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Propuesta ERASMUS+: Búsqueda de universidades, industrias creativas, museos, etc. para concienciar a los jóvenes sobre el patrimonio cultural y diálogo intercultural


Búsqueda de socios
Un centro griego de formación busca socios interesados en presentar una propuesta ERASMUS+ para preservar el patrimonio cultural mediante el diálogo intercultural y sensibilizar a los jóvenes. El objetivo es promover la diversidad cultural y el diálogo intercultural sensibilizando a los jóvenes que estudian Humanidades y ayudarles a ser más creativos a la vez que aprenden sobre su civilización. El centro busca facultades de Humanidades, organismos del sector de la industria creativa y otras organizaciones orientadas a la cultura, como museos y exposiciones de arte. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 29 de marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 13 de marzo. El proyecto tendrá una duración de 100 semanas.


ERASMUS+ proposal: partners (universities, creative industries, museums, etc.) related to enhancing awareness of cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue in young people.
Greek lifelong learning centre seeks partners to join an ERASMUS+ proposal related to safeguarding cultural heritage through intercultural dialogue and awareness-raising in young people. Expressions of interest are invited from relevant universities faculties (arts, culture), organisations active in creative industries sector, and other cultural-oriented organisations such as museums, large arts exhibitions.
A Greek lifelong learning centre is preparing a project to promote cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through awareness-raising of young people who are already studying arts in order to help them to be more creative, while learning about their civilization. The proposal also aims to encourage citizens to become actively involved in the safeguarding of Europe´s heritage for present and future generations.
Cultural heritage enriches the individual lives of citizens. It is a driving force for the cultural and creative sectors, and plays a role in creating and enhancing Europe´s social capital. It is also an important resource for economic growth, employment and social cohesion, offering the potential to revitalize urban and rural areas, and promote sustainable tourism. Therefore it is necessary to find ways to make citizens, and more especially young people, aware and to encourage them to come together with other cultures to enhance cultural diversity.

This project is in keeping with the European Commission Recommendation 2011/711/EU on the digitization and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation, adopted for the widest possible re-use of cultural material, by contributing to the creation of platforms to facilitate greater online accessibility.

The project proposes the organisation of cultural exchange programmes to expose students to people from different cultural, religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and thus provides the opportunity for students to develop a greater understanding of diversity around Europe. Furthermore, the organization of a variety of cultural events promoting the local and national culture will be a chance to encourage and motivate local citizens to obtain information about their cultural heritage and history. There will also be the opportunity to contribute to increased visibility of Europe´s values and different cultures. In addition, artists from the participating countries will be invited to co-organize art exhibitions in order to showcase their national culture as a means to foster the mobility and visibility of artists around Europe.

The project will focus on the following activities:-
- specialised art and history training seminars
- cultural exchange events
- language exchange visits
- local sports events (such as bicycle party)
- creation of web-based platform for exchange and sharing
- social activities
- movie nights.

Programme: ERASMUS+ KA2 "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices", "Strategic partnerships in the field of Education -Y- Training"
Official deadline of Call: 29 March 2017
Deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI): 13 March 2017
Anticipated duration of project: 100 weeks

The Greek client is looking for partners to include in the consortium, as follows:-
- universities with fine arts / history / cultural heritage faculties
- organisations / companies from creative industries sector
- other cultural-oriented organisations such as museums, large arts exhibitions.
Advantages and Innovations:
The project is in keeping with Article 3.3. of the Lisbon Treaty, which states that "The Union shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and [...] ensure that Europe´s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced".

This project idea will ensure and support cultural diversity by inviting cultural creators, artists and cultural curators to participate and co-organize cultural events (like exhibitions, workshops or other types of events). The aim is to create a platform for the presentation and exchange of different approaches to cultural issues from different countries, while promoting the national culture of each country. Particular emphasis will be put on sports culture, as this is a popular way to learn the culture of a country. Not only will it assist young people, who are studying fine arts and history of arts, to develop new skills and extend their knowledge, it will motivate cultural heritage trainers to learn about and apply new guidelines for cultural training aimed at reaching a wider audience. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) will be a high priority through the creation of a public access cultural web platform, where artists and curators coming from the participating countries will be able to publish and promote their artwork and artefacts, as well as their region´s cultural events. The focus will be on inviting as wide an audience as possible to find information and exchange their cultural experiences.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
The Greek client is looking for partners to include in the consortium, as follows:- - universities with fine arts / history / cultural heritage faculties - organisations / companies from creative industries sector - other cultural-oriented organisations such as museums, large arts exhibitions. Specific area of activity: Expertise in cultural heritage, creative industries (particularly internet-based technologies for online promotion and information exchange), intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity. Tasks to be provided and activities to be performed:- - preparation and organization of a massive open online course about the cultural history of the participating countries - creation of a lexicon with cultural terms of each participating area - creation of a web-platform for sharing cultural experiences and creating new job opportunities - organization of large-scale multi-disciplinary exhibition including work created by students coming from different countries - visits to special interest culture exhibits or monuments. - exchange of good practices between young people coming from different countries in order to gain experience in different approaches to cultural issues - training seminars about art history - organization of memorable cultural exchange experiences (including local food recipes-dishes, traditional music festivals, local museum free visits, workshop for reading of and discussion on famous classic literature) - language exchanges, as excellent way to make friends and brush up on language skills - volunteering in local events (cultural or sports or charity) - co-operation and exchange for involvement in academic holiday activities - development of a web-platform where students coming from different participating countries can interact with each other, sharing their country´s culture and traditions - organization of social activities - hosting of a bicycle party as an innovative way to visit a host city at a leisurely pace - organization of (themed) movie nights - organized participation in official sports activities as an entertaining and educational way to experience a national sports culture.
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Evaluation Scheme:
Proposals are assessed by the national or executive agency receiving the application, exclusively on the basis of the criteria described in the programme guide.
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Introducing culturAl diveRsity of European Cities To Youth InART2DiverCity