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Alfombra succionadora selectiva


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme francesa especializada en diseño de equipos de presión ha desarrollado una alfombra succionadora inteligente que se coloca en la entrada de un espacio (especialmente aquellos con unos requisitos higiénicos específicos, como industrias agroalimentaria, farmacéutica, electrónica o nuclear) por el que transitan vehículos y personas para evitar que se depositen manchas de neumáticos o suelas de zapatos en el interior de un edificio. La alfombra incluye una matriz de módulos especiales de succión uniformemente distribuidos y conectados a un centro de aspiración. La empresa busca fabricantes de equipos de limpieza industrial con el fin de establecer acuerdos de transferencia de tecnología.


Selective sucking carpet
A SME based in Northern France, specialized in pressure equipment engineering, has developed a smart sucker carpet which can be placed at the entrance of a room (especially rooms submitted to specific hygiene requirements), on the way of vehicles and people, in order to prevent the stains deposits on the binding of the tyres or the soles of shoes from introducing inside. Industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers are sought for technology transfer agreement.
A french firm specialized in pressure equipment engineering, has developed a new device dedicated to cleaning based on a selective aspiration process.
The invention consists of a smart sucker carpet which, placed at the entrance of a room on the way of vehicles and people, prevents the stains deposits on the binding of the tyres or the soles of shoes from introducing inside buildings where hygiene is a key point (Agrofood, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Nuclear industries for example).
The principle used is to conceive a process such as, at every moment, during the advance of the vehicle in the room, only the zone surrounding the contact area between the tyre and the ground is aspired. The process is implemented in a sucker carpet with a "selective aspiration item".
The carpet includes a matrix of special "suction modules" regularly distributed and connected to a source of depression (aspiration centre). The suction surface moves with the passage of the wheel and follows it. For a complete cleaning, the carpet must be of a sufficient length (over wheel circumferential length).
To adapt to the cases of figures met, the carpet can be made up of panels of various formats, which can be assembled on the floor between them and whose openings of connection to the suction power station are designed to be inter-connected.
The main characteristic of the suction module is the integration of a special valve, whose opening and closing are controlled by the load brought by the vehicle (or pedestrian) weight.
According to different applications, are defined the diameter of the valves and their "surface density", i.e. the "step" (inter-valves outdistances) in the two directions.
The product aims to be a powerful tool for general cleanliness of rooms or particularly stain exposed buildings or ones which are submitted to specific hygiene requirements.
The French firm which has developed that solution is looking for industrial partners (specialized in manufacture and commercialization of industrial cleaning systems) interested in a technology transfert agreement for the development and the commercialization of that product with its technical assistance.
Advantages and Innovations:
The system imagined is "environment friendly" and does not constitute an obstacle on the ground or a restriction to available space. It prohibits any system of watering or wheels brushing. It avoids a general aspiration of the zone of evolution of the wheels during vehicle movements. It leads to a low power and low noiseless motor.
The main advantages of the carpet can be declined as follows:
· Efficiency: the selective aspiration system concentrates the extraction of dust, fine gravels, traces of liquids, dirtiness, etc... locally and exclusively on the targeted zone.
· Global action: for vehicles, action on the whole circumference of tyres, the extraction zone of the carpet moving as the rotation of the wheel.
· Adaptability with the need: dimension, type of panel and power of the sucking device are chosen in relation with application, area geometry and surface to be covered by.
· Security of exploitation: no aboveground part exposed which can cause shock to vehicle or fall of pedestrians.
· Security of floors: the carpet avoids the dispersion of liquids or grease leading to slipping grounds, and which would be deposited fortuitously on the pneumatic tyres (rolling on an oil spot for example...).
· Space saving : all surface close to the room entrance remains available for normal uses; the vehicles entering does not have to pass in a dedicated zone of cleaning which could also cause difficulties for the outgoing vehicles.
· Reduction of cleaning budgets: by reducing the importation of stains on the floors.
· Facility of installation: no intervention on grounds, absence of fixed or mobile part on the ground.
· Discretion: the carpet does not impact the zone where it is installed; it does not modify the modes of circulation at entrance and exit of buildings; it does not force the vehicle to follow a specific course in the zone of cleaning.
· Energy saving: power needed for suction is concentrated only in the zone interested, during the time of passage.
Stage of Development:
Concept stage
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type and sector of partner sought : firm specialized in manufacture and commercialization of industrial cleaning systems

- Task to perform : manufacture and commercialization of the sucking carpets, adaptation to specific needs with the technical help of the french firm


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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