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Alarma inteligente e innovadora para evitar dejar a niños o bebés solos en el asiento de un automóvil involuntariamente


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pequeña empresa italiana especializada en soluciones integradas ha desarrollado el prototipo de un sistema automático fácil de manejar que se acopla a la silla del bebé de un automóvil para evitar dejar al niño solo y desatendido. Esta solución de bajo consumo tiene características innovadoras en términos de fiabilidad, facilidad de uso y adaptabilidad a cualquier tipo de asiento. La solución se integra fácilmente en dispositivos móviles. El prototipo está disponible para demostración. La empresa busca inversores y socios interesados en establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A smart and innovative alarm to prevent that a child is inadvertently left alone on a baby car seat
A small Italian company, specialised on embedded solutions, has developed a working prototype of a "fool proof", automatic system to prevent that a child is left alone and unattended, fastened to a baby car seat. The solution has innovative characteristics of reliability, ease of use, and adaptability to any car seat.
The company is looking for investors but also open to transfer the technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A very grievous situation is quite often reported about children being left fastened to their baby car seat, because of a lapse of memory of the accompanying person, with very serious consequences.

A small high-tech Italian company, specialised in sensors networks and IoT applications, has developed a full prototype of a novel alerting system that can be applied to any car safety seat to prevent such an unfortunate situation.

The concept mimicks a "technological cord" to link the child, the seat, and the driver. The cord is secured automatically when the child is fastened to the seat and it sends an alert when it is stretched or broken.

The system is composed by a device that can be used with any baby car seat, as a built-in component or an add-on of the lock of the seat belt. The device is activated when the baby is fastened and it syncs automatically with a second small gadget (e.g., added to a key-ring of the driver) that works as monitor and alarm system. The alarm of the gadget activates when the signal is weak / lost but the seat belt is still locked (the child is still fastened into the car).

The company has realised a working prototype, compacted and with very low industrial costs. In the present implementation, the device reproduces the operation of the opening-ports sensors to handle the coupling between the elements of the safety belt of the child seat. Requirements for product certification have been taken into account and are satisfied by the adopted solutions. Potentially, the technology can be easily integrated with a smartphone and controlled through a mobile app.

Overall, the mechanism is a "fool-proof" and non invasive automatic solution, highly reliable thanks to robust technology, and with very low energy consumption, adaptable to existing baby car seats. In addition, the solution allows for a seamless integration with mobile devices and ensure a low cost industrial development.

By comparison with existing patented solutions, it turns out they require changes to the seats as well as to the vehicle devices: this is economically inconvenient and industrially difficult to achieve, given that more companies are required to modify their products / production lines. On the contrary, the implementation of the proposed solution affects only the buckles for seats, while sensors are managed by microcontrollers ad-hoc programmed. This reduces the need to recourse to multiple sensors and it lowers the industrial costs, increases the simplicity of production and integration of the product in the already existing structures, making the solution more appealing.

The key choices are an industrial secret while the overall approach is protected through a few "defensive" publications.

The final user is obviously identified with the parents of small children who already bougth or are going to buy a baby car seat.

Given that a first product can be developed quite rapidly, the company has specifically explored the possibility of industrial and commercial partnership with buckles manufacturers and vendors of baby car seats. Currently, the company is mainly looking for financial support (eg., risk capital) to support an industrial development of the solution. Alternatively, the company is open to transfer the technology to industrial partners under a commercial agreement with the needed technical assistance. In this case, partners sought are active in the specific sectors of accessories and safety devices for automotive, obviously including producers of baby car seats.
Advantages and Innovations:
The solution is characterised by a few distinctive features that altogether are not common in other existing systems:
- Automatic "fool proof" activation of the device
- Reliability and simplicity of the detection mechanism and adopted technologies
- Adaptability to existing baby car seats
- Low energy consumption

It is specifically remarked that, differently from existing patents, the solution requires modifications only to the buckles for seats and it relies on ad hoc programmed microcontrollers to avoid multiple and complex sensors. This is a great advantage in terms of industrial costs and simplicity.

Finally, the solution allows for a seamless integration with mobile devices and ensure a low cost industrial development.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The solution is the object of a few "defensive" publications to establish an overall priority. As described abvove, a patent search has shown that the specific technique is an industrial novelty.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for financial support (eg., risk capital) to support an industrial development of the solution. Contacts with buckles manufacturers and vendors of baby car seat have been explored. A first commercial product could be developed quite rapidly for a first a direct commercialization of the alerting device.

Alternatively, the company is open to establish a commercial agreement with industrial partners, active in the specific sectors of accessories and safety devices for automotive, obviously including producers of baby car seats, to transfer the technology and provide technical assistance.


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Industry SME <= 10
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