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H2020 Fast track to Innovation. Búsqueda de constructoras de viviendas, arquitectos o empresas de gestión de proyectos que participen en proyectos de construcción de edificios nuevos para probar nuevas resistencias calefactoras infrarrojas (IR) ultra delgadas de nuevo diseño


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa británica busca un socio industrial con el fin de participar en un proyecto Fast Track to Innovation, que tiene como objetivo desarrollar y probar resistencias calefactoras infrarrojas (IR) ultra delgadas energéticamente eficientes en aplicaciones domésticas y/o comerciales. El consorcio busca un socio del sector de la construcción interesado en participar en la fase de diseño y posterior instalación de las resistencias calefactoras en viviendas de nueva construcción, edificios modulares o grandes edificios comerciales (hoteles, centros de ocio, etc.). Asimismo busca empresas de gestión de proyectos o estudios de arquitectura que participen en las decisiones durante la fase de diseño de edificios nuevos. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 23 de octubre de 2018 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 31 de agosto.


H2020 Fast track to Innovation: Looking for commercial builders, architects or project management companies involved in new housing/commercial building projects to test new design ultra slim infra-red (IR) panel heaters.
A UK (lead partner) and Dutch company are looking for an industrial partner to join them in Fast Track to Innovation project which is aimed at developing and testing highly energy efficient ultra slim infra-red (IR) panel heaters for domestic and/or commercial applications. The consortium seeks a partner with expertise in construction sector either as a builder or stakeholder such as architects or project developers via research cooperation agreement.
Infrared ("IR") panel heaters have been available for more than 20 years. The vast majority of IR heater panels used in Europe originate from South East Asia and use carbon nano-crystallite ink on copper film conductors. These are generally poorly assembled and of poor reliability.

Critically, that technology is unable to take performance and energy saving further, and is ill-equipped to address the huge commercial/ office potential. Other cheap imported IR panels also appear on the market, made from conventional heater wires ´cast´ inside plasterboard panels. Their fragility of construction limits their suitability for the target new build markets.

In the past few years the UK SME has carried out the research using bespoke metal/metal oxide mixtures to produce unique thick-film surface coatings, directly onto the surface of articles to be heated. As a result they have developed a new technology to produce ultra-slim, infra-red wall and ceiling panel heaters, operating at low voltages (20-30v), to replace both existing infra-red heater technologies and, more importantly, to replace the dominant convection heating technologies, including boiler fed hot-water radiator systems and electric convection heaters. The proposed technology heats very rapidly and uniformly to ~100oC and will address the ever growing need of highly energy efficient buildings or modular housing. The UK company has already filed a combined product/process patent.

The UK and Dutch partner are actively seeking a third partner to join them in the bid. The potential partners should have expertise in the construction sector. The potential partner could be a commercial builder, interested to participate in the design phase, and then support with installation of panel heaters in new build houses, modular buildings or big commercial buildings (hotels, leisure centres etc.)

The consortium is also interested in receiving expression of interest from construction sector stakeholders such as project management companies or architecture firms who can influence decisions at the design stage of new builds.

Deadline for the EoI- 31 Aug 2018
Official deadline for the call- 23 Oct 2018

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Type: Industry Activity -Y- Role of partner: Companies specialised in construction sectors such as commercial builders who can participate in the design phase and then provide support with installation in new builds. Or construction sector stakeholders such as project management companies or architecture firms who can contribute in the design and development phase.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
United Kingdom


Framwork Programme:
Future and Emerging Technologies
Evaluation Scheme:
Single Stage
Anticipated Project Budget:
2 million Euros
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call: