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H2020: Búsqueda de socios del sector minorista e industrias relacionadas, incluyendo TI, logística y comportamiento de usuario, y asociaciones y autoridades locales


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa francesa del sector de servicios postales busca socios con el fin de presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria CIRC-01-2016-2017. El objetivo es crear un ecosistema virtuoso y sostenible para economía circular, incluyendo fabricantes, minoristas y empresas de logística, para gestionar el alquiler de objetos ocasionalmente usados. La empresa busca socios en los sectores de TI, certificado digital, diseño digital, comportamiento de usuario, etc. La fecha límite de la primera fase de la convocatoria es el 7 de marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 15 de enero.


H2020: looking for partners from and related to the retail sector, incl IT, logistics, user behaviour, also associations and local authorities
A large French company in the postal services sector is actively looking for partners for CIRC-01-2016-2017. They aim to set up a virtuous and sustainable ecosystem dedicated to the circular economy including manufacturers, retailers and logistics to orchestrate the rental of occasionally used objects. Partners, who would touch upon the aforementioned areas, incl from the IT and digital ID, design, user behaviour etc sector, are sought.
The collaborative economy is mainly trusted by organizations that provide services allowing people to monetize their objects or services with other people. This approach, based on a C2C model (Zilok, ebay, Facebook Marketplace ...), is a biased competition for the traditional economy from a legal or a fiscal point of view (the individual may be considered a commercial provider, making his sharing services taxable and potentially subject to specific administrative permits). Moreover, it involves some compromises on objects and services (availability, quality, price, location ...).

Project concept: a large French Postal Services company is investigating new activities for businesses linked to its postal offices by setting up a virtuous and sustainable ecosystem dedicated to the circular economy. The system will be a dedicated digital environment including manufacturers, retailers and logistics able to orchestrate the rental of occasionally used objects (DIY, sport, equipment, automobile, fashion ...). The concept consists of creating an additional business channel, combining traditional economy mechanisms and collaboration between individuals.

From the users´ point of view, the project aims at removing the previously mentioned constraints of current C2C models by relying on the partner companies in order to propose an easy-to-use and low cost rental collaborative service.

Regarding companies, the project creates a new channel to make them more present and active in the collaborative economy (contrary to the current C2C solutions). The key and innovative idea of the project is to integrate retailers at the beginning of the collaborative rental process. So, objects are directly supplied to the first lessees.

Project outcome: a digital environment (web-based + Blockchain platform) linking all projects stakeholders (manufacturers, retails, users, carriers, etc.) and connected objects. A deployment in a regional test area with a limited range of product that could be scaled to the European Continent.

EoI and Submission process : the deadline for EoI is for the 15 january. The call deadline is for the 7 March 2017 (1s step) and the submission process is in 2 steps.
Advantages and Innovations:
Project impact and benefits:
- Ecological and economic impact: avoid purchasing an object for a one-time use
- Create social link between individuals that can exchange on their experiences or advices with the objects
- Increasing the value of products by linking them to their value in use
- Complete knowledge and control of the product life cycle
- New approaches for Design of new products dedicated to collaborative rental
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The project coordinator is looking for partners in the following areas to finalize its consortium:
- Large companies: products manufacturers, distributers, retailers, insurance companies
- SMEs: traceability, objects localization (IoT), delivery and logistics, security/digital IDs, data mining
- Research institutions: user behaviors, user-centric design or collaborative economy business models
- Users/consumers associations and local authorities.
IPR Status:
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
Consortium Agreement

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The coordinator is looking for several partners : - Large companies (products manufacturers, distributers, retailers, insurance companies) - SMEs (traceability, objects localization (IoT), delivery and logistics, security/digital IDs, data mining) - Research institutions (user behaviors, user-centric design or collaborative economy business models) - Users/consumers associations and local authorities. Those partners will have to perform the following tasks, according to their competences: - Perform data mining (user profiling, object usage profiling) - Develop product connectivity (remote activation, geolocation, use detection) - Develop/adapt a chat bot to enable an automated user interface - Provide a smart delivery solution to ensure objects exchange between users - Provide retail products to be used in the project - Analyse end users behaviour and provide recommandations.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:



Evaluation Scheme:
Deadline: 2017-03-07 (step 1) Deadline Model : Two-Stage
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
Collaborative Local Economy Orchestrator (CLEO)