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Vía rápida a la innovación (FTI): Síntesis de nuevas nanopartículas basadas en silicio


Búsqueda de socios
Una empresa española especializada en química inorgánica está preparando una propuesta para la convocatoria Vía rápida a la innovación del programa H2020. El proyecto trata sobre la síntesis factible y mejorada de nuevas nanopartículas basadas en silicio y su validación en aplicaciones comercializables de la industria del caucho. El consorcio, formado por un fabricante químico, un centro de investigación y una multinacional de la industria del caucho, busca una grande empresa y una pyme del sector del caucho. La fecha límite de la convocatoria es el 15 de marzo de 2016 y el plazo para presentar expresiones de interés finaliza el 12 de febrero.


H2020 Fast Track to Innovation (FTI): Synthesis of innovative silica based nano-particles.
A Spanish company specialized in inorganic chemistry is preparing a H2020 Fast Track to Innovation project proposal. The project is focused on feasibly up-scaling synthesis of innovative silica based nano-particles and validating them in marketable applications of the rubber industry. The consortium, comprised of a chemical manufacturer, a research centre and a multinational company of the rubber industry, is looking for two new partners: a large enterprise and an SME from the rubber sector.
A Spanish company born 50 years ago and specialized in basic inorganic chemistry is developing a project proposal for the forthcoming Fast Track to Innovation call (15th March 2016). The company manufactures sodium and potassium silicates, metasilicate, zeolites, sodium and potassium aluminates, precipitated silica, aluminum silicate and amorphous aluminum hydroxide and counts with different plants in Spain. Its products cover a wide range of physicochemical properties that make their products crucial ingredients in a large number of applications and consequently in markets like detergents, tires, construction, human and animal food, paints, varnishes, agriculture, wastewater and industrial water treatment, the paper industry, rubber, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, etc. The company is really active in R-Y-D and innovation activities, having developed numerous R-Y-D projects and owning several patents related to silica based products.

The aim of the project proposal is to make feasible the synthesis of silica based nano-particles barrier by developing a versatile manufacturing process for the production of diverse nanomaterials. Such a process will allow the creation of a scale economy by means of combining the synthesis of different products´ in the same production plant.

This project relies on an existing and patented manufacturing process, which allows big and efficient productions of silica based nanomaterials. The process to be developed will consist of an adaptation of a chemical production plant for the manufacturing of silica-based nano-particles.

Specific project objectives are:
1. Adapting an existing production process to a versatile process for a set of silica-based nano-particles, already synthetized at laboratory scale, tested and demonstrated in relevant applications (TRL6).
2. Achieving a feasibly industrial production of a set of nanomaterials.
3. Demonstrating the technical feasibility of the industrially manufactured nanomaterials in each of the applications.
4. Analyzing the toxicology of developed nanomaterials and evaluating the grouping potential under the REACH normative.

The consortium, currently comprised of a chemical manufacturer, a research centre and a multinational company of the rubber industry, is looking for the following partners related to the rubber industry/sector:
1. One large enterprise for validating the nano-silica in a commercial application.
2. One SME for analyzing the recycling process of the new product and its environmental impact.

Call deadline: 15th March 2016.
Deadline for receiving expressions of interest: 12th February 2016.
Project duration: 2 years.
Advantages and Innovations:
Using nano-particles as reinforcement fillers can enhance elastomers´ (particularly TPEs and rubber) thermal and mechanical properties in a wide diversity of factors such as: wear resistance, dynamic performance, chemical resistance and material service lifetime. However, the usage of nano-materials as reinforcing fillers for elastomers is not extended due to price restrictions and production limitations. The project will try to tackle this gap.
Stage of Development:
Proposal under development
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The consortium is looking for one large enterprise and one SME from the rubber industry/sector. The large enterprise should be experienced in commercial applications of rubber products (such as seals, gaskets, technical parts of vehicles...) and the SME should be able to analyze the recycling and environmental impact of rubber products with nano-aditives.
IPR Status:
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status:
Patented in USA and Spain (with international PCT extension in progress).

Partner sought

Partner Sought:
Two different roles are needed: - A large enterprise of the rubber industry for validating our nano-silica in a commercial application, such as seals, gaskets, technical parts of vehicles... whose previous experience in projects will be well considered. - An SME for: (a) Analyzing the recycling potential of rubber including project´s nano-additives. (b) Analyzing the environmental impact of rubber including project´s nano-additives. Newcomers in EU funding are welcome.
Type of Partnership Considered:


Type and Size of Client:
Industry 250-499
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Coordinator Required:
Deadline for Call:
Project Duration: