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Absorbente de aceite nanoescamoso basados en grafito térmicamente expandido


Oferta Tecnológica
Un instituto de investigación ucraniano ha desarrollado un absorbente de aceite nanoescamoso (NFOS) con alta capacidad de absorción basado en grafito térmicamente expandido para absorber y liquidar vertidos accidentales de líquidos orgánicos de superficies de agua y arena con un alto grado de purificación. Se buscan fabricantes de equipos para la producción de absorbentes (NFOS) y organismos implicados en liquidación de situaciones de emergencia con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia y joint venture.


Nano-flaky oil-sorbent on the base of thermally expanded graphite (TEG)
A Ukrainian research institute offers the nano-flaky oil-sorbent (NFOS) with high absorption capacity based on thermally expanded graphite for absorbing and liquidation of accidental spills of organic liquids from water surfaces and sand with a high degree of purification. The partners may be: enterprises manufacturing equipment for the production of NFOS; organizations involved in liquidation of emergency situations. The aim is the conclusion of License agreement or Joint venture agreement.
One of the most effective and promising methods of purification of water surface and sand from oil spills and oil products, liquid toxic substances, organic fluids is the absorption (adsorption) of spilled liquid and subsequent collection of saturated sorbent, the separation from it of adsorbed fluid and utilization or regeneration of spent sorbent.
In this respect, the most promising is the use as an absorbent of the NFOS substance on the basis of thermoexpanded graphite (TEG), which is a special modification of the graphite obtained by multi-stage thermo-chemical processing of natural crystalline graphite.
This material is characterized by very low bulk density (2 - 5 kg/m3) and high absorption capacity for oil products and other organic liquids. One gram of this substance can absorb 50 - 60 g of oil.
The absorber is made in 3 versions:
· The absorbent powder which has a bulk density 2..5 kg/m3, an absorption capacity of 40...50 kg oil per 1 kg of absorbent.
· Preformed absorber is a tablet of different shapes, with density of 30...50 kg/m3 and an absorption capacity of 5...10 kg oil per 1 kg of absorbent.
· Absorbent pads - flat bags from oil resistant material, filled with a powder absorbent, the absorption capacity of 20...30 kg per 1 kg of absorbent.
The absorbent is applied to the spillage and quickly absorbs the pollutant and holds it itself. The stain of the spill is eliminated through the collection of the absorber with the absorbed liquid, the degree of purity, for example, polluted by oil or oil products in the water area reaches to 99.99%. Up to 70-80% of the spilled oil could be separated from the NFOS and used after appropriate purification. The spent (reacted) absorbent is regenerated in special furnaces, and the remains of mineral oil are used as additional fuel in the regeneration process. The regenerated absorbent can be reused, the number of cycles "saturation-extraction-regeneration" can reach 10...15, which greatly reduces the cost of spill response and does not require the creation of large reserves of the NFOS.
The TEG production can be done on stationary plants and, if necessary, at the area of accidents elimination by using autonomous mobile or portable devices. Mobile units are mounted on a car chassis and delivered to the accident site to produce up to 15 kg/h of powder sorbent directly on the liquidation place. The size of mobile unit - 6x2.5x2 m.
Analogs of the mobile and portable installations are absent on market.
The institute has experience in the use of a pilot plant for TEG production while accident elimination of eight tones spill of gasoline in the waters of the Dnieper river (Ukraine), through sorbent production, collection and subsequent separation and use.
The institute has experience in the use of a pilot unit for the TEG production while accident elimination of eight tones spill of gasoline in the waters of the Dnieper river (Ukraine) by the way of sorbent production, collection and subsequent separation and use of the gasoline.
The institute is interested in cooperation with enterprises of manufacturing of equipment for the production of the NFOS and with organizations involved in liquidation of emergency situations from European and other countries. Possible forms of cooperation are License agreement or Joint venture agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
Advantages of the NFOS usage in comparison with traditional absorbents of organic liquids (peat, sawdust, husk, polystyrene foam, etc.):
· High sorption capacity (45-65 kg / kg);
· High cleaning degree (up to 99.9%) depending on the properties of the surface;
· Time of absorption is 10-20 s;
· No harmful effects on the environment, particularly on aquatic flora and fauna;
· Buoyancy in a saturated condition;
· The possibility of desorption of the absorbed liquid with subsequent it use;
· Ability of thermochemical regeneration of the NFOS for further use.
Unlike of existing analogs, there is a possibility to use the TEG in the form of an aqueous suspension which allowing to:
· Eliminate the loss of the sorbent when it is applied to the water surface;
· Refuse a preliminary processing of dry powder sorbent and use of additional and auxiliary materials (binder and reinforcing elements);
· Use water for preparing a suspension directly from a contaminated water courses and to carry out preparation of the suspension directly on the site of an accidental spillage;
· Simplify the technology of preparation, application of suspension and collecting the saturated sorbent.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how,Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Technical solutions for the production, regeneration, pre-treatment and application of the NFOS are protected by 13 patents of the Ukraine.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type and Role of Partner Sought: investors, enterprises producing industrial equipment, businesses and organizations involved in liquidation of emergency situations related to spills of organic liquids.
Area of activity: creation of a production, development of elements and components for the chemical, oil and gas industry, environmental protection and liquidation of consequences of emergency situations.
The tasks that are assigned to the partner: manufacture of industrial samples of the equipment for the production of nanosorbent on the basis of expanded graphite, desorption of the absorbed fluids and thermochemical regeneration of waste the NFOS on design documentation provided by the institute.


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
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Technology Keywords:
05004003 Absorción
10002011 Contaminación del terreno y de aguas subterráneas
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