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Propuesta ERASMUS+: Búsqueda de universidades, industrias, expertos, etc. para difundir conocimiento y know-how sobre ahorro energético en viviendas sociales


Búsqueda de socios
Un centro griego de aprendizaje y formación profesional busca socios interesados en presentar una propuesta ERASMUS+ para desarrollar un programa de formación especial sobre ahorro energético en viviendas sociales. El proyecto se dirige a jóvenes profesionales en campos relacionados, como ingenieros y arquitectos. El centro busca socios con experiencia en ahorro energético en el sector de la construcción, como departamentos de universidades, socios industriales del sector de la construcción y expertos de organismos gubernamentales. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 29 de marzo de 2017 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 13 de marzo. El proyecto tendrá una duración de 6 a 8 semanas.


ERASMUS+ proposal: partners (universities, industries, experts, etc.) related to the spread of skills and know-how for energy saving in public housing
Greek vocational training centre seeks partners to join ERASMUS+ proposal to create a specialised training programme related to energy saving in public housing. This project is aimed at young professionals in related fields such as engineers and architects. The Greek client seeks partners with expertise in energy saving for construction, such as relevant departments of universities, industrial partners from building sector, and also expert representatives from relevant government bodies.
A Greek vocational training centre is preparing a project to promote the diffusion and application of an eco-compatible and energy-efficient approach to the construction of public housing.

The building of public housing is a construction activity with its own normative and economic aspects, such as the control over cost of materials used, taking into consideration not only the time when construction work is performed, but also for the whole life span of a building. The kind of training proposed by the Greek learning centre would fill an important gap, since currently the training available in this sector is seen as marginal, often incomplete and for the most part experimental.

The proposed project aims to define the planning criteria to be applied in energy-aware public housing by means of the identification of procedures and instruments designed for establishing eco-compatible methods for both new and old buildings.

The ultimate purpose of the project is to identify specific techniques and methods by which the process of sustainable urban development can take place. The training programme will facilitate the exchange of information, know-how and skills related to energy saving in public housing.

The training will be open to 60 to 80 participants and will be provided by 10 to 15 experts, as well as numerous visiting lecturers coming from all parts of Europe to participate. There will be three main phases:-
1. Phase I: core lectures
2. Phase II: discipline work structured around core thematic departments such as engineering, architecture, business management, materials, technologies
3. Phase III: team projects where groups of 30 to 40 students work together in order to produce a complete holistic conceptual design for an international / multidisciplinary construction project.

Theme days on topical subjects or dealing with a current issue from a multidisciplinary perspective will be interspersed throughout the duration of the training programme.

Programme: ERASMUS+ KA2 "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices", "Strategic partnerships in the field of Education -Y- Training"
Official deadline of Call: 29 March 2017
Deadline for Expressions of Interest (EoI): 13 March 2017
Anticipated duration of project: 6 to 8 weeks

The Greek vocational training centre is looking for suitable partners to include in the consortium, as follows:-
- universities offering a variety of courses (engineering, architecture, business management, materials and technologies, environment, energy, EU policy, law, physical sciences, socio-economic subjects)
- industrial partners with experience and know-how in the construction sector, particularly for energy-saving methods and materials
- experts from governmental bodies with specific knowledge related to public housing (requirements, regulations, planning, etc.)
Advantages and Innovations:
The training will be an interdisciplinary and international series of sessions designed to prepare individuals to respond to the current needs and the increasing and evolving demands of the public housing sector.
It will cover both technical and non-technical disciplines and skills (scientific, technical, legal, commercial, social, etc.) required in order to ensure the most effective application of energy-efficient construction techniques and materials.
Of particular relevance is the fact that the training aims to cover the widest possible range of academic disciplines, for the most complete view and comprehensive approach to building development projects. In addition, through the essential involvement of highly-specialised and knowledgeable experts from various countries, the focus will be on providing trainees with the opportunity to obtain an appreciation of a global perspective on construction. The project beneficiaries will learn about the real challenges faced at an international level. They will also have the chance to gain an understanding of the impact of different cultural and disciplinary backgrounds in responding to these challenges.
An added bonus for participants will be the possibility to acquire privileged contacts within a specially-selected network of leading figures in their fields from around Europe.
The training team will be made up of expert lecturers in all the participating countries of the project and drawn both from public and private fields including academia, government, and specialised industry sectors. It offers an ideal forum for students, professionals, and faculty members alike to participate in a network of international leaders from related disciplines in order to boost relevant research and development, and to forge new professional relationships.
For an added multiplier effect, the specialised lectures and theme days on hot topics offered to the trainees within the programme can also be made open to the general public.
Stage of Development:
Project in negotiations - urgent

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Target partners sought:- - universities with relevant faculties / departments (engineering, architecture, business management, materials and technologies, environment, energy, EU policy, law, physical sciences, socio-economic subjects) - building industries - construction companies - architects - government bodies / agencies. Specific area of activity: Expertise in sustainable construction and in particular energy saving technologies and materials for public buildings, especially housing. Tasks to be provided and activities to be performed:- - organisation of training workshops with individual assignments - organisation of professional visits in the form of trips to project-related organizations for first-hand training - creation and co-ordination of team projects - provision of specialised lectures given in the form of panel sessions and conducted by well-known project related experts from around the world (these can also be made open to the general public for an added multiplier effect) - organisation of theme days in the form of one or half-day sessions where an important or hot topic is selected and addressed by specialists from different European regions and various specialties, based on an international and interdisciplinary approach.
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Evaluation Scheme:
Proposals are assessed by the national or executive agency receiving the application, exclusively on the basis of the criteria described in the programme guide.
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Spread of skills and know-how for Energy Saving in public buildings SpEnSa