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H2020-NMBP-10-2016 URGENTE: Nanogeles de insulina (NG-In) para el tratamiento de la enfermedad de Alzheimer (InsuLATe). Búsqueda de socios industriales en el sector farmacéutico


Búsqueda de socios
Un equipo de investigación italiano va a presentar una propuesta como coordinador con el objetivo de diseñar un sistema de nanogel (NG) para administrar insulina al cerebro, que se utiliza como herramienta para el desarrollo de un nuevo tratamiento contra la enfermedad de Alzheimer (AD). Se buscan socios industriales y laboratorios de investigación para probar los nanogeles en un modelo de ratón de la enfermedad de Alzheimer in vivo y sus efectos contra la patología. El socio buscado debe ofrecer un spray nasal para administrar el medicamento. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 8 de diciembre.


H2020-NMBP-10-2016 URGENT Insulin-loaded nanogels (NG-In) for Alzheimer´s disease therapy - InsuLATe- research and industrial partners, in the pharmaceutical field are sought
An Italian research team will submit as coordinator under H2020 a proposal whose main idea is the design of a nanogel (NG) system to deliver insulin to the brain, as a tool for the development of a new therapy for Alzheimer´s Disease (AD). It looks for industrial partners and research labs able to test the nanogels in vivo AD mouse models and their effects against the pathology. The industrial partner sought should also be able to propose a nasal spray formulation for the drug administration.
An Italian research centre specialized in biomolecular aggregation and self-assembly of biomolecules for different applications, as well as structural and dynamic properties of soft materials, such as solutions and gels, intends to submit a proposal as lead partner under the framework program Horizon 2020 for the call NMBP-10-2016, with a two stage evaluation scheme and type of action RIA Research and Innovation action.
A growing body of evidence shows the protective role of insulin in Alzheimer´s disease (AD). The main idea of the present proposal is the design of a nanogel system (NG) to deliver insulin to the brain, as a tool for the development of a new therapy for Alzheimer´s Disease (AD). Insulin-loaded nanogel (NG-In) system should be able to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and used as main component of a nasal spray for achieving neuro-protection and bypass the bloodstream to avoid hypoglycemic effects due to the insulin administration. Tests should be performed on transgenic AD mouse model to verify the effects of the insulin treatment. The NG-In system should also be loaded with a detectable molecule with the aim of study the biodistribution of the new formulation by in vivo imaging analysis. Histological studies will allow to determine the affect of the NG-In administration on the brain of the AD mouse. Furthermore, behavioral experiments will determine the effects of the formulation on the cognitive impairment due to AD pathology. Finally, information about the elimination of nanoparticles should be studied.
The proposer is looking for research and industrial partners, especially in the pharmaceutical field, in any EC countries, either small or medium-sized, to be involved in the testing and experimentation phase.

Deadline for expressions of interest is the 27 of November 2015.
The call deadline is 8 December 2015.
The project duration is 36 months
Advantages and Innovations:
More than 25 million people in the world today are affected by dementia, most suffering from Alzheimer´s disease. In both developed and developing nations, Alzheimer´s disease has had tremendous impact on the affected individuals, caregivers, and society. The etiological factors, other than older age and genetic susceptibility, remain to be determined. The discovery of a new therapy against the disease in addition to permit a better lifestyle to the patients and their relatives can strongly reduce the economic impact of the disease.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Research lab able to perform in vivo experiment on transgenic AD mouse model (such as, for example, behavioral experiments) to determine the cognitive impairment degree after NG-In administration. Industrial partner from pharmaceutical sector to co-develop the new drug and prepare the nasal spay formulation containing the insulin-loaded nanogels.
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R-Y-D Institution
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Insulin-loaded nanogels (NG-In) for Alzheimer´s disease therapy - InsuLATe