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H2020: Uso simbiótico de agua. Búsqueda de sitio de demostración o usuario final


Búsqueda de socios
Una pyme italiana que trabaja con una red de investigadores y socios industriales procedentes de España, Italia y Dinamarca especializados en tecnologías avanzadas de tratamiento de aguas industriales o domésticas está preparando un proyecto para la convocatoria H2020 CIRC-2-2016-2017. El objetivo es desarrollar un sistema de uso simbiótico de agua y utilización de fuentes hídricas de diferentes redes, empezando por tecnologías existentes (TRL6). La empresa busca un lugar de pruebas/sitio piloto, preferiblemente un complejo industrial o comercial, o un pequeño distrito. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 7 de marzo de 2017.


H2020: Symbiotic use of water. Demo site / End user needed
An Italian SME connected to a network of research and industry partners each offering advanced water treatment technologies suited to treat industrial/domestic water, is preparing a H2020 CIRC-2-2016-2017 project aimed at developing a system for symbiotic use of water and use of sources of water different from mains,starting from existing technologies (TRL6).The SME is looking for a test ground/pilot site, ideally industrial or commercial complex, or a small district.
An Italian company connected to a network of research and industry partners from Spain, Italy and Denmark each offering advanced water treatment technologies (suited to treat industrial/domestic water with recalcitrant, difficult to treat pollutants and microbial contamination at small scale) is preparing a H2020 project:
- subcall CIRC-2-2016-2017 Project (Water in the context of the circular economy. (b) Towards the next generation of water systems and services; large scale demonstration projects (IA)). The deadline for first stage applications is 07 March 2017.

The project is aimed at developing a system for symbiotic use of water and use of sources of water different from mains,starting from existing technologies (TRL6).The SME is looking for a test ground/pilot site, ideally industrial or commercial complex, or a small district.

The available treatment technologies include:
· direct electric discharges in water and other advanced oxidation processes for water sterilisation,
· advanced photocatalysis to enhance the biodegradability of emerging and recalcitrant pollutants,
· nanofiltration to retain most of the common organic pollutants and to reduce the concentration of polyvalent ions in water,
· solar-photo-Fenton-AOP used to completely mineralize the organic pollutants,
· photocatalytic nanoporous adsorbent module e.g. for removal of mixtures of different dyes,
· microwaves for the removal of persistent organic pollutants.

Each technology is developed in modules that can be combined to best suit the type of pollution and the expected level of water purity requested as an output, with recovery of valuable compounds where possible.

The ideal application of this suite of technologies is the use of alternative sources of water. Mains water is often of higher standards than required by the users (e.g. drinking water for washing of non-food plants), so it is over engineered. Often, other sources of water are locally available, collected rain water, wastewaters from nearby users (e.g. grey water from domestic use), small wells, too expensive water to be treated in large volumes, like brackish waters.
Furthermore, in a symbiotic approach, other water users are available and might be able to use any waste water that might not be recyclable within the plant, including agriculture.

So there is an opportunity not only to seek out the closest water source to be treated exactly right for the needs but also the closest user of those water flows that cannot be used internally.
In an integrated water management system, wastewater can be treated to become the feed of a nearby factory or as irrigation water, while respecting the current regulations and standards.

The ideal test ground and demonstration pilot that the company is looking for is a cluster of companies located in the same area, an industrial or commercial complex, or even a small city district where water resources are used for different applications and where water used for one application could be treated and re-used for a different purpose. For example, cooling water from a biomass power plant could be used by a nearby industrial laundry; organic compounds rich (or enriched through concentration processes) water would benefit local cultivations providing both nutrients and irrigation.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The company is looking for: 1. a local authority interested in implementing a symbiotic use of water in a mixed use district (dwellings/industry/retail) or technology park 2. Manager of large mixed use development 3. Housing/urban regeneration developers The company is looking for a consortium already working on this call or a project coordinator.
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Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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two stages
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