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H2020 - SEAC - 2014/15: Podcast como herramienta digital para ciencias


Búsqueda de socios
Una fundación científica griega está desarrollando un podcast para educación secundaria que utiliza tecnología avanzada y principios educativos en una biblioteca. El proyecto se presentará a la convocatoria H2020 - SEAC - 2014/15, con fecha límite el 16 de septiembre de 2015. Se buscan un museo de ciencia o tecnología con biblioteca o departamento de educación (o bien una biblioteca de ciencia/tecnología), un departamento de educación/pedagogía y un investigador que innove en tecnologías de análisis de audio.


H2020 - SEAC - 2014/15: The podcast as a science media tool
A Greek scientific foundation is developing a searchable podcast archive for secondary education, utilizing modern technology and educational principles in a library. The project will be under the call of H2020 - SEAC - 2014/15, deadline at 16/9/2015. Three partners are sought. A science or technology museum with a library or education department or a science/technology library. A pedagogical/educational department or organization. A research partner that can innovate in audio analysis.
A very well established Greek scientific foundation with over 60 years of experience is interested in proposing a project under the H2020: SEAC 1.2014.2015 call with deadline at 16/9/2015. The aim is to develop a DIY (do-it-yourself) audio toolset for teachers and students of secondary education (utilizing podcast recording solutions and voice recognition methods for authentication) and a library archive for storing and discovery. The purpose of the project is to make scientific and technological careers attractive to young students through the familiarization of science media tools and techniques, linking creativity and science. Through the right incentives, education, tools and challenges, students will investigate science and its people, building a voice of their own, recording it for widespread and future use, learning the impact and severity of responsible research ethics and integrity actions. The choice of modern technology mediums like the podcast -with a growing user-base according to iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify- are relevant to the younger peoples' generation, offering them the opportunity to spread their work to other students and people, beyond their location, while preserve their findings, in time. A UK medium company, with knowledge in interviewing, podcasting and dissemination has been already involved in the project.

The absence of Science podcast archives in Greek libraries and generally in Europe was what triggered the Greek foundation to propose this project, in an effort to not only create an archive -where podcasts could be stored- but also incentivize students and educators to create podcasts and save them for use by other people far away in location or in time.

The main activities will include requirement analysis and strategy definition; research on technological solutions for the implementation of the audio toolset, authentication and semantic analysis; archive design & building; educational training material; responsible research activities; hands-on training in podcasting methods; pilots and outreach actions.

H2020 - SEAC - 2014/15: Innovative ways to make science education and scientific careers attractive to young people
Call deadline: 27/08/2015
The internal deadline for expression of interest is 31st July 2015.
Advantages and Innovations:
The innovations of the project consists in the followings:

· Partnership of ICT & Science Educational institutions (libraries, schools, academic or research institutions, etc.) for the design of the model.
· Research for content authentication in audio, recognition of copyright infringement (already implemented for text but not yet for audio) and audio semantic analysis for taxonomy purposes
· Application of contemporary methods of teaching and learning through collaboration
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Expertise is sought in:

1) Information Literacy
2) New Pedagogical methods
3) Audio analysis

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Three partners are sought for the project. A science or technology museum with a library or education department or a science/technology library. This partner will involve in the implementation of the audio toolset, authentication and semantic analysis; archive design & building. Additionally a pedagogical/educational department or organization is sought. The role of this partner will be to prepare the educational training material, also responsible for research activities and contributing in hands-on training in podcasting methods. The third partner sought is a research partner that can innovate in audio analysis for: - verifying the suitability of the podcast(audio/video) content (ie. bad language ) - semantic analysis for taxonomy purposes and cross referencing - copyright infringement check - sentiment analysis - summarisation - recaping
Type of Partnership Considered:


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Evaluation Scheme:
Single Stage
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