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Bomba térmica de agua de funcionamiento automático


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa polaca especializada en fuentes de calor de baja intensidad ha desarrollado un nuevo tipo de motor térmico para bombear agua sin electricidad. Para ello se utiliza una fuente de calor de baja intensidad, que procede de la radiación solar u otra fuente de calor disponible en una zona determinada. La bomba, que no necesita utilizar freones dañinos, se caracteriza por su estructura sencilla y no incluye componentes mecánicos. El producto puede repararse sin necesidad de utilizar herramientas avanzadas especiales. La bomba encuentra aplicación en agricultura, abastecimiento de agua, producción de electricidad y utilización de calor residual. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de fabricación y financiación a largo plazo.


Polish company developed Thermo Pump - Heat-powered self-acting water pump
A company from North East Poland specialising in low heat sources developed a new type of thermal engine used to pump water without electricity. The company is looking for long-term partnerships under manufacturing agreement and financial agreement.
The company engaged in development of solar energy solutions located in North East Poland offers its latest invention.

The company´s product is a new type of thermal engine used to pump water without electricity.
To its action can be used low heat source, which comes from solar energy or another available source of heat in a given area. The product allows to replace the liquid refrigerant which is measured in hundreds of grams or kilograms to less harmful low boiling hydrocarbons in amount of 20-50 grams. It means, that the pump does not need to use harmful freon as working substance. Furthermore, the engine is characterised by simple construction and has not got mechanical components because there are used liquid pistons so the product is very reliable and durable. The cost of the device is very low thanks to cheap build-materials. The product also can be repaired without any special advanced tools. Moreover the device is quiet at work.

The device in many fields:
· Agricultural : Access to water has a direct impact on agricultural production. The climate in Africa and India may provide many opportunities for very intensive and year-round agricultural production, which is currently not possible because of expensive access to water. Thanks to the solution it will be possible to irrigate drought-stricken areas or drainage of floodplains and increase agricultural production of food by regular irrigation. It will ensure crop safety against drought and also will be able increase yields up to 3,5%.

· Water supply: Thermo pump may be used to extract and transport water from wells in areas without access to electricity or adequate energy infrastructure and pump water directly into human settlements, schools and hospitals to allow access to clean drinking water and it will improve hygiene and reduce mortality and mortility of children and adults.

· Electricity production: The product can also be an alternative renewable energy source in mountainous and sunny areas. The company considers the possibility of using the pump in pumped-storage hydroelectricity to produce electrical energy.

· RES improve: The idea can easily be applied in solar collectors installations to replace electronic pump-control sets and reduce an operation costs of 10%.

· Waste heat use: The solution can also be useful in industrial processes where it can convert waste heat into pump power for example for pumping technical water or may serve in the circulation of hot domestic water for various purposes.The product will be also helpful in places with flammable and explosive fluids.

The company is looking for long-term partnerships under manufacturing agreement (companies which would like to produce the solution and financial agreement (investors, pump producers which would like to invest in the prototype and production).
Advantages and Innovations:
The solution works optimally in high solar conditions and in areas with limited access to electricity. Therefore Thermo pump can be the ideal solution as a water pump used for:
· irrigation and drainage of agricultural areas
· extraction and transportation water from well
· pumped-storage hydroelectricity
· replacement for electronics pump sets in solar collectors
· use of waste heat from industry processes to pump technical water or flammable and explosive fluids.
· for heating liquefied propane-butane gas in underground storage with the large gas collection,
· heating of the land under the highway, airstrips, the vehicle in the garage, greenhouses and hothouses,
· for transferring the heat by recovering heat from fireplace waste gas,
· for heating the soil of heat underground storage in buildings, energy efficient heating systems.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is interested in cooperation with investors and pump manufacturers.
Partner is expected to finance and execute the prototype under constant supervision and guidance from the company.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
04005005 Energía térmica / solar