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InnoEnergy Investment Round. Búsqueda de socio en el campo de fotónica u óptica


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa alemana del sector óptico busca un socio comercial, industrial o académico en Europa con el fin de completar un consorcio para un proyecto de Investment Round 2018 de InnoEnergía y lanzar una nueva tecnología de medición eólica al mercado. La empresa ha desarrollado una tecnología única para medir de forma remota la velocidad de partículas y objetos con un grado de precisión inalcanzable hasta ahora. El sistema envía un haz láser pulsado. La luz se refleja en pequeñas partículas y el sistema óptico detecta la luz retrodispersada, modula la señal y recibe información de la velocidad lateral de las partículas. La empresa busca socios de los sectores de fotónica u óptica con amplia experiencia en el desarrollo y producción de láseres personalizados, ya que el objetivo del proyecto es desarrollar un láser especial. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 4 de octubre de 2018 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 15 de septiembre.


InnoEnergy Investment Round: Project partner in the field of photonics or optics sought
In order to complete the consortia for a project in the Investment Round 2018 by InnoEnergy, a German company active in the optical branch is looking for a European partner from the commercial, industrial or academic sector, interested in bringing a new technology for wind measurements to the market. Partners should work in the fields of photonics or optics.
Currently, the German precision engineering company focused on R-Y-D develops a unique measurement technology to remotely measure the velocity of particles and objects with a level of accuracy that was previously unattainable. The system sends out one pulsed laser beam. The light reflects on little particles, the optical system detects the backscattered light, modulates the signal and receives the information about the lateral velocity of the particles.

The first product is a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) device which is able to detect speed and direction of aerosols, and thereby of the wind, in different heights up to 200 m. This data holds the opportunity for a vertical wind profile in high resolution. The advantage to conventional Wind-LiDAR-systems is the drastic reduction of the sample volume. In fact, the company´s measurement technique enables remote point measurements of the horizontal wind speed for the first time for commercial purpose.

For a common InnoEnergy project which will bring a new LiDAR technology for wind measurements to the market the German company is looking for partners. These may be from the commercial, industrial or academic sector, specialised in photonics or optics. So far the members of the project consortia are the company itself as the innovator. Furthermore, the subsidiary of a big German energy supplier as a first customer or "early adopter". Two more partners are a well-established German research institute as well as a private company who are going to join the project as associated partners, especially for data evaluation and verification.

The requested partner in the fields of photonics should have profound know-how in the development and production of customized lasers, as the project aims to construct a special laser. For building a telescope that must detect very weak light reflections and focus on the sensor for the intended wavelength, a company from the optical industry is sought.

The innovative aspect of the project can be described as follows: The first device based on the core technology will allow highly precise measurements of the wind velocity in every class of terrain. It combines the advantages of remote sensing technology (easy to deploy, no permits, height) with the accuracy of a point measurement of a traditional met mast on location. With taller turbines, the wind industry is moving to more and more complex terrains. The lateral LiDAR technology makes it possible to assess these sites. This minimizes the financial risk of multimillion investments in wind park project.

InnoEnergy is member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technolog (EIT) Community, an integral part of Horizon 2020. InnoEnergy´s goal is to make a positive impact on sustainable energy in Europe, by creating future game changers with a different mind-set, and bringing innovative products, services and successful companies to life.
InnoEnergy develops its activities across a network of offices located in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Sweden. More than 150 partners contribute to InnoEnergy´s activities, forming a first class and dynamic network that is always open to new entrants. The company´s 27 shareholders are committed to a 7 year industrial plan in which they pledge to mobilize -Y-euro;700 million of resources during the period 2011-2015 alone. InnoEnergy is financially supported by the EIT and, while a profit-oriented company, has a "not for dividend" financial strategy, reinvesting all its profits back into the organization´s activities. In the funding program, past research costs (must be related to the topic of the intended project) can also be claimed and thus the individual funding rate can rise significantly above the regular 25%.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 15th of September 2018, as the German company is planning to submit the proposal at the cut-off date 4th of October 2018.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Tasks for missing partners, especially for companies from the fields of photonics or optics could be: Photonics: Due to the high demands on the laser, the company is aiming for the construction of a special laser. Therefore the company is looking for a partner, specialized in the development and production of customized lasers. Optics: The optical receiving unit, in particular the telescope, must detect very weak light reflections and focus on the sensor for the intended wavelength. Therefore, a company able to design a built such a device would be warmly welcome. Final responsibilities must be defined during the process.
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