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H2020-SC1-PM-15-2017: Búsqueda de pymes y centros de I+D con experiencia en alzhéimer


Búsqueda de socios
Una universidad española va a presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria H2020-SC1-PM-15-2017 (Entrenamiento personalizado para el bienestar y cuidado de personas envejeciendo). El objetivo es mejorar la respuesta cognitiva y la interacción y comunicación entre los pacientes con alzhéimer y sus cuidadores. La universidad busca pymes y centros de I+D con el fin de completar el consorcio. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 31 de enero de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 30 de diciembre de 2016.


H2020-SC1-PM-15-2017. SME and R-Y-D centre experts in Alzheimer are being sought
A Spanish university is willing to submit a H2020-SC1-PM-15-2017 (Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age) project proposal. The aim of the project is to improve the cognitive response and the communicative interaction in Alzheimer patients with their caregivers. SME and R-Y-D centre are being sought to fulfil the consortium.
The main objective of this project is to analyze whether several prosodic strategies can improve the cognitive response and the communicative interaction between the Alzheimer´s disease patients (AD) and their caregivers. The study aims at assessing how a variety of instructions delivered with different prosodic variations is cognitively processed by patients to enhance their attention, motivation, comprehension, and emotional mood.

Some communication guidelines have been recommended to improve the interaction between Alzheimer patients and their caregivers. Prosody (the way to speak using intonation, stress and speech rate) has been only recently studied as a new way to diagnose the disease or with the aim at recognizing emotions. However, there are not studies for analyzing whether Alzheimer patients are sensitive to prosody variations and, if so, whether the ways in which caregivers speak to them may improve their communicative interaction. Therefore, the goal is to study if these prosody strategies can improve attention, motivation, comprehension and emotional mood of these patients to ultimately enhance their quality of life.

To do this, a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied. The qualitative methods will assess the caregivers needs and impressions about their relationship with patients. The quantitative ones will measure the cognitive response of AD patients. First, with the psychophysiological response, the attention, activation and emotional of the participants will be analized. Secondly, a videogame will measure motivation and comprehension based on different tasks. If the AD patients respond to prosody, the results of this study may serve to implement an Alzheimer´s Caregiver Training.

An experienced university in EU projects with expertise in the field of communication and psychology will be the leader of the project and is looking for SME and R-Y-D centres to complete the consortium and carry out the project.

H2020-SC1-PM-15-2017: Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age
Call deadline 31/01/2017
Deadline for EoIs: 30/12/2016

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
SME and research centre are being sought within the Alzheimer, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and technology field of expertise. The tasks to be performed should be: - Patient recruitment - Alzheimer evaluation - Run the experiment (cross-cultural) - Technical implement of the video game to evaluate the disease - Training in prosody skills Looking for non-Spanish partners.
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RIA Research and Innovation action (single stage)
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Prosody variations for improving the cognitive response and the communicative interaction in Alzheimer patients with their caregivers