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H2020-EUK-02-2016. Búsqueda de socios coreanos con experiencia en seguridad y comunicaciones en Internet de las cosas (IoT)


Búsqueda de socios
Una entidad privada española sin ánimo de lucro está interesada en presentar una propuesta al tema LEIT - ICT: EUK-02-2016 (Investigación conjunta sobre Internet de las cosas). El objetivo es suministrar un ecosistema de servicios abierto, expandible y accesible desde Internet de diversas plataformas de IoT. Para terminar de formar el consorcio, la entidad busca socios coreanos (universidades, centros de investigación y empresas) del sector de IoT (seguridad, comunicaciones y tecnologías en la nube) con el fin de cooperar en materia de investigación.


H2020-EUK-02-2016 Korean partners sought with expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) security and communications
A Spanish non-profit private entity is willing to participate within a LEIT - ICT: EUK-02-2016 (IoT Joint Research) project proposal. The aim of the project is to deliver an open, expandable, web-accessible and service-enabling ecosystem of diverse IoT platforms. The European consortium is already defined. Thus, only Korean partners (universities, research centers and companies) within the field of IoT (security, communications and cloud) are being sought for a research cooperation.
INSPIRA aims at delivering an open, expandable, web-accessible and service-enabling ecosystem of diverse IoT platforms, able to accommodate existing and future generations of connected smart objects, by gracefully complementing the current host-centric solutions with the benefits of the Named Data Networking (NDN) paradigm. Based on the complementary expertise of its partners, INSPIRA will design and develop the required solutions for creating its ecosystem: a name-based network infrastructure for seamlessly providing access to and uniformly managing smart objects and their data, irrespective of their type, technology and location, from across the Internet; web publishing and browsing tools; open service development and management tools (SDK - Software Development Kit), APIs (Application Programming Interface) and security mechanisms for user authentication and data encryption. INSPIRA will assess and demonstrate the applicability of its ecosystem through two trials across Europe offered by the consortium partners, covering five IoT application domains. The trial environments will also be leveraged to become a living ecosystem with which end-users and service developer communities can interact based on the web browsing and open service-enabling SDK and APIs provided by the project.
The idea is to use INSPIRA to distribute data storage across the network and thus optimise network performance for required transfers. This will be achieved by deploying INSPIRA nodes and caches at network edges, as appropriate, and by INSPIRA-enabling the low-power consumption gateways that control the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure of the city, which also offer limited local storage capacity.
By deploying INSPIRA, that is effectively introducing information-centric delivery without affecting existing IP infrastructure, overall network performance will be likely improved as sensor-generated traffic need no longer go always to the centralised database. Moreover, INSPIRA is expected to increase the ability of the network to gracefully withstand the dynamics of the sensor environment e.g. introduction of sensors in new areas, by allowing flexible network expansion, while exploiting the benefits of hierarchical network designs. INSPIRA-enabled gateways could be placed at any place in the city, gathering information from local sensors and other gateways that are in range.
A trial will evaluate the INSPIRA network and transport mechanisms for their ability to offer flexible and optimal within-network accommodation and delivery of the huge amount of data collected by the city wireless sensor networks located around an urban "superblock". The multi-function sensors (pollution, acoustic, vibration, parking, etc.) located in this zone generate great amount of raw data that nowadays is stored in a database managed by the City Council. The database is totally centralized and as a result the current usage and management of the network is incurred a high cost since all data needs to go through this central point. The deployment of the INSPIRA-enabled gateways will allow to create a mobile and self-healing network infrastructure for collecting data, easily migrated or replicated in different cities.

Research centers, universities and companies from Korea working in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT) and ICT networks are being sought. Especially in the fields of security, integration of IoT heterogeneous networks and the integration of IoT with cloud services.

Call: LEIT-ICT: EUK-02-2016 (IoT Joint Research)
Call deadline: 19/01/16
Deadline for EoIs: 10/12/15
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Research centers, universities and companies working in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT) and ICT networks. Expertise in IoT. Especially in the fields of security, integration of IoT heterogeneous networks and the integration of IoT with cloud services. - IoT security - IoT communications - Cloud IoT Research partners (public or private) also interested in Information Centric Networks (ICN) would be also a plus. Number of Korean partners required: - 1 or 2 research centers and universities specialized in IoT and security (especially if they are interested and/or have expertise on ICN). - 1 Commercial Company in the field of IoT (manufacturer/device vendor). - 1 Commercial Company in the field of IoT (telco operator or large network owner).
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Type and Size of Client:
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Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
Korea, Republic Of


Evaluation Scheme:
Single stage. RIA Research and Innovation action
Anticipated Project Budget:
3 M-Y-euro;
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Deadline for Call:
Funding Scheme:
Collaborative projects
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
INSPIRA (IcN-based Service Platform for IoT-enabled cRoss-domain Applications)