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H2020 (SC6-co-creation-2016-2): Empresa alemana de informática busca administraciones públicas y compañías de TI con el fin de desarrollar un proyecto de éxito en el programa H2020


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa alemana del sector de TI está participando en un proyecto del programa H2020 sobre el principio de solo una vez (OOP) en administraciones públicas. La empresa busca administraciones públicas interesadas en presentar sus soluciones o aprender de buenas prácticas exitosas, así como compañías especializadas en servicios de TI que intercambien experiencias sobre las oportunidades y limitaciones del principio de solo una vez. El plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza en octubre de 2018.


H2020 (SC6-co-creation-2016-2): German IT company is looking for public administrations and IT service companies for successful H2020 project
A German IT company is participating in a successfully funded Horizon 2020 project on the Once-Only Principle (OOP) in public administrations. The project has already started, but is looking for additional partners to be integrated in the wider project community. The project is looking for public administrations wishing to showcase their solutions or to learn from successful best practices and for IT service companies that can share experiences on chances and barriers to OOP.
Many public administrations require their citizens to provide the same information every time they need administrative services. The Once-Only Principle (OOP) seeks to make sure that public administrations can can re-use citizens´ data, while respecting privacy and data protection rules, and thus make life easier for citizens by avoiding the need for continued data entry.

The aim of this Horizon 2020-funded research project is to bring together practitioners from public administrations, researchers and the interested public in order to jointly advance the discussion about the Once-Only Principle. The project will contribute to effective knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing, and development of future solutions based on the OOP.

The consortium currently consists of two IT companies, a university, a research centre and a think tank. As part of the project, a wider Stakeholder Community is currently being established. The project is seeking the following additional community partners to take part in this stakeholder community and thus contribute to the expert discussion on the Once-Only Principle:

1. Public administrations that want to highlight best-practice cases in implementing or relying on the OOP.

2. IT service companies that want to discuss opportunities and barriers to implementing the OOP.

Partners in the stakeholder community will not receive any direct funding, but will have their travel costs reimbursed if they participate in project workshops and events across Europe.

Partners in the stakeholder community also get access to restricted areas of the project website, where they can find a database of OOP cases and online discussions.

The projects runs under the Horizon 2020 programme, and has a duration of 24 months.

As the project is already funded, there is no call deadline. The deadline for Expressions of Interest is the end of the project duration, i.e. October 2018.
Advantages and Innovations:
The once-only principle aims at eliminating the administrative burden when citizens are required to provide the same information again and again to public administrations. Instead, public administrations should have the means to re-use information already supplied by citizens in a transparent and secure way.

When the once-only principle is widely applied, it significantly reduces the administrative burden on citizens. Also, citizens gain better control over their information when it is provided to public administrations only once. Moreover, it helps public administrations work faster, more transparently and efficiently.
Stage of Development:
Project already started

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The project is looking for two different types of partners to join its stakeholder community: 1. Public administrations. These should either highlight their own experiences in implementing the OOP, or be willing to learn from best practices from other regions and municipalities. 2. IT service companies. These should provide expertise on digital barriers to the implementation of the OOP, but also offer best practice examples and opportunities of the OOP. By joining the stakeholder community, partners can participate in project events, have their travel costs reimbursed and get access to the restricted area of the project website.
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Industry 250-499
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