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Propuesta ERASMUS+: Búsqueda de socios especializados en producción, armonización, certificación y comercialización de superalimentos


Búsqueda de socios
Un centro griego de aprendizaje y formación profesional está preparando una propuesta ERASMUS+ sobre la sostenibilidad en el sector agroalimentario y, en particular, sobre la estandarización de superalimentos. El objetivo del proyecto es innovar en la gestión de la cadena agroalimentaria para mejorar la sostenibilidad del sector haciendo hincapié en los aspectos socioeconómicos cruciales. El centro busca socios especializados en producción, certificación y comercialización de superalimentos. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 29 de marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 13 de marzo. El proyecto tendrá una duración de 24 meses.


ERASMUS + proposal: partners related to production, harmonisation, certification and commercialisation of superfoods
Greek vocational training and lifelong learning centre is preparing an ERASMUS+ proposal related to sustainability in the agro-food sector and in particular the standardisation of superfoods. The project proposed is specifically aimed at innovation in and management of the agro-food chain in order to increase sustainability of the agro-food sector through emphasising crucial socio-economic aspects. Partners related to production, certification and commercialisation are welcome.
A Greek vocational training and lifelong learning centre is preparing a project to examine how green label certified organic or fair-trade agro-food standards for herbs, as well as agricultural products of high-nutritional value called super-foods (such as hippophae l., quinoa, kale, garlic) are modified as they are brought into harmony with ISO norms. It will also investigate how agro-food certifications will create new opportunities for the production of high-quality agricultural products, while satisfying customer confidence and protecting consumers´ interests.
The mission is to make agro-foods socially productive and welfare-oriented, to create partnering relationships of trust, integrity, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to provide the widest selection of healthy, natural and organic speciality food products of the highest quality. Of equal importance is to encourage the maintenance of consistently high in-stock service levels, dependable on-time deliveries, highly competitive pricing, and outstanding marketing programs and services. Agro-food innovation and management of the agro-food chain need to be sustained by improving socio-economic aspects, such as youth employment, and training, as well as improved levels of information and communication channels. The project will focus on particular target groups such as cattle breeders and farmers, food machine manufacturers, agro-food system producers, as well as logistics service providers and trade professionals.
Correct certification is also one of the fundamental tools to establish control in the production, processing and transportation of food, both at national and international level. This project is aimed at enhancing the strategic role of certification bodies (both public and private), in order to facilitate the co-ordination of the agro-food value chain between producers and final customers, who are interested in having a clear view on the production, processing and packaging of the food they consume. The green label logo plays a significant role for a product´s sustainability and sale as well as for the final consumer´s satisfaction and trust. In Europe, the EU organic logo guarantees that the product in question complies with the common European organic food standards. Consumers buying products bearing this logo can be confident that at least 95% of the product´s ingredients have been organically produced, the product complies with the rules of the official inspection scheme, the product has come directly from the producer or preparer in a sealed package and that the product bears the name of the producer, the preparer or vendor and the name or code of the inspection body. The hope is that in the long term the EU logo will be able to address such issues.

Programme: ERASMUS+ KA2 "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices", "Strategic partnerships in the field of Education -Y- Training"
Official deadline of Call: 29 March 2017
Deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI): 13 March 2017
Anticipated duration of project: 24 months
Consortium composition so far: the project proposer is currently in negotiation with an SME producer of organic food and the agricultural faculty of a university.

The Greek vocational training centre is looking for partners to include in the consortium, as follows:-

Agricultural associations for product sales training and training on product sustainability, and establishment of certified producer cluster.

Organic food producer associations for modern marketing training and quality-based production strategy.

Chambers of commerce to support project promotion and consumer awareness.

Agricultural certification centers for basic certification training.

Agro-food and organic food producers for creation of a quality image and creation of catalogue of innovative technologies.
SME certification providers for group visits on certified agricultural structures.
Advantages and Innovations:
The innovative aspect of this project is that it specifically focuses on youth entrepreneurship in the agro-food sector. It has been noticed that young people are making a shift towards the agro-food sector due to the economic crisis in Europe, which has limited their job opportunities. Therefore, special focus will be given to youth entrepreneurship in agriculture Young people are seen as being open-minded and resourceful, with a strong inclination towards innovation and the use of new technologies, which are qualities that are considered to be of great importance to entrepreneurship. Young people who would like to get involved in the agricultural sector and especially in agro-food, are invited to participate in the project in order to understand this specific sector, to be trained in the functioning of value chains and the diversity of stakeholders, as well as to reduce the existing gap between the new and the old generations in agro-food production and processing, resulting from the increased and consistent use of new technologies and ICT. Furthermore, this project aims to provide customised advice and disseminate the right information on specific topics of importance (product certification, food processing and packaging) to interested parties such as cattle breeders, food machines manufacturers, agro-food system producers, logistics and trade professionals.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Target partners sought:- - SMEs producers of agro-food and organic food - SMEs with knowledge and experience in certification of agricultural processes - agricultural associations - organic food producer associations - agricultural certification centers - chambers of commerce. Specific area of activity: Expertise in agro-food sector (especially organic products and superfoods), and in particular certification, sustainability, new production technologies, innovative sales and marketing strategies. Tasks to be performed:- - training of agricultural producers on sales sector aiming to gain knowledge on how they will succeed and raise their products sales - training on agro-food products sustainability - establishment of a cluster of certified agricultural producers - training of agricultural producers on successful modern marketing strategies - quality-based production strategy - promotion of project to their members - awareness of consumers about quality and sustainability of products - professional training of agricultural producers aimed at an understanding of the basic certification terms and standards - certification process for 5 SMEs from each participating country - creation of a quality image by setting a series of (internal) norms covering aspects from packaging to product content - creation of a catalogue with innovative technologies in agro-food sector - organization of group visits related to certified agricultural structures.
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Evaluation Scheme:
Proposals are assessed by the national or executive agency receiving the application, exclusively on the basis of the criteria described in the programme guide.
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Harmonization -Y- Certification of superfoods SuperGREENLABELFoods