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Archivo de datos meteorológicos históricos de todo el mundo en intervalos de una hora desde 1985 para cualquier punto de la tierra y del mar que incluye un rango completo de variables meteorológicas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa suiza ofrece un archivo de datos meteorológicos históricos de todo el mundo en intervalos de una hora desde 1985 para cualquier punto de la tierra y del mar, que cubre un rango completo de variables meteorológicas (temperatura, humedad, viento, etc.). Los datos se basan en simulaciones de alta precisión y han sido validados en más de 10.000 ubicaciones. Esta información está indicada para evaluación de energías renovables, gestión de edificios, análisis de riesgos climáticos, turismo, etc. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, licencia o investigación.


Hourly weather history worldwide for any point on land and sea, since 1985, with full range of weather parameters and no gaps
Swiss company offers high precision hourly weather history data worldwide for any point on land and sea since 1985. Full range of parameters (temperature, humidity, wind, etc.). Data based on high precision simulations, which have been validated on >10,000 locations. Data is suitable for renewable energy assessment, building management, climate risk analysis, tourism, etc. Commercial agreement with technical assistance, license- or research cooperation agreement sought.
Swiss company provides the first available global precision weather history for the time period from 1985 until today.
This unique dataset opens new possibilities for application of weather technologies and for understanding the impact of weather on various industries.

High precision:
The Swiss company calculates weather conditions in hourly intervals for any place on Earth, starting 1985 until today. These calculations use all weather data available from stations, satellites, radio-soundings and airplanes, to calculate all relevant weather parameters (see more than 20 parameters below in text).
The aggregation of these data produces a high precision and 100% complete time series of events for any place on Earth. The precision of the simulation is continuously monitored and has been verified on more than 10,000 stations worldwide over many years. The accuracy of the simulation data for any particular location is better than that of a measurement situated 5 to 50 km away, depending on topography.
With measurement data from weather stations being available for less than 1% of the Earth´s surface, this history data set provides the best available picture of weather reality for 99% of the Earth, for more than the past 30 years up to now.

This dataset permits a vast array of applications, such as:
- determining suitability of sites for wind, solar or hydro power generation.
- determining suitability of sites for agricultural and forestry production.
- determining weather parameters for planning of buildings and infrastructure.
- determining the weather development of current season relative to previous years.
- assessing major weather risks for selected locations and regions.
- selecting suitable seasons for leisure activities, such as travel, sports and events.
- determining optimal locations for outdoor activities.
- relating development of product sales to weather conditions.
- relating development of diseases (human or animal) to weather conditions.
- selection of seasonal management strategies for infrastructure, including the site equipment and personnel.
- comparing resource consumption (heating for cooling energy , self-generation, etc.) to actual weather conditions.
- comparing performance of infrastructure or equipment to actual weather conditions.
- and many others, which have not yet been applied large-scale or researched.

Parameters available:
- Mean Sea Level Pressure
- Temperature (°C)
- Wind direction (°) [10 m above gnd (ground)]
- Wind speed (m/s)
- Wind Gust (m/s)
- Relative humidity (%)
- Total Precipitation (mm)
- Cloud cover (%) [low, medium and high]
- Snowfall amount (cm)
- Shortwave Radiation (W/m2)
- Direct Radiation (W/m2)
- PV output (kWh)
- Geopotential height (meters ) [1000, 850, 700, 500 mb]
- Temperature (°C) [1000, 850, 700, 500 mb]
- Temperature (°C) [surface]
- Wind direction (°) [80 m above gnd]
- Wind speed (m/s) [850, 700, 500 mb]
- Wind direction (m/s) [850, 700, 500 mb]
- Soil temperature (°C) [0-10 cm down]
- Soil moisture [0-10 cm down]
- CAPE (Convective available potential energy) (J/kg) [180-0 mb above gnd]
- Turbulent Kinetic Energy (J/kg) [hybrid lev 1 ]
- PBL (Planetary Boundary Level) height (m) [from surface]
- Other related and derived parameters are also available.

Data provision and type of data:
This dataset is readily available for any purpose (via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or API (Application programming interface) or other transmission methods). The Swiss company provides the data in hourly, daily, monthly and yearly aggregations.

Applications for the data are sought in the following ways of cooperation:
- supply of data for commercial purposes (commercial agreement);
- supply of data for research purposes (research agreement);
- distribution of the data through regional or industry agents (license agreement);
- partnerships for developing commercial products;
- Others;
Advantages and Innovations:
The company global precision weather history is the first available global dataset of its kind. It describes the weather conditions for all relevant (more than 40) parameters in hourly time intervals for the time period from 1985 until today, for any place on Earth. Spatial resolution is 30 km, which can be further downscaled with special techniques.

This unique dataset opens new possibilities for application of weather technologies and for understanding the impact of weather on various industries. The advantages of the global precision weather history are manifold:
- Availability for any place on Earth, independent of the presence of a weather station in the surroundings - no more white spots on the weather map;
- Complete set of parameters = (nearly) complete picture of reality;
- Consistent precision anywhere, on land and sea, in plains and mountains = accuracy.
- Uniform dataset from 1985 until present, without any changes in calibration, format etc. = one set of data.
- Aggregation in daily, monthly and yearly summaries also available = tailored dataset for various applications;
- Continuous generation of data in the future, so the time series can be continued, and past data can be compared to forecasts and data generated in the future = application to many industries;
- Immediate access: queries to the database take less than a second for selected locations, even large datasets can be retrieved "on-the fly", = suitable input for online applications;
- Accessibility via FTP, API, Web interface and other custom means = adaptation to customer needs;
- Ability to downscale with further techniques = link to current technologies;
- Ability to validate and verify using measurement data = link to customer data;
- Proven applications in agriculture, renewable energies and building management.

Additional advantages may come to be proven by the development of future applications and services.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The specific area of activity of the partner:
- Renewable energy assessment,
- Building management,
- Agriculture
- Food production and retail
- Retail industry
- Insurances
- Tourism
- Others not mentioned that have a good application for the weather dataset.

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
Depending on agreement and use of dataset:
- Application of data in own risk assessments
- Product development for specific industries
- Research development


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
07001007 Agricultura de precisión
05002 Meteorología / climatología
10002004 Reducción del cambio climático
04005 Renewable Sources of Energy
10002002 Tratamiento / contaminación del aire exterior