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Actuadores electrónicamente controlados para aplicaciones orientadas al futuro


Oferta Tecnológica
Un empresa alemana ofrece una nueva generación de actuadores controlados electrónicamente. Con un sistema de detección de posición sin contacto, estos actuadores inteligentes son resistentes al desgaste, precisos, seguros y fiables y se adaptan a las tecnologías del futuro. Los actuadores se utilizan en automatización y aplicaciones flexibles, como las requeridas en fábricas inteligentes e internet de las cosas. Se buscan socios interesados en establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica y lanzar el producto en Rusia, Ucrania, Moldova y Bielorrusia.


Electronically controlled actuators for future-proof applications - German company seeks partners in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
A German company offers a new generation of innovative electronically controlled actuators. With a non-contact position sensing system they are practically wear-free, precise, safe and reliable. Applications are in precise automation and flexible applications as needed in the smart factory and internet of things. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance to introduce the actuators in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
The smart factory and industrial internet of things open new opportunities and present new challenges regarding automation solutions that are rapidly becoming more intelligent.

A German company is specialised in electrical actuators for a wide range of applications and sectors. They offer an intelligent line of actuators with wear-free, non-contact position detection that are fit for the technologies of the future.

Previously, with the classic actuators the user had to hold many actuators with different shutdown systems for different adjustment paths. Now the electronic system covers all control options with a single version. Thanks to the non-contact position sensing system it is practically wear-free and guarantees constant precision. Users are no longer faced with problems and long-term drift effects caused by switching hysteresis at potentiometers and switch point hysteresis at micro switches. The result for the user is significantly higher control accuracy for the entire drive. This remains constant over the drive´s lifetime.

In addition to precise control, the electronic positioning system provides a significantly simpler and faster start-up by programming using buttons. A permanent torque monitoring protects actuator and valve reliably against overloading.

The non-contact position detection is based on the Hall effect. Brushless CD (BLCD) motors have Hall sensors corresponding to their number of poles, with which the electronics control the phase currents of the motor and realize the electronic commutation. In addition, the motor management system monitors the line current itself. Malfunctions as a movement in the wrong direction, the wrong speed or overload conditions are detected immediately and cause a shutdown of the drive. Since the motor is driven over a defined signal sequence, an undesired or even uncontrolled movement will not occur.

The possibility of speed control combines the functions of multiple drives in a single device, thus reducing the investment costs. The multi-voltage power supply combined with the adjustment range of a few degrees up to several revolutions significantly reduces the stock list and storage costs. The permanent control of the drive system, increases the operational reliability of the plant.
Individual solutions can be implemented. The German company is ready to offer advice and consulting regarding the most suitable product, accessories and materials.

Users come from environmental engineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, heaters/burners, furnaces and public services.

Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance to introduce the actuators in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Assistance regarding integration into processes, finding optimum solutions and relevant training will be offered by the German company.
Advantages and Innovations:
· Products are reliable, flexible and safe through permanent monitoring and easy adjustments
· Significant reduction in storage cost as less products are necessary compared to conventional technology
· Much longer replacement intervals as components are contactless and largely wear-free
· As parameters of the electronic actuator can be copied and transmitted via bus interface on identical drives, the adjustment of the serial drives is faster than in the past
· Customised solutions possible
· Made in Germany
· Electric actuators TR-TS (EAC) declared for import into Russia
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Exclusive rights

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The German company is seeking partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance. A partner could for example be a company offering complementary products and services to the same target group.
The partner should already have contacts in the market.

The German company will provide training regarding installation, integration into processes and advising to find the optimum solution for different applications.
Areas of application are wherever precise automation and flexible applications are required.

Partners are sought in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Restrict dissemination to specific countries:
Belarus, Moldova, Republic Of, Russian Federation, Ukraine


Technology Keywords:
01003022 Aplicaciones inteligentes
01001001 Automation, Robotics Control Systems
01003023 Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators
06005002 Sensores y productos inalámbricos
09001009 Tecnología de sensores relacionada con la realización de medidas