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Agitador no rotatorio con movimiento vertical para numerosas industrias


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme austríaca que trabaja en la industria de elaboración de cerveza ha desarrollado un agitador de accionamiento vertical sin rotación que incluye un disco de mezcla. Este agitador permite mezclar líquidos, suspensiones, lodos y pulpas e incluso homogeneizar la viscosidad, temperatura y pH en depósitos grandes (>10m³) de forma óptima y con un escaso consumo de energía, con el consiguiente ahorro de costes. El agitador es un disco de acero inoxidable fijado en un pistón que se mueve de forma vertical gracias a un cilindro neumático (la frecuencia puede oscilar entre 1 movimiento cada 10 segundos hasta un movimiento al día). La empresa busca socios en diferentes áreas potenciales de aplicación con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia, cooperación técnica y fabricación.


Vertically-moved, non-rotating mixing agitator suitable for many industries
An Austrian SME has developed a vertically driven agitator without rotation, which includes a mixing disk. It allows for optimal stirring of liquids, suspensions, slurries and mashes. Even in large tanks (>10m³) different viscosity/temperature/pH zones can be quickly homogenized with little energy effort (saving costs).The company is looking for partners in other potential areas of application for licence, technical cooperation and manufacturing agreements.
The Austrian company is active in the brewing industry. When faced with the challenge of installing an agitator in a 5,000 litre tank for a 200-300 cp mash (suspension of milled malt) with very little electrical power available, the company was unable to find the necessary technology. A normal rotating agitator was unsuitable requiring too much electrical power and having bigger shear force on the particles. Given that there was nothing suitable available on the market for mixing big vessels in a better and more cost effective way, they developed it themselves.

The proposed system is a new, robust, non-rotating, vertically moved agitator from the top or the side of a tank.
It works on the basis of displacement, under-pressure and downward-flow of the product stream.

The goal of mixing in any industry is to thoroughly combine different materials to produce a homogenous mix. The quality of the end product is very dependent on mixing performance and a number of factors need to be taken into consideration:

- good suspension of different particle sizes and densities
- fast heat transfer
- fast bottom up homogenisation
- as little shear force as possible

A well-mixed product will avoid segregation of hotter and colder processing water, optimise the flow of solids, ensure faster heat transfer thus reducing blending times and enable faster determination of the correct temperature, pH, etc. A poorly mixed product on the other hand can create significant costs.

The agitating tool developed by the Austrian company is a stainless steel disk fixed on a piston, which is moved up-and-down by a pneumatic cylinder (the frequency can range from 1 move/10 seconds to 1 move per day).The disk (approx. 1/3 of the tank´s diameter) is fitted with nozzles, which produce a speedy flow inside the tank. Several disks in approx. 1 m intervals allow for a short cylinder in relation to the tank´s height. Several such agitator systems can operate in parallel in tanks with a large diameter. The product to be mixed is handled in a more gentle way and mixing is done at low energy rates, thus producing cost savings.

While the Austrian company is using this technology in a brewing context, they are interested in exploring application scenarios in different fields such as fermentation, paper and any processing industry with mixing requirements, which should produce consistent high quality at low costs. The company would like to licence the technology to interested partners, to enter into technical cooperation with a view to exploring new application areas or to find manufacturing partners who are in a position to adapt the production of the agitator for new application fields.
Advantages and Innovations:
· optimal homogenisation (T, pH, viscosity, suspensions) for quick processes
· improved heat transfer
· prevents segregation
· little oxygen uptake
· low shear force on sensitive products/particles
· suitable for large vessels
· superior quality of mixed product
· attractive investment cost and cost effective operation
· energy saving in relation to the thrust (half of work can be done by gravitational force )
· suitable for and adaptable to numerous industrial processes
· addresses the problem of intake and suspending of dry powders into the liquid phase
· exact SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and auto-adaption of operation parameters (i.e. speed, frequency, height)
· no electrical drive
· suitable for explosion-proof applications
· retrofittable in existing tanks
· simple, robust construction
· easy maintenance
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted,Trade Marks
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Austrian patent granted in 2015
Applications for EP, USA, China, India in progress

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is keen to move beyond the brewing industry with this technology and is looking for application expertise in agitating and mixing in various industrial (medium and large-scale) processes such as:

Paper -Y- pulp
Paints, fillers, pigments
Food -Y- beverages

The Austrian company is looking for organisations with mixing and agitation needs who are interested in licencing the technology.
In addition, partners who can identify agitation and homogenisation problems in various industries for which the proposed system would be an excellent solution are sought, with a view to entering into technical cooperation with these partners.
Manufacturing partners with the necessary expertise to produce the agitator following adaptations for new areas of application are also welcome.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
06006011 Fermentación
03002 Ingeniería de plantas de proceso
08001004 Procesado de alimentos
03004009 Soaps, detergents
07002002 Tecnología del papel