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Aplicación interactiva de geolocalización para control de multitudes


Oferta Tecnológica
Una start up belga ha desarrollado una aplicación de geolocalización para la gestión integral de eventos a gran escala en términos de seguridad. La empresa ofrece una herramienta lista para usar que recoge información gracias a un algoritmo predictivo que agrupa datos útiles y mapas exactos y los actualiza constantemente. La aplicación ofrece una función de análisis posterior al evento. Se buscan empresas del sector de organización de eventos a gran escala y autoridades de seguridad pública con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


An interactive geolocalisation application for crowd and flux management
A Belgian start up has developped a geolocalisation application that allows the overall management of large scale events from a security point of view. It proposes a comprehensive ready-to-use tool which gathers information thanks to a self-developped algorithm clustering useful data and accurate maps that are constantly udpated. Companies organising large scale events and public security authorities are sought for technical or commercial agreements with technical assistance.
The Belgian company provides services and products for crowd and flux management. Their core area of expertise is to work with complex decision making process in the field of public security that involve large amounts of various data.
The developped solutions include real time team management, as well as a multidisciplinary cartographic system used by security and rescue services in major events in Belgium. The company has already proposed its services and namely this geolocalisation app to large events organisers in Belgium such as music festivals and more recently a large-scale historical commemoration event. It aims at helping the organisers of large events which need a lot of coordination work from different sources.

In the area of crowd and event management, the main issues concern the possible overlapping of decisions and the needs of having real-time information. It is therefore needed to provide both events organisers and law enforcement agencies with comprehensive tools to ensure an accurate and fast decision making process.
One of the company´s most widely used tool is a mobile app for large events, which allows to gather information about the crowd in real time, and to display it to the crisis management and to the participants. The technology behind the tool consists into a predictive algorithm set up by the founders of the company.
Possible applications include the following business areas:
- security information and event management
- crowd and flux management by public authorities

In comparison to what is available on the market, this app is offering a comprehensive tool as it gathers different sources of information on a real-time basis coming from diverse organisations such as police forces, emergency services, security public authorities. Moreover, the application offers a function of post-event analytics: the tool delivers post-event reports allowing their users to better understand the audience and enhance the next events.

The application allows its users to manage security sensitive events with the following main features:
- Real-time and enriched maps: Information is organized by layers in the maps provided. Each element on the map receives a unique identifier and characteristics such as dimensions, particular risks,contact details.Every element is searchable and a simple click highlights the desired element on the map.
- Locations pinpointed: The application helps attendees to easily locate their friends in the crowd. It highlights the stages, the important places, the programme and sponsors.

The technology is based on the results of research activities performed by the two founders at an university in Belgium and a research study commissioned by a Belgian Telecom operator aiming at analysing mobile phones activities (SMS, phone calls and uses of social media).

In terms of international cooperation, the company looks for large-scale events organisers and public authorities to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance, and/or a technical cooperation agreement. These agreements would require a technical expertise delivered by the company and allow the sought partners to integrate the app in their own decision-making process. The technical cooperation and commercial agreement with technical assistance are in this case the most relevant partnerships as the potential partners would need the support and know how provided by the company. These partners would be able to use the app to gain time and efficiency with an unified and ready-to-use tool in their event and crowd management process.

Advantages and Innovations:
- Innovative product aspects:
· cutting edge mobile technologies integrated such as iBeacons (iBeacon is the name for Apple´s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly) , push notifications, QR (quick response) codes
· real time information about the crowd thanks to updated maps enriched with public data available
· Analysis on real time of the event and management of the content: A user-friendly Content Management System lets the users manage most of the app and update it after it has been released: pictures, timetable, places,sponsors descriptions and websites.

- Benefits for the users :
- gain efficiency and save time: the maps used are updated as regularly as new information is available. Decisions can be taken earlier than if paper maps must circulate. As everyone relies on the same map, contradictory and back-and-forth decisions are prevented.
- a unique centralized tool with unified command : A unique map for the many stakeholders ensures that everyone relies on the same information. Constraints, particularly those induced by budget and security are therefore clear for everyone. Through a unique terminology, a unique grid and practical functionnalities for everyone, control remains centralized even in complex events.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Copyright

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
2 types of partners are sought by the company:
- organisers of large-scale events such as music festivals or huge gatherings
- public authorities in charge of the security of high-level events, such as the police forces, the emergency services.

Depending on the profile of the partners, the respective and following tasks are expected to be performed:

- organisation of large-scale events: use the application tool and benefit from the expertise of the company to ensure a smooth event management. In the case these organisers are using similar products, a technical cooperation with other crowd-management tools providers is also considered by the company.

- public authorities and law enforcement agencies: implement the mobile app into their own security management system either as an additional tool or as the reference product used to improve efficiency and save time in the crowd/ flux management.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01004007 GIS Geographical Information Systems
01004016 Gestión de análisis de riesgos
01006003 Mobile Communications
01006013 Protocolos de comunicaciones, interoperabilidad
01004005 e-Government