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Antorcha de plasma para alcanzar temperaturas ultra elevadas sin combustibles fósiles


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa francesa ha desarrollado una nueva antorcha de plasma que permite alcanzar temperaturas elevadas sin combustibles fósiles. Sus aplicaciones incluyen recuperación de residuos, destrucción segura de amianto y producción de energía renovable. La empresa ha puesto en marcha una planta industrial de vitrificación de residuos de amianto con una productividad anual de 8.000 toneladas. También produce electricidad sostenible a partir de la gasificación de residuos y biomasa utilizando la antorcha de plasma. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia.


Plasma torch to reach ultra high temperatures without fossil fuels
A French industrial company has developed a new technology called the plasma torch, which allows high temperatures to be reached without fossil fuel. Applications include waste recovery, safe asbestos destruction and renewable energy production. License agreement is sought.
A French group has built up for 20 years a specific know-how based on a proprietary technology called the plasma torch, which allows high temperatures to be reached without fossil fuel. The French company´s business consists of developing, construction and operating numerous applications of the plasma torch to benefit mankind and his environment. Today, the Group´s three divisions all use this proprietary technology: 1°) First, the industrial division, which includes design, manufacture and marketing of multi-sector plasma solutions 2°) the asbestos removal division, which includes recovery applications of asbestos waste from the construction industry, and 3°) finally, a renewable energy division, which involves turnkey supply and operation of clean energy generation facilities, a highly strategic business positioned at the heart of the energy transition.

The French company currently operates an asbestos waste vitrification industrial facility with an annual capacity of 8,000 tons.

Vitrification is the only process available for producers and holders of asbestos waste fully guaranteeing: the destruction of asbestos waste according to current regulation in France, the elimination of unsafe effects of asbestos waste, therefore freeing producers and initial holders of asbestos waste from their liability. The use of landfills to dispose of waste is more and more limited today, in all geographies. Transportation and landfill costs (considering the limited number of Class I landfill facilities available) are expected to grow in the near future, encouraging communities and industrial companies to find more environment-friendly solutions.

The French company also provides sustainable electricity production from waste -Y- biomass gasification using the plasma torch. This process transforms waste into BioSynGas (syngas) through gasification. The high temperature generated from the plasma torch enables to produce a very pure syngas of which is appropriate to power a turbine or gas engine to generate electricity.

Complementing existing waste sorting, recycling and composting processes, it provides: - electrical efficiency which can reach 40%, - minimal environmental impact with very limited emissions and ultimate residue, - compatibility with a wide range of fuel, - local, constant and reliable production, compact facilities which are better accepted by local communities. The Group´s ambition is to become a major player in renewable energy from waste or biomass.

License agreements are currently sought with European partners for the technologies described. This technology could easily be implemented at any European´s partner premises, depending on the volume of waste and abestos to be processed on site. Partners could benefit from several years of developement and complete technical assistance. All they´d need to do is to establish a clear list of feed material specifications, ensure power supply stability over time on the processing site, and control environmental outputs to make sure any harmful residue is avoided and / or contained.
Advantages and Innovations:
A plasma torch transforms electrical energy into high-density thermal energy, which can reach up to 9000°F - the temperature at the surface of the sun. A plasma torch is a proficient thermal tool that can replace fossil fuel burners with an efficiency reaching up to 85%. Applied to waste treatment, a plasma torch enables the complete destruction of waste: organic compounds are completely converted into synthesis gas (syngas) and inorganic compounds are transformed into inert glass that can be valorized and sold as aggregate or a compound for road works. The plasma torch is of interest to any type of heat treatment as it provides ease of operation and reduces costs because of a stable energy price. In addition, the plasma will not cause any form of incineration. Example of hazardous waste: waste incineration ashes, water treatment units sludge, special industrial waste.

Plasma units are sold to industrial clients manufacturers as subparts of a larger facility, and are usually supported by operational maintenance contracts. The French company sells export licenses for specific region/territories, such as in recent years in Japan, South Korea and China. License agreements are sought with other European partners.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patents granted,Exclusive Rights
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patents are granted worldwide.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Any European industrial company interested in the potential implementation of such technologies on their local markets. License agreements are sought. The French company would provide full technical and commercial support with turn-key experience for the end user.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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Technology Keywords:
10003007 Conversión de residuos en energía / recursos
10003006 Detoxificación / desinfección de residuos
10003002 Incineración y pirólisis
10003004 Reciclaje, recuperación