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H2020: Búsqueda de empresa con estrechos contactos con operadores de transporte público para desarrollar un sistema espacial de apoyo a la decisión destinado a planificación del transporte


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme española busca un socio para presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria H2020-SMEINST-2-2015. El objetivo es desarrollar un sistema de apoyo a la decisión basado en un sistema de información geográfica (GIS) para planificación de transporte público. Los socios buscados son empresas que tengan un estrecho contacto con operadores de transporte público: consultoras de movilidad, fabricantes de tecnología automática de recaudación de tarifas (AFC), etc. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 18 de junio de 2015 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 31 de mayo.


H2020: Company with close contact with public transportation operators sought for the development of a spatial decision support system for transportation planning
A Spanish SME is searching for a partner for the H2020-SMEINST-2-2015 call with the main goal of developing a Geographic Information System (GIS) - based decision support system for public transportation planning. The partners sought are companies with close contact with public transportation operators. The ideal partners are mobility consultancy firms or an Automated Fare Collection (AFCs) technology manufacturers, but other types of companies can also be suitable.
SIADE is a GIS-based decision support system for public transportation planning. It facilitates the process to improve efficiency in public transportation, with a special emphasis in social and economical parameters. Implementing a strategy to manage urban transportation involves several mathematical models allowing transportation network analysis and estimating their impact in both the environment and the users, while defining automatic procedures to compare different scenarios. Its main goal is to facilitate planning and managing transportation networks.
Data are stored in the bus memory unit and sent to the server every day to update the database. Information from each user is captured very fast and can be easily processed, but there is a limitation: users pay with their card when entering the bus, but no information is available about when they leave it. As a result, there is no information regarding the destination of each trip. A high quality matrix of origin-destination data is a fundamental requisite to analyze a transportation system, being surveys the traditional methodology applied, but the process is expensive and difficult to implement. Fortunately, SIADE infers the destination, with a percentage of total inferred trips of up to 88%. It is possible to detect clusters showing different activities: individuals with a regular work schedule (with and without transfer schemes), people with short stays at destination, etc. It is important to remark that mobility patterns can be also studied depending on age, economical situation, disability, etc.
For buses using GPS, the arrival time to each bus stop is recorded in the database, so it is possible to analyze travel time versus scheduled time. For companies not using GPS, route performance can be inferred from the Automated Data Collection (ADC) system.
Interpolation procedures (i.e. IDW) are used by SIADE to generate spatial variations in data. Next step is to create performance reports that may allow bus companies understand where and why are delays, facilitating efficient planning of routes. It also provides passengers information regarding a more precise schedule.
Funding Programme: H2020. Call H2020-SMEINST-2-2015
Topic: Small business innovation research for Transport
% Funding SMEs: 70%
Consortium so far: Spanish SME (coordinator of the proposal)
Requested partners: mobility consultancy firms or an Automated Fare Collection (AFCs) technology manufacturers, but other types of companies can also be suitable.
Countries expected: specially United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic and Portugal.
Duration of the project: 12-24 months
Official deadline for the call: 18-06-2015
Deadline for the EoI: 31-05-2015
Advantages and Innovations:
Improving their public transportation companies' efficiency through the following objectives:
· Study population's mobility patterns when using public transport (bus)
· Analyze the performance of different routes (scheduled versus real travel times)
· Optimization of bus stops location
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Passenger transportation. Mobility consultancy firms or an Automated Fare Collection (AFCs) technology manufacturers, but other types of companies can also be suitable.
IPR Status:
Secret Know-how
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
In process for further IPR protection.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Company with close contact with public transportation operators. The ideal partner is a mobility consultancy firm or an Automated Fare Collection (AFCs) technology manufacturer but other types of companies can also be suitable.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
United Kingdom


Evaluation Scheme:
SME Instrument - Phase II
Anticipated Project Budget:
1 M€
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Funding Scheme:
Research for the benefit of specific groups (in particular SMEs)
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
SIADE: Spatial Decision Support System for transportation planning