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Aplicación móvil para smartphones que analiza y monitoriza el dolor crónico y agudo con información basada en la evidencia obtenida del paciente


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de investigación de una universidad española ha desarrollado una tecnología para analizar y monitorizar el dolor crónico. Se trata de un software para smartphones y tabletas que recoge y analiza información relevante de pacientes relacionada con los síntomas, efectividad del tratamiento prescrito, influencia de las condiciones ambientales y efectos sociales relacionados con el dolor. El centro de investigación busca desarrolladores de aplicaciones con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia y ofrece acuerdos de cooperación técnica en caso de que el socio necesite asistencia específica para desarrollar la aplicación.


Mobile app for smartphones to assess and monitor chronic and acute pain with evidence-based information collected from patients.
A Spanish public university research center has developed technology to assess and monitor chronic pain, which is software for smartphones and tablets envisaged to collect and analyze relevant information from patients concerning symptoms, effectiveness of the treatment prescribed, influence of environmental conditions and social effects related to pain. They offer license agreement to producers of apps and technical cooperation agreements if specific support is required to produce the app.
The correct diagnosis and proper treatment of pain is an important public health concern. Statistics released by the International Association on the Study of Pain (IASP) and the European Federation of the IASP Chapters (EFIC), indicate that one in five people suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain, and that one in three are unable or less able to maintain an independent lifestyle due to their pain. Between one-half and two-thirds of people with chronic pain are less able or unable to exercise, enjoy normal sleep, perform household chores, attend social activities, drive a car, walk or have sexual relations.
With the aim of providing guidance to governments, institutions and health care professionals, a Spanish public university research center has developed a computer application for smartphones and tablets that assesses and monitors chronic pain. The tool allows relevant information to be gathered about how patients experience this medical problem, how environment influence on it and what effects it has on patient´s social behavior.
The application makes it possible to improve the clinical evaluation and treatment of these patients, and it is also useful for the development of painkiller drugs and pain combating intervention programs, as this app allows assessing the effectiveness of pain medical treatments by analyzing the data collected from patients.
This app is devised to collect patients´ experience and feelings about the pain suffered, they go through specific questionnaires over a period of 30 days and twice a day. It only takes two minutes to answer all of them and user´s anonymity is fully guaranteed. The questionnaire collects data about:
Socio-demographic variables of the patient: marital status, employment situation, level of education, etc.
Feedback about pain: type of pain, location, duration, current treatment, comorbidity of depression and anxiety.
Self-perception of mood and general of health.
Consequences of pain in their daily life: interference with sleep, fear/avoidance of work, alarmism, willingness to carry out physical activity, acceptance, etc.
Use of pain rescue medication: perceived effectiveness and the observed side effects.
Furthermore, the tool has a function to specifically monitor patient´s feeling when experiencing an acute attack of pain. When this happens the user logs into the application and register the attack details: intensity, rescue medication taken, degree fatigue felt and mood. This allows health professionals to analyze data like frequency and the emotional consequences of acute attacks.
The app has been developed in compliance with the recommendations of the Initiative on Methods, Measurement and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials (IMMPACT) and following a biopsychosocial approach to pain.
Together with the questionnaire replies, the system automatically stores data about contextual variables related to pain: social behavior (calls made/ received, missed calls, text messages sent/received since the last batch of questions were answered); meteorological information related to geolocation (town/city, temperature, pressure, humidity, wind and description of the weather at the time of filling in the questionnaire).
The public university research center is looking for app developers interested in exploiting this technology through a license agreement. The ideal partner would be one already engaged in producing medical software and applications, because the app can be of interest for the following healthcare submarkets: pharmaceutical industry, to asses and improve the effectiveness of painkillers, hospitals and centers caring for patients with chronic pain, clinical trials and research in clinical psychology. Technological cooperation agreement will be offered if the licensee requires technical support to produce the app.
Advantages and Innovations:
The application benefits both, the wellbeing of patient suffering pain and public health performance when palliating pain. It is of particular help an earlier detection of cases in which the painkilling medication is not being effective at all. Making thus possible the avoidance of unnecessary side effects and resulting in a better quality of life for patients.
It allows a comprehensive and personalized profile of the experience of pain to be obtained for those patients with chronic pain, as well as data on how it influences their daily life. It combines the collection of information by means of a questionnaire and contextual or environmental information.
It gathers relevant information by doing so while the pain is being experienced, thereby avoiding the biases typically encountered in delayed data collection methods, which depend on the patient´s memory.
Since it is an application for smartphones, data collection is made easy because patients usually have their phone close at hand (ubiquity).
It also allows chronic pain patients to record how they feel when they have an acute attack of pain.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Registered software.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The licensee will produce the app and will commercialize it in the healthcare sector. The app can be addressed to the following healthcare submarkets: pharmaceutical industry (to develop more effective painkillers); hospitals and centers caring for patients with chronic pain, healthcare centers conducting clinical trials and clinical psychology research centers. The licensor offers technical cooperation agreement if the licensee requires specific technical support to produce the app.


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