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Aplicaciones técnicas de tejidos térmicos basados en hilos de polímero con revestimiento de carbono


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana de ingeniería ha desarrollado una serie de productos basados en tejidos térmicos fabricados con hilos de polímero con revestimiento de carbono. Las ventajas y aspectos innovadores incluyen la funcionalidad de los tejidos y su procesamiento económico gracias al uso de tecnologías convencionales. Los productos se utilizan en calefacción radiante, industria de la construcción, mantas eléctricas, superficies de soporte en el sector médico, calefacción para asientos de automóviles, sensores, etc. Se buscan institutos de investigación y socios industriales para establecer acuerdos de licencia, comercialización, investigación y cooperación técnica.


Technical applications of heating textiles on a basis of carbon-coated polymer threads
A German engineering SME developed a lot of products in which heating textiles are the leading functional element on a basis of carbon-coated polymer threads.The advantages and innovative aspects of these products result in capacities of these textiles and economical processing possibilities by using conventional technologies.
The company is looking for research institutes and industrial partners for license, commercial agreement, research and/or technical cooperation agreement.
A small German engineering company developed on the basis of innovative heating elements whose functional basic components are nanotechnologically coated polymer threads with carbon or silver-carbon-mixtures, some product applications for heating of technical systems and consumer goods. These products have deciding advantages with regard to known and used solutions in the fields of producing and using.

For producing of such basic components electric conducting fibres are put on or in, on or in non-conducting base material by using of weaving, knitting or sewing techniques.

Basically as basic components are used heaters, band heaters, heating nettings, heating cords ore heating laminates in different forms and dimensions. They distinguish from all others by special characteristics like light, thin, flexible, tear-proof, well-drapable and elastic.

Because of textile structures a homogeneous warmth delivery of its elements is possible. An unusual feature is a self-protection in the case of overloading.

At a temperature of 180° C polymer cores of the electric conducting threads are melting, electrical contacts are separated and so fires avoided. For a processing of such heating textiles for appropriate product applications technologies like sticking, sewing, cutting, punching, nailing, laminating, coating, concealing and ultrasound welding are used.

The used heating textiles are economically product by technical requirements of using with regard to the needed heating power, used supply voltage and geometrical dimensions by textile producing technologies.

The using takes place close under warming surface. Because of a small warming mass a short reaction time, homogeneous radiant heat and savings of electricity are achieved.

Experiences with the first prototype for systems for temperature control in the production of long carbon fibre / glass fibre reinforced shafts, with ceiling heating elements for workplace heating in offices and workshops and applications for frost protected ramps of underground parking garages in the building sector are already available.

The interpretation and producing of product applications require competence in the field of technical electrics / electronics.

Product applications could be used for under floor heating´s, ceiling and wall heating´s in the construction industry, for electric blankets, electric pads in the private sector, therapeutic warmth frills and supporting surface in the medical sector, seat heating´s in the automobile industry, for using in mobile "non-grid" spheres and for systems of freeze protection in the construction industry or of media lines, fittings and sensor systems.

The company is looking for research institutes and industrial partners for License agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Research cooperation agreement and Technical cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
Technical use of heating textiles on a basis of nanotechnologically carbon-coated polymer threads.

The innovative aspects and advantages of these newly developed products result in capacities, processing possibilities and electrical performance features of heating textiles.

Those used heating textiles are light, thin, flexible, elastic, tear-proof and drapable , what makes these products stand out is a two-dimensional homogeneous warmth delivery and having a self-protection function by overloading.

A processing is possible by using of highly productive conventional technologies like sticking, sewing, cutting, punching, ultrasound welding, nailing, laminating and concealing. Those technologies can be made within a voltage range up 400 volt and produce a power up to 1,500 watt/m².

Some source materials for a lot of product applications are electric conductive threads, band heaters, heaters, heating cords, heating nettings and heating laminates.

Areas of application for some product applications could be such sectors like construction industry car constructing and engineering, agriculture, home and industrial textiles, in the area of carbon fibre/ glass fibre amplified synthetic materials by warming up some components and as laminate with a heating function.

Economic advantages for those products result in low material costs for such heating textiles and highly productive textile technologies for producing and processing of semi-finished or final products.

Furthermore such applications are more energy-efficient, more productive and safer than well-known comparable products.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Application of property rights for different countries in preperation

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of potential partners: manufacturers of carbon fibre/ glass fibre amplified synthetic components, manufactures of die-casting tools, service providers for construction industry, manufacturers of building components, medicine technology, special engineering, electronic manufacturers, electronic designers

- Specialisation: temperature control of production processes, thermoelectric devices, using of technical textiles

- Competences: experiences with infrared systems, electromagnetic safety of systems and technical approval of new products


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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