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H2020: ICT-2-2014: Servicios de privacidad e interoperabilidad segura en virtualización de las funciones de red y redes definidas por software (CyBeLaw)


Búsqueda de socios
Un centro de I+D alemán está preparando un proyecto (CyBeLaw) para la próxima convocatoria TIC-2 del programa Horizonte 2020 sobre el liderazgo industrial en infraestructura avanzada de red 5G de internet del futuro. El objetivo es optimizar la explotación de los flujos de información generados por redes definidas por software (SDN). La empresa busca socios en el sector de telecomunicaciones para realizar tareas clave en la implementación de un banco de pruebas de aparatos de internet del futuro.


H2020 DS 2015 1 Project Proposal on Privacy & Trustworthy Interoperability Services on top of Network Function Virtualization and Software-driven Networks (CyBeLaw) is looking for partners in the field of telecommunication
The project proposal was primarily addressed to the H2020 Call ICT-2 related to the pillar of industrial leadership on Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure of the Future Internet.
A German SME operating in the field of ICT is now seeking partners to take over key tasks regarding Future Internet Appliances Test Bed Implementation for the call DS-2015-1: the project proposal aims at optimizing the exploitation of the information flows generated by software-driven Networks (SDN).
The development of scalable and reliable communication infrastructures represents a pivotal element in the governance of future smart cities, smart traffic, smart grids.

A Berlin-based SME operating in the field of telecommunication is working on a project proposal which can be considered as a continuation of the European project "METIS". "METIS" stands for "Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society". The main objective of the project is to lay the foundation of 5G, the next generation of mobile and wireless communications systems.

Solutions for 5G are expected to meet diversity requirements of future services, connectivity support for diverse mobile devices supporting a thousandfold traffic increase, most probably based on the development of the mobile communication standard LTEA (= Long Term Evolution Advanced - LTEA is a major enhancement of the mobile communication standard Long Term Evolution (LTE)).

The METIS scenarios shall demonstrate early consensus on 5G technology-based communication that reflects nowadays' challenges such as very high data rates, very dense user crowds, very low energy costs, a massive number of devices, high mobility or very low latency.

'Privacy' by the CyBeLaw platform will be implemented in a user-friendly way in order to support understandings of how a user's personal data might be exploited and what the economic value is about. The project aims at developing Information Security Indicators (ISI) for measurement purposes. These indicators will enable users:
1. To exercise broad choice on cyber city services provided;
2. To exploit service users' Digital Security Rights respectively Cyber Citizens' Responsibilities;
3. On todays cyber (city) communication platforms, i.e. a sort of "world wide web", users do not have control over what happens with their private data, i.e. there is no verification of passing private data to 3rd parties; thus CyBeLaw platform provides non-valuable assets such as privacy assessment services.

A global CyBeLaw digital rights management platform is underway. First trials and prototypes are planned in order
to demonstrate the feasibility of the project.

The SME is looking for a partner operating in the field of telecommunication who has an experience in 3G, 5G Networks and software-driven networks (SDN).

Deadline for EoI: 27.08.2015
Deadline for the call: 27.08.2015
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The project proposal is compiled as an Innovation Action contributing to large scale operational deployment of Network Function Virtualization and Software-driven Networks (NFV/SDN) based technology in Europe by 2020.

The platform CyBeLaw is a CiAO-middleware (CiAO = Cyber Citizen Authentic Operation Platform) - that means a software that enables communication and management of data on top of the (5G) network infrastructure. This platform will provide trustworthy interoperability across multiple operational domains, networks and data centers.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: SME&Industry R&D in the field of telecommunication - Specific area of activity of the partner: Future Internet (FI), Smart Cities, Middleware platforms - Task to be performed by the partner sought: Future Internet Appliances Test Bed Implementation - Size: medium to large - Experience: 3G, 5G networks, Software-driven Networks (SDN) The company expects partners from the technical and application domain who want to play an active role in the deployment of FI-technology or on top social networks, smart city communities. They are looking for partners who might be interested in a research cooperation agreement. The CyBeLaw project proposal includes 7 work packages: 1) Project management and controlling 2) Smart data aggregation and SDN network management 3) Privacy enforcement strategy for middleware services 4) Secure data exchange use cases for smart city appliances 5) Security and trust managment with Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) 6) Pilots of entrepreneurial development & privacy exploitation 7) User advisory board of CiAO middleware use case demonstrator
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Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
Korea, Republic Of


Evaluation Scheme:
Innovation Action
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Funding Scheme:
Collaborative projects
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
CyBeLaw - CYber Citizen Governance Achieving Trustworthy BEhaviour and LAWful Interception