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Adsorbente muy efectivo para eliminar contaminantes en el agua


Oferta Tecnológica
Un instituto de investigación español con experiencia en desarrollar nuevos nanomateriales funcionales para aplicaciones en ingeniería química ha desarrollado un adsorbente muy efectivo en forma de nanopartículas magnéticas para eliminar arsénico y otros elementos tóxicos presentes en el agua (cromo, mercurio, etc.). El nuevo compuesto resuelve los problemas relacionados con la estabilidad y selectividad limitada de los adsorbentes actuales y puede capturarse fácilmente con un simple imán después del tratamiento. Se buscan empresas químicas interesadas en comercializar el material compuesto para utilizarlo en el campo de tratamiento de agua y licenciar la patente.


Highly effective adsorbent for the removal of contaminants in water
A Spanish research institution has developed an effective adsorbent in the form of magnetic nanoparticles for the
removal of arsenic and others toxics elements present in water. The new compound solves the problems related
to stability and limited selectivity of the current adsorbents. It can be easily captured by a simple magnet after the
Chemical companies interested in the commercialisation of the composite for water treatment use, under a
patente license, are sought.
Arsenic presence is considered as one of the most important pollutant problems of potable water as long-race
consumption is correlated to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as skin, lung, bladder cancer
and as the consequence to the increase of mortality. More than 150 million people are in risk.
Numerous methods have been proposed for efficient heavy metal removal from water, including chemical
precipitation, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and electrochemical technologies, and so forth. Though,
adsortion is the most convenient and popular method because of its simplicity, high efficiency, and low energy
The adsorbent of the invention can quickly treat the water. It consist of a Fe/LDH composite, a core-shell structure
with an inner iron core and magnesium layered hydroxides.
The new adsorbent can be used in the removal of arsenic (in its both trivalent and pentavalent forms), as well as
others heavy metals (chrome, mercury, etc.) present in water. The high adsorption efficiencies are determined by
the size, shell thickness and the surface charge which can be controlled by parameters of the synthesis
procedure. The production takes place in a continuous flow under variable pH conditions and temperatures which
results in a simple and low-cost process ready to be scaled up.
Recovery of the adsorbent:
After contact with contaminated water, the adsorbent with the adsorbed pollutants can be easily separated and
recovered by using an external magnetic field.
The Spanish research institution is searching for a Company interested in the commercial exploitation of the
material, under a patent license agreement.
The Spanish research institution has a broad experience in developing novel functional nanomaterials for chemical
engineering applications.
Advantages and Innovations:
· Chemical stability for a wide pH range (5-12)
· High arsenic removal efficiency in a variety of systems including drinking water and wastewaters.
· Attractive for biologically compatible elements applications, catalyzers or materials for environmental
· Simple, low-cost and environmental friendly method.
· For use in dispersion/separation systems thanks to the magnetic activity of the adsorbent.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
We are looking for industrial partners from the Chemical sector, companies interested in the use and commercialisation of this adsorbent, under patent license.


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R&D Institution
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10004003 Reciclaje de aguas residuales
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