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Tecnología azul: Transferencia de soluciones innovadoras a un proyecto de economías en cuencas marítimas


Búsqueda de socios
Un clúster francés especializado en valorización de productos acuáticos y resolución de problemas de agotamiento de peces, aumento de la demanda de alimentos y desarrollo sostenible busca socios con el fin de formar un consorcio internacional en las cuencas del océano Atlántico y mar del Norte sobre retos y oportunidades de crecimiento azul. El objetivo es crear estrategias de especialización inteligentes y asociaciones estratégicas de soporte en regiones marítimas para desarrollar planes de acción específicos en cuencas marítimas en el dominio de crecimiento azul, ofreciendo resultados rápidos y acelerando el desarrollo de aplicaciones precomerciales y comerciales. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 30 de septiembre de 2016 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 1 de septiembre.


Blue Technology : Transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies project, a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund call (call deadline 30/09/2016)
A French cluster dedicated to the valorisation of aquatic products, tackling the challenges of seafood depletion, the increase in food demand and sustainable development is looking for partners in order to establish a transnational consortium focused on the Atlantic or North Sea basins and related to blue growth challenges and opportunities.
The French cluster, created in 1999, is an innovation cluster helping the industry respond to the increasing seafood demand. Furthermore, its goal is to foster the competitiveness of the companies active in the industry and put the aquatic products at the heart of future industries by boosting innovation.

It is interested in identifying partners to respond to the "Blue Technology : Transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies project" call.

The scope of the project is to build on existing smart specialisation strategies and support strategic partnerships of maritime regions and their stakeholders for developing sea basin specific roadmaps/action plans in key blue growth domains that will bring research results faster to the market and accelerate the development of pre-commercial and commercial applications.

The specific roadmaps shall include an investment plan that will deliver a set of bankable/ready-to-invest demonstration projects for new technologies, industry applications, processes or services within the targeted blue growth area.

Based on the roadmaps, a strategic set of pre-commercial or commercial projects are to be developed in a specific high potential blue growth technology, domain or value chain, to boost blue growth investments in the sea basin. These concrete demonstration projects should be readily available for industry and finance institutions to move swiftly to the implementation stage at the end of the project.

The call is open to all blue growth related technology areas, domains and value chains. Nevertheless, projects contributing to the implementation of EU priority areas such as the Circular Economy, the Digital Agenda and the Energy Union and Climate are particularly encouraged.

The French cluster has the advantage of gathering businesses, research institutions, research laboratories and technical centers specialised in the field of aquatic products. It is now looking for partners that can be clusters from other countries, or other organisations with similar or complementary activities, sharing a common interest in a specific blue growth related technology, domain or value chain, for example, eco-efficient aquaculture or seafood by-products.
It is indeed working on several challenges including:
- In the field of by-products: using and enhancing 100% of the available resources trough better processing (cost efficient and clean processing lines), new and better ingredients (extraction, exploitation) for human health and agro food industry.
- In the field of aquaculture: developing new proteins and lipids sources for fish feed; introduction of new species into farming; prevention and management of pathogens; algae farming.
- In the field of the emergence of new technologies available to the whole industry - water treatment, process efficiency, logistics and packaging, etc.

The activities carried out by interested organisations can be diverse as the cluster is in the early stages of forming a consortium and would be open to negotiate the scope of the project to ensure that all consortium partners are represented.

Due its geographical situation, the cluster is looking for partners from the Atlantic and/or North Sea basins.

Deadline for submitting the application: 30/09/2016
Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 01/09/2016
Advantages and Innovations:
- The cluster has 131 members including mostly industry, research centers, professional organisations and institutions.
- It has an established intelligence center focused on the technical, economical and legal aspects of the sustainable exploitation of aquatic resources that can benefit the project.
- It has experience in European projects, including as a lead.

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Partners are expected to be involved in the field of research and innovation, and/or in regional cooperation and/or in the implementation of National/Regional Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategies and/or in the blue economy and related sectors (such as marine renewable energies, blue biotechnology, aquaculture, fisheries or aquaculture). Examples of potential partners are: - cluster organisations or business network organisations; - public authorities (national, regional); - research centres and centres of excellence; - innovation agencies; - public or private, small, medium or large enterprises; - non-profit organisations (private or public). Partners should be from the North Sea or the Atlantic basins.
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Blue Technology: Transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies