessel will analyze and relay maritime pollution and other environmental data to base. The vessel will be optionally piloted, use Stealth technology and will be bullet proof and unsinkable. The vessel will have the capability to carry and dispense small surveillance buoys utilizing GPS technology for maintaining position and which will be dedicated to the base station and the vessel thus forming a chain of floating data relaying mini stations.

The innovative craft through its operational cost profiles, will possibly contribute to standardisation in construction and operation.

In the investment evaluation phase and the calculation of the added value for the investors and society, the overall benefits will be considered.

Following certification, the deliverable vessel - adapted to the needs of the end-users - will enter the phase of commercialization.

The Greek consortium is looking for additional partners such as entities (ministries of merchant marine / coast guard / border security forces / Member States, etc.), universities (school of naval architects / naval engineers / shipyards), SMEs and/or industries (i.e. manufactures of equipment etc.).

Deadline of the call: 27/08/2015
Deadline for expressions of interest: 27/05/2015
Advantages and Innovations:
The uniqueness of the proposed vessel is that it will carry a relatively small unmanned VTOL craft which will have a substantial radius of activity and carrying similar surveillance instruments. It will have the capability of operating independently from the vessel; where interisland surveillance or Search & Rescue is required. There will be communication between all assets and base stations.

As the system will require base operators it will create jobs taking gender equality into consideration.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent
IPR Status:
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Granted patent or patent application essential,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought & Specific area of activity: 1. Ministries of merchant marine / coast guard / border security forces / Member States: Input on all aspects of sea border surveillance particularities (weather, sea conditions, trafficking, smuggling and illegal immigrant transport techniques) as well as in most of the sections mentioned in the description of activities of the vessel and base stations. 2. Universities / school of naval architects / naval engineers / shipyards: For the study and development of the hull & superstructure of the vessel - any innovative suggestion would be a positive asset to the project. For the production of the hull & superstructure as well as all works pertaining to the production of the required boat. 3. Data collection systems involved in: 3a. Meteorological data collection & relay 3b. Marine environmental data collection & relay. The production or adaptation of equipment for the specific vessel and the ability for them to be relayed to the base station. 4. For land-based monitoring stations in the following sectors: 4a. Monitoring equipment 4b. Vessel remote control 4c. Flying asset remote control 4d. Data reception and analysis 4e. Early warning systems 4f. Study on operation headquarters & stations 4g. Data study and relay to bordering countries & FRONTEX. For the land-based stations sections can include, but is not limited to: Coast Guard sections, manufacturers of the relevant equipment and Academic entities wishing to participate in research for some of the services described. 5. Vessel Protection Systems: 5a. Stealth technology 5b. Anti radar fouling 5c. Remote controlled protection armament. Entities involved in Stealth technology / remote protection armament.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Evaluation Scheme:
One Stage / Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) co-fund action.
Anticipated Project Budget:
€ 11.5M
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration:
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