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H2020: EE-07 Cambio del comportamiento hacia la eficiencia energética a través de las TIC


Búsqueda de socios
Una red alemana que trabaja en un consorcio de empresas de los sectores de energía y TIC busca socios interesados en participar en un proyecto del programa H2020 dentro del tema EE-07: Cambio del comportamiento hacia la eficiencia energética a través de las TIC. El objetivo es implementar y probar una aplicación informática para usuarios finales de energía en tres zonas climáticas diferentes. El consorcio busca comunidades de viviendas y clústeres de los sectores de energía y TIC en distintos países. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 19 de enero de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 23 de diciembre de 2016.


H2020 partner search: EE-07 Behavioral change toward energy efficiency through ICT
A German network which works as a consortium of ICT and energy companies from the German capital region is seeking partners to join their project in H2020 topic EE 07: Behavioral change toward energy efficiency through ICT. The focus of the project is the implementation and testing of an ICT based application for energy end users in three different climate zones. The consortium is looking for communal housing companies and ICT- and energy-related clusters from different countries.
The project is a result of many research activities carried out by German companies, working together as a network in the field of ICT-solutions for smart homes and energy efficiency. In a large scale R-Y-D action, an ICT-based low-cost application for monitoring heat and power consumption has been developed.

The focus of the application is the visualization of thermal heat and energy flows as a basis for mass-distributed energy transparency. The entire system is based on monitoring the behavior of energy users in buildings. The temperature of rooms (heated or cooled) can be regulated automatically via plug-and-play devices. The stage of development of the application matches TLR 6. It should be implemented and tested during the project.
The main target of the project is to address energy end users and have an impact on their energy consumption and awareness of energy savings.

This digital tool (mobile app) for the end user is developed as a user-friendly, understandable and safe application which is part of a more complex and scalable system. The application is based on everyday individual habits and takes into account and reflects the expectations of end users. The tool can be expanded with features like automated monitoring of the individual room climate, automated monitoring of emergencies or a notification system for power users. The tool informs the users about possible savings and thus encourages sustainable and energy efficient behavior.

The project should be implemented in three different climate zones: North-European (Scandinavian countries), Middle-European (Germany, Poland, France) and Sub-Mediterranean (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece). In each climate zone three application centers should be established. The application center in the form of real estate for testing purposes, should be provided by housing associations in each country. Their task would be to persuade a relevant number of residents to test the application and to agree to the evaluation of their data. The involvement of ICT and energy cluster from each region is highly desired. Cluster managers are invited to coordinate all project activities in their region. Moreover, qualified engineering companies form each country are required to execute a necessary building simulation in accordance with national building energy standards.

Scientific support and technical equipment will be provided by the German co-ordinator. In each application center the consumer´s behavior and attitude will be analyzed before and after the implementation of the tool.

Future partners will have access to the source code of the application. The emphasis is on privacy / data security. So-called "open standards" will preferably be used for the project. The mobile apps will be programmed for Android, iOS and boxes in all applicable modular systems.
Deadline for appication: 19/01/2017
Deadline for EOI: 23/12/2016
Project duration; Two years

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The network is looking for building management and housing associations which are in contact with energy end consumers (owners or tenants of buildings or apartments). The consortium is seeking the following project partners: · Communal housing companies, ready to take pilot project action and willing to try innovative ways to get their tenants into the position to participate on digitalization of every day´s processes based upon their own smart devices. · ICT and energy clusters from the involved regions, willing to coordinate the project activities in their regions. · qualified engineering companies form each country to perform a necessary buildung simulation in accordance with national building energy standards.
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Anticipated Project Budget:
2 Mio -Y-euro;
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Crowd Climate Tool