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H2020 EUROSTARS2. Empresa húngara busca un socio informático para desarrollar una herramienta comercial a partir de una aplicación 4Test de pruebas basada en modelos


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme húngara especializada en pruebas y empaquetado de software está preparando una propuesta para la convocatoria H2020 EUROSTARS2. El objetivo de este proyecto de investigación es continuar con el desarrollo de una herramienta 4test de prueba basada en modelos (MBT). Las herramientas MBT mejoran la eficiencia (reducción del 30-60% de los costes) en la generación, mantenimiento y automatización de casos de prueba. La empresa busca una compañía del sector de TI especializada en pruebas y desarrollo de software interesada en colaborar en el proyecto. Su objetivo es continuar con el desarrollo de la herramienta MBT. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 1 de marzo de 2018 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 10 de febrero.


H2020 EUROSTARS2: Hungarian SME is looking for an IT partner to make a commercial tool from free 4Test model-based testing application
A Hungarian SME specialized in software testing and repackaging is preparing a project proposal under H2020 EUROSTARS2. The R-Y-D project is about further developing a Gherkin-based model-based testing (MBT) tool 4Test. The company is looking for a reliable IT company specialized in software testing and software development to join for R-Y-D collaboration. The task is to further develop an MBT tool.
Test design automation is a very important step of reducing life cycle costs and improving software quality. Test design automation is the task of model-based testing tools (MBTs). MBT is considered as the big efficiency booster (30 -60 % cost reduction) for test case generation, maintenance and automation. The existing tools have some disadvantages, which often reduce the willingness to use them on a daily basis. These are as follows:
· learning curve is too long, studies report a 180-hour learning curve on average
· most tools are expensive, some tools are priced from 10.000 Euro/ license/year
· the models are modeling the feature and not the test of the feature (UMLs, Finite State Machines), so the models are rather suitable for developers
· either the number of generated test cases is low and as a consequence the tests are not reliable or the number of test cases is too high leading to a test case set containing superfluous test cases

The team of 4Test addressed all these issues and has developed an efficient and easy to use method and tool:

· the learning curve is short, about 20 hours
· 4Test for one modeler is available free of charge
· models are test models using an extended Gherkin syntax which is very simple to learn and very popular among agile testers
· 4Test generates an optimum number of test cases, based on the model generated by the test designer, hence modelers do not need to choose a test selection criterion
Thus 4Test is a perfect and unique free tool. The company would like to extend it with features which makes the tool very professional and sellable. The new features are:
· Requirement management - models and requirements have to be mapped
· Teamwork - more test modelers are able to work in parallel. Large applications are modelled by more testers. They have to work simultaneously.
· Availability of test execution template - generating test case output for some open source and commercial test execution tools such as Robot Framework, HP Unified Functional Testing, Ranorex, etc. Most commercial tools include automated test execution.
· Connection to test management tools such as TestLink.
· Introducing graphical modelling and test selection criteria. Based on the Gherkin language graphical models will be generated. Applying good test selection criteria for these graphs, reliable test cases can be generated.

The result of the project is the reduction of the total life cycle costs and the higher quality applications.

The Hungarian company is a professional SME in software testing and development. The company is preparing a H2020 EUROSTARS proposal.

The consortium involves three partners. Besides the two SMEs developing the tool, the third involved partner is a larger company making beta test and product validation.

The partner sought has to develop some new features among the ones described in the bullet points. The required programming languages are JavaScript and Java. Software testing knowledge at a service provider level is a significant advantage.

Deadline for EOI: 10 February, 2018.
Deadline for the call: 1 March 2018

Advantages and Innovations:
Nowadays more than half of the software development projects are using Agile methodology. Agile needs team work and adaptation to changes. Current MBT tools are mainly based on UML representations, however Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Agile are contradictory.

So far MBT had limited utilization mainly due to the long learning curve, and to the fact that models are basically development oriented and not test models. In this way models are created by software developers with limited test design skills.

The proposed tool addresses all these issues. The modelling language is extended Gherkin used for agile testing. It is a simple language and after one day learning the tester will be able to use it. The model is a real test model, several testers with no developer skills are currently using it. Equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, state transition testing, and other test design methods are supported by this modelling language. Agile teams can also use 4Test MBT since the model is understandable for every stakeholder.

One critical aspect of MBT is sub-modelling. 4Test modelling language enables a very flexible way of sub-modeling, and in this way supports keyword-driven testing. Simple models are connected and complex test cases are generated from relatively simple models.

4Test is fast. It contains a just in time compiler. During this project the consortium extends this compiler to incremental enabling the generation of 5000 just in time.

A real advantage of this project is the availability of the 4Test tool which is being used by several testers. All of these testers prefer to use this tool as compared to the traditional manual test design.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: SME- IT company - Specific area of activity of the partner: software testing, Java, JavaScript Task to be performed: further development of a Gherkin-based MBT tool
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Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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