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H2020 (Instrumento Pyme fase 1): Búsqueda de socios para actividades de investigación en biología de tumores de cáncer cerebral y suministro de información anónima de pacientes sobre glioblastomas multifocales


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa rumana está preparando una propuesta para la convocatoria Instrumento Pyme fase 1 del programa H2020, dentro del tema "Acelerando la introducción al mercado de soluciones TIC para la salud, el bienestar y el buen envejecimiento". La empresa busca centros de I+D con el fin de llevar a cabo actividades de investigación sobre procesos biológicos de evolución y recurrencia de tumores de cáncer cerebral y ofrecer información anónima de pacientes sobre glioblastomas multifocales. El objetivo es desarrollar una plataforma avanzada de eSalud oncológica.


H2020: SMEInst Phase1 - R-Y-D partners thought for research activities in brain cancer tumor biology and provision of anonymized patient data about multifocal glioblastomas
The Romanian company is preparing a project proposal under the call H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1, topic "Accelerating market introduction of ICT solutions for Health, Well-Being and Ageing Well". The company seeks R-Y-D entities to take over research activities within biological processes of evolution and recurrence of high grade brain cancer tumors and/or provide anonymous patient data about glioblastomas. The aim of the project is to develop advanced Oncological eHealth platform.
The Romanian company designs, develops and markets advanced Software as Service - modules for measurement and prognosis of progression and recurrence of high grade cancer tumors.
These web-based modules are integrated with an Oncological eHealth Platform and only work with non-invasive methods for gathering data. They are meant for clinics of radiology, hospitals, practitioners and researchers. Alerts and reporting are two of the most challenging aspects of medical oncology and the company´s software modules are distinguished from competition by their sophisticated algorithms, interfaces, scalability, ease of modification and an increased power of alerting and reporting mechanisms. The SaaS-modules (Software as a Service) are infrastructure independent, which means they can be used in the same way for all kind of infrastructure (Siemens, Philips, GE, Varian, etc.).

One of the services covered by the project is dedicated to high grade brain cancer tumors (Glioblastoma Multifome - GBM). Gliomas, which originate in glial cells that support and protect neurons, account for about 70% of brain cancers.
The partners requested should give a biological and mathematical fundament to the cell-level processes, involved in the evolution and recurrence of multiform glioblastomas. The outcome of the service requested, which will be an unified model (invasive+dormant+patient), will be converted into an informational model that governs the software component and that way the SaaS-module will be able to process the input data (MRI-, and other type of data) giving the prediction of evolution and recurrence of the cancer tumor.
Deadline for EoIs is 2016-01-31 and call deadline is 2016-05-03.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: R-Y-D - Specific area of activity of the partner: 1. brain cancer tumor cell biology; or 2. radiology - Field of expertise/experience: 1. invasive, dormant, patient models or 2. scanning of high grade gliomas. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: 1. Research with dormant and patient models regarding multifocal glioblastomas or 2. Providing the company with anonymized patient data about multifocal glioblastomas.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:



Evaluation Scheme:
two-stages: Phase 1 and 2
Anticipated Project Budget:
250.000 -Y-euro;
Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration:
Project title and Acronym:
Oncological eHealth Platform