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Biohidrocarburos líquidos obtenidos a partir de biomasa


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro de I+D polaco, una de las principales entidades de investigación química en Polonia, ha desarrollado una tecnología para obtener hidrocarburos de parafina (biohidrocarburos líquidos) a partir de grasas de origen natural y grasas residuales. La tecnología ha sido adaptada a las necesidades de una de las principales compañías petroquímicas de Polonia. La empresa busca socios industriales especializados en la producción de fuentes electroquímicas de energía con el fin de implementar la tecnología y establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A liquid biohydrocarbons from biomass
A Polish R-Y-D organization is one of the largest chemical research entities in Poland. The company developed a technology to obtain paraffin hydrocarbons (liquid biohydrocarbons) from fats of natural origin and/or fat waste. The company is looking for an industrial partner that would implement above mentioned technology within the framework of commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The Polish R-Y-D organization offers licenses and know-how for modern chemical processes. The company offers in deep, state of the art expert and analytical services in the following areas:
· Petrochemistry and carbochemistry
· Organic synthesis
· Chemistry and technology of polymers and plastics
· Household chemistry
· Industrial catalysis and biocatalysis
· Applied physical chemistry
· Auxiliary materials for medicine
· Process safety
· Environmental protection
· Biotechnology
The Technology has been tested in a large-laboratory scale in the industrial facility of a cooperating company. Mass balance and energy balance have been calculated for the process. Additional studies are being carried out to verify the brief fore design which was developed for the basic design in the years 2011-2012. The Technology has been adapted to the needs of one of the largest Polish petrochemical companies. Liquid waste treatment solution, specific to the parameters of the material to be handled in that particular facility is as follows: reduction of liquid waste volume up to 94.5%, water recovery up to 93.9 %, concentration of compounds. Both, the reduction of the waste volume and its lower contamination provide the benefit of lower costs of waste disposal because the cost of industrial waste disposal by outsourced companies depends on its contamination, among other things.

The company is looking for experienced industrial partners involved in i.e. production of electrochemical sources of energy to establish technical cooperation with commercial agreement to implement the technology in question.
Advantages and Innovations:
The product (liquid biohydrocarbons) complies with the requirements of PN-EN-590. It can be used either as a pure fuel or as biocomponents (generation II and III) liquid fuels, recognized on account of NIT and NRT by the entities concerned), for use in the fuel and power industries.The potential recipients of the Technology in Poland are fuel distributors (PKN Orlen, Lotos), waste disposal companies, individual manufacturers of biohydrocarbons (although there is no record of any existing manufacturer in the Agricultural Market Agency, as yet), recipients of used cooking oil.
According to forecasts, by the year 2020, the demand of the principal fuel distributor in Poland on liquid biohydrocarbons for diesel fuels will have reached some 500,000 tons. The potential feedstock in the process is any type of natural oil, including fat waste of vegetable and animal origin provided by the food processing industry, algal oils, comprising triglycerides, as well as free fatty acids C6-C22, of which the sources may include rapeseed, palm, coconut, sunflower, soy, linseed, maize, or peanut oils, animal, poultry, marine fats, prehydrolyzed fats, i.e., rendering fat, oils from various species of algae.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The patent has been applied in Poland

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for experienced industrial partners involved in i.e. production of fats of natural origin and/or fat waste to establish technical cooperation with commercial agreement to implement the technology in question.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
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Technology Keywords:
03004006 Organic Substances
03004009 Soaps, detergents
03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates