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Barcos de trabajo con propulsión de combustible dual gas-diésel


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana está diseñando y desarrollando un prototipo de un barco de trabajo pequeño/mediano alimentado con gas natural y diésel. Las ventajas esperadas incluyen reducción de los costes de producción (15%), reducción de la contaminación y menos riesgos de contaminación del agua en caso de accidente. El barco está indicado para zonas marítimas protegidas y aguas continentales. La empresa ha desarrollado un barco para un área marítima protegida de Cerdeña. Se buscan socios interesados en desarrollar el prototipo o construir y utilizar los barcos y participar en licitaciones de la UE de apoyo a la innovación.


Gas-diesel dual fuel propulsion workboats
A small company from Southern Italy is designing and developing a prototype of a small/medium workboat fed by natural gas and diesel. The benefits expected are: lower management costs (15% saving);lower polluting issue; lower risks of water pollution in case of accident and suitable for sheltered sea areas and inland waters. The company seeks partners who might be either interested to develop this prototype or build and use the workboats and take part to EU tenders supporting innovation.
The company is a small enterprise of the south of Italy, which produces work boats and pleasure boats, with. The core strategy is based on the capacity to supply highly customized solutions to its customers and it implies the manufacturing of low emissions vessels. The company has already manufactured hybrid-electric workboat for a protected marine area in Sardinia (Italy). An International experience is already present thanks to the award of two International tenders, in France and Switzerland.
The company works with some Italian universities and with companies leader in the production of naval engines and components.
Many maritime operators, especially in the segment of the big ferry-boats and cargos, are replacing traditional vessels with natural gas-powered ships. The main maritime areas concerned by this phenomenon are the seas of North Europe and North America, even due to restrictive emissions regulations. The small workboats are excluded because the natural gas propulsion has not been adapted to available space on board. The only technologic solution offered for the small workboats, that allows to reduce the fuel cost and pollutant emissions is the electric conversion. The important functional limits of the electric boats (e.g. reduced speed and autonomy depending by the type ad number of batteries installed on board and at present very heavy and expensive) as well as the high costs of the starting investments, are important limiting factors to the diffusion of electric boats.
We are implementing a small Natural gas-diesel dual fuel propulsion workboat, to reduce the cost of the fuel and the polluting emissions. The technical innovation is adapting the CNG (compressed natural gas) propulsion system to the the restricted spaces available on board of the workboats, without reducing the operational capacity of the boat. Dual fuel engines for workboats are considered more reliable than those fed by natural gas only, because they can grant more power and range even preserving most of the benefits given by gas.
The customers for the proposed solution are the workboat operators which have two needs: reduce the costs related to the fuel consumption and/or operate in areas submitted to restrictions on the pollutant emissions.

Advantages and Innovations:
The company is designing and developing the prototype of a small/medium workboat fed by natural gas and diesel.
The innovative aspects of the technologic project are due to the boat dimension because all the current testing on gas propulsion boats are concentrated on large boats which have different problems compared to small workboats (mooring boats, pilot and fishing boats, Windfarm support vessels, ferries, patrol boats).
The economic benefits of this project derive from the lower gas cost compared to the diesel. In addition, natural gas is less polluting than diesel, and natural gas, being a gas, will be lost in the air in case of accident with the breaking of the tank. For this reason, water pollution risk is lower compared to a fuel propulsion boat.
We have estimated a saving on the fuel cost at least of 15% and a significant reduction of pollutant emissions (-20% CO2; -60% Nox; -75% PM; -80% Sox).
This kind of vessel is particularly suitable within sheltered sea areas, lagoons, rivers and lakes.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The company has not Patents or Design Rights but the specific competence acquired after two years of design allows the company to preserve the competitive advantage toward possible competitors.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company seeks European partners interested to develop a prototype of a small workboat fed by dual-fuel Diesel-CNG (compressed natural gas).
Partners should be builders or users of workboats and they will have to be interested in investing in the development of the prototype.
We are also looking for technology or commercial partners for a proposal drawn on European calls for funding for innovation.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
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