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H2020: Búsqueda de entidades responsables de un programa de autogestión de enfermedades crónicas para el desarrollo e implementación de una herramienta de formación online destinada a ciudadanos con enfermedades crónicas y sus cuidadores y capacitar a las personas


Búsqueda de socios
Una administración de salud pública española está preparando una propuesta para la convocatoria de salud SC1-HCO-12-2016. El objetivo es desarrollar una herramienta de formación online basada en un programa existente de autogestión de enfermedades crónicas in situ. Se buscan instituciones públicas y privadas del sector sanitario que dirijan programas de autogestión de enfermedades crónicas y tengan acceso a ciudadanos con estas enfermedades para ofrecerles una herramienta alternativa de formación online. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es febrero de 2016.


H2020: Entities in charge of a self-management chronic disease program are sought for the development and implementation of an online training tool addressed to citizens with chronic diseases and/or their caregivers to empower individuals
A Spanish public health administration is preparing, for the Health call H2020, SC1-HCO-12-2016: Digital health, a project to develop an online training tool based on an onsite existing chronic disease self-management program. Public or private institutions from the health area are sought, with an onsite chronic disease self-management program running, having access to citizens with a chronic disease willing to offer them an online training alternative tool.
The project is addressed to develop an online training tool whose main aim is to combine, digital IT tools with training activities addressed to empower individuals and increase their degree of responsibility for their disease and choose new and healthy habits and positive lifestyles.

The General Directorate Public Service Patients School is an onsite running programme whose aim is to combine, in an environment of community and municipal action, training activities aimed at empowering individuals and increasing degree of responsibility for their disease and choosing healthy habits and positive lifestyles.

Patients Schools are intended to address prevention, promotion and management of chronic health conditions, from a model that stands at the center of its mission to the patient, and places it in its cultural context, endowed with greater autonomy and responsibility. The claim in Schools Patient is abandoning the passive role of the patient, to become a person capable of self-care and self-management of their disease process. The objective is to achieve an active patient, an expert patient with participation in decision-making and with a greater responsibility for their health.

The main aim of the project is to develop and implement an online tool based on that onsite programme. The main element is to provide citizens and their caregivers self-management strategies, enabling them to live and thrive as individuals, being able to adapt the disease to his life, to face it and adapt it to their individual and socio cultural environment.

The region of Asturias has chosen as Self-Management tool the Chronic Disease Program. This program has been developed, tested and evaluated for 20 years by the Research Center at Stanford University. Program elements include regular action planning and feedback, modeling behavior and problem solving by participants, the reinterpretation of symptoms, and specific technical training in disease management. Patients are supported in order to obtain a significant effect on the management of its long-term illness; there is intervention to be effective in self-care.

Numerous studies have proven effective in improving the health, quality of life, self-care, self-management of the disease, increased physical activity and social relations, improved communication with health, the declining health claim, the decrease in the use of emergency and health services.

The on-line version features today for support of scientific evidence for the positive results of the intervention in positive health outcomes and cost savings in the health system.

Programme framework conditions: Collaborative Support Action.

The consortium so far: a public administration from Asturias, a Spanish SME, a public administration from Turkey, a French hospital. We are searching for new partners to complete the consortium.

Partners Sought: partners from different countries in health area interested that are managing a chronic disease self-management program in their own regions/countries.

The proposal is under development so there are not specific Work Packages and tasks developed yet.

Deadline for expressions of interest: December 18th 2015

Call deadline: February 2016

Link to the call:

Foreseen project duration: 5 years

Partners sought: public or private entities with an onsite Chronic Disease Self-Management Program running.

Stage of Development:
Proposal under development

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Public or private entities from health area with an onsite chronic disease self-management program running at regional or national level.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
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